Over the past 17 years, there’ve been hundreds of requests to interview James. Rarely, has he agreed to sit down, answer questions, and record his answers. Thus far, we’ve had a handful of instances in which James’ voice can be heard. Most of his interviews were conducted with written questions, to which he would respond in writing.

In this section, you can hear the voice of James directly in his April 2008 interview that is split into three sections. There’s also a phone interview in 2013 that’s available. His oral interviews are also available in written transcripts, and those are below for easy download and review.

The James Mahu Interviews are interesting for several reasons, one, they provide a sense of his personality and emotional approach to the conversations of spirituality, and two, they give a more tangible sense of his work and its purpose without any filters or editing.


Other interviews were conducted in written form where the interviewer sent questions to James and he then responded in writing.


Conscious Media Interview


Project Camelot Interview



Evolver Magazine Interview