Lyricus Discourse 6

Lyricus Discourse 6

Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence

Student: How does one discern their inner voice from the voice that has been learned from this world?

Teacher: The voice of this world can be traced to the ego-personality, while your original voice whispers and nudges from the depths of your heart.

Student: But the voice of my heart is not necessarily formed of words, but rather feelings. And these feelings are subtle and constantly changing. Hope can turn to despair, or love to hate in a mere flash of time.

Teacher: Like the universe, the heart is multi-leveled. The heart of which I speak is adept at expressing intuitive intelligence in the spirit of compassion and understanding. When you hear a voice within that strikes this balance, you have found your inner voice.

Student: Does everyone have this inner voice and the ability to express it?

Teacher: No.

Student: Why is this limitation bestowed on human nature?

Teacher: It is simply an outgrowth of the imperfections of the human instrument colliding with the imperfections of the three-dimensional environment.

Student: And these imperfections subdue the heart’s expression and diminish its voice?

Teacher: No more than the clouds control the sun and lessen its warmth.

Student: So the inner voice continues to express itself even though the imperfections make its voice inaudible?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: Using your analogy, how does one eliminate the clouds?

Teacher: You can’t eliminate imperfections, but you can achieve supremacy over them for periods of time. Imagine if the sky were always shrouded in clouds. The telescope would not exist, would it?

Student: I suppose not.

Teacher: Suppose that the clouds would disappear, but for only one day each year, and it was only on this day that you could see the vastness of the universe. Do you suppose the telescope would be invented?

Student: Perhaps…

Teacher: The answer is, yes. The moment the human spirit understands the depths and heights of its universe, the will to apprehend it—to study it—is engaged.

Student: But how does this relate to the heart’s inner voice?

Teacher: The imperfections of the human instrument and the three-dimensional world are like clouds that obscure the depths of the heart. If you can see beyond these clouds, if only for a short time, you will try to access and understand your inner voice and express it fully in your life despite the imperfections.

Student: Again, using your analogy, what is the “telescope” as it relates to the heart’s deepest expression?

Teacher: They are the techniques of the intuitive intelligence.

Student: Can you explain them to me?

Teacher: There is a component of the human instrument known poetically as the Heart’s Scribe. Your emotional history—every nuance—is recorded and inscribed within the circuits of your heart. This, in large measure, is the source of the “clouds” we spoke of earlier.

Student: And they need to be cleared. How do I do that?

Teacher: First and foremost, it is vital to understand the heart. The heart is so much more than a physical muscle pumping blood. This is only the surface manifestation of nothing less than the source of your intuitive intelligence. The energetic heart is the source template of the physical heart.

Student: The source template?

Teacher: As the physical heart distributes life-giving oxygen to the body, so does the energetic heart distribute intuitive intelligence to the mind. The energetic heart is the source template for the formation of the physical heart, and more than this, it is the point of connection to the highest form of consciousness from which your inner voice arises.

Student: My physical heart is based on an energetic heart, and this energetic heart is what I want to have access to?

Teacher: Think of it this way. The heart is dimensional and multi-faceted. It expresses emotional currents; regulates physiological functions; activates certain brain chemistry; communicates throughout the body and mind; receives precognitive impressions from your future environments; and connects you to all other states of being. The heart is also the gateway to the compassion frequency of love—the purest force of the multiverse.

Student: I’ve never heard of this before. What do you mean by the compassion frequency of love?

Teacher: Love, like all things dimensional, can be separated into a spectrum of frequencies—each frequency a part of the wholeness, but each possessing a different intelligence.

Student: Intelligence?

Teacher: Are all forms of love the same?

Student: Of course not.

Teacher: Love imbued with compassion and understanding is different from love that is stubborn and selfish, is it not?

Student: Yes… but I don’t think of it as a difference in intelligence in the love itself, but rather the person expressing it.

Teacher: That is because you don’t understand that emotions have an embedded intelligence based on their frequency and how the frequency resonates with the higher circuits of the multiverse.

Student: I don’t understand.

Teacher: Think of the multiverse as eleven holographic spheres of consciousness, each interpenetrating the one that is more inward. Only the outer sphere contains all spheres, and this is the consciousness of First Source, while the innermost sphere is the consciousness of inanimate objects like a stone or seashell. Love is separated into frequencies that resonate in harmony with each of these “spheres” or domains of consciousness. Similarly, the heart itself consists of different layers of consciousness, and each “layer” has an intelligence of perception and expression. This intelligence is linked to the brain and higher mind, so that the human instrument is capable of expressing from any dominant frequency or sphere of the multiverse.

Student: Including the level of First Source?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: So the heart is the multiverse inside each of us?

Teacher: It is the gateway to the multiverse because of its ability to decode emotional frequencies from the highest levels of the multiverse and express them into three-dimensional environments through a human instrument.

Student: I thought the brain was the supreme organ of the human instrument. The crown chakra, the third eye… aren’t these associated with the brain and the higher mind? Aren’t these more closely connected with the First Source vibration than the heart?

Teacher: The heart operates at the highest frequency within the human instrument. Emotions are even faster than the speed of thought. They operate outside of time/space when they are in resonance with the higher circuits of the multiverse.

Student: If the heart operates at the highest frequency, then emotions are more certain to be the catalysts that awaken us to our true selves?

Teacher: Yes, this is why the most profound spiritual experiences are woven from the textures of the heart’s emotions rather than the thoughts of the mind.

Student: Okay, so how does this all relate to clearing the emotional debris that’s been inscribed upon my heart?

Teacher: It is not the heart itself that it has been inscribed upon. The emotional debris is passed from the heart to the brain and the neural network that surrounds it. Thus the clearing takes the same route and is a process, not an event. It begins with the compassion frequency of the emotion called forgiveness. This frequency can be evoked within your heart through this command: As the light of my heart brightens, so does my capacity to forgive. As forgiveness flows into my heart it moves upwards, filling my entire head with the most delicate and refined light imaginable, and from this light, a compassion for my past settles in, and all that has occurred is rewritten in this light. While this invocation is being said, you can listen carefully to the words and allow them to form visual pictures in your heart.

Student: That’s interesting. I’ve always been taught to form pictures in my mind, but never in my heart.

Teacher: Visualization is not confined to a specific position in the body or head. It can be placed anywhere by projection. Simply project the pictures to the area in the center of your chest. The one who views the projection can be outside of your body watching from a distance of a few meters.

Student: Who is watching outside my body?

Teacher: You are.

Student: Is this one of the techniques you referred to as techniques of the intuitive intelligence?

Teacher: Yes, but this technique has additional facets to it. When you have completed this first step, three remain.

Student: What are they?

Teacher: The second step is to allow this light to settle in. It requires that you perceive the light as a very, very refined mist of yellow-gold, suspended, yet moving at a level beneath perception. It is important to sense that this movement of the light inside your head possesses intelligence—capable of rewiring, rewriting, adapting your emotional history.

Student: And by performing this technique I can begin to clear the “clouds” of my emotional history?

Teacher: Yes, but visualization and imagination are vital elements of this process. Again, I want to stress that this is a process that requires a consistent practice for a period of time—typically thirty days or more.

Student: Why are visualization and imagination so important to this process?

Teacher: They engage the heart’s core intelligence and the brain’s receptivity is the result.

Student: You’re saying that the brain interprets the heart’s signals based on their… clarity?

Teacher: The higher brain is designed to “read” the heart’s signals based on how well defined they are in terms of their visual energy and emotional authenticity.

Student: Visual energy?

Teacher: Whatever images are projected upon the heart region, they are energized. To the degree you can visualize the image clearly, project it to your heart area and imbue it with your heart’s core emotions, you will send a more potent signal to your higher brain. It is this potency that the higher brain responds to.

Student: In what way?

Teacher: In the context of this dialogue, it facilitates the course of action to rewrite your emotional history in the frequency of compassion and understanding.

Student: So the heart and brain are partners, but ultimately the brain decides whether to act on the signal… or the directives from the heart?

Teacher: Just as the physical heart has an energetic or quantum counterpart, so does the brain. These two organs and their peripheral systems—at both the physical and quantum levels—are completely integrated, in a manner which science is only now beginning to understand. It is not that the heart transmits an order to the brain, and the brain, detecting the potency of the directive elects to act on it or not. The heart and brain are a unified system that cycles and recycles energy, information, and intelligence within the human instrument. This system operates with greater effectiveness, in terms of expressing its innate intelligence in three-dimensional environments, when it is entrained to the core heart energy of compassion and understanding.

Student: You speak about compassion and understanding, but isn’t unconditional love the core heart frequency?

Teacher: I choose to refer to these core frequencies in terms that are not so misunderstood, as is the term unconditional love.

Student: You also mentioned emotional authenticity was a key element in how the brain responds to this technique. Can you expand on this?

Teacher: When you see a piece of cloth from a distance of twenty meters, what distinguishes it?

Student: Its color.

Teacher: And when you are able to hold this same cloth and examine it closely, what then?

Student: I suppose texture becomes more important… how it feels.

Teacher: And the subtly of the design?

Student: Yes, I suppose at twenty meters one would not be able to see any subtle designs that had been woven into the fabric.

Teacher: Emotions are imbued with texture and subtlety. The higher brain system is designed to scan the emotional data incoming from the heart system and determine if the textures and subtleties of the data are derived from the core heart frequencies or are derivatives of the three dimensional environment and/or emotional history.

Student: The higher brain makes this determination? How does it know?

Teacher: Have you noticed my use of the word “Designed”?

Student: Yes, but I’m not sure I interpreted it the way you meant it.

Teacher: The heart and brain systems were designed to enable those who were able to apply their imaginations from the core heart frequencies to access the higher frequency, higher intelligence of the genetic mind. This access made them the prophets and philosophers of humanity—the wisdom-bearers that elevated all of humanity.

Student: So only those who had this knowledge would be able to access this higher state?

Teacher: No. Everyone is able to.

Student: Everyone?

Teacher: Should anyone be excluded?

Student: What about those who knowingly practice evil?

Teacher: A lifetime of four thousand weeks to explore and understand the infinite cosmos is the explanation of evil.

Student: I don’t understand?

Teacher: We are good, spiritual beings, not by the expression of our behaviors, but by our intrinsic nature—our origin. We are each allowed access to this higher knowledge not by how we act, but by simply being what we are.

Student: Okay, I think I understand, and on some level, I’m relieved to hear this. However, all my life I’ve lived with the conviction that divinity is something earned. Those who were weak and easily led astray by the dark forces were not allowed access to the techniques that would empower their greed, hate or evil tendencies. What you’re now telling me is that the techniques of the intuitive intelligence are available to any and all.

Teacher: They are. This conviction you speak of is an artifact of the mystery schools and the esoteric practices that use techniques of liberation as rewards of loyalty.

Student: But won’t some people abuse these techniques, using them for selfish or even evil purposes?

Teacher: I just explained that the heart and brain are an integrated system designed to activate, access, and express the higher frequencies of compassion and understanding, and that the brain serves the role of assessing the emotional authenticity of the heart. This skill, intelligence, insight, whatever you choose to call it, is absolute and inborn within all higher life forms. No one can utilize the techniques of the intuitive intelligence if their heart is passing data to their brain that is derivative of emotional distortions common to three-dimensional environments.

Student: I still don’t understand how the brain knows how to do this, but let’s move on. Can we review the technique you started to explain?

Teacher: There are four steps to this particular technique. Its purpose is to help the practitioner recast their emotional history into the compassion frequency, and by so doing, gain a deeper access and more fluent, on-demand expression, of their inner voice, or intuitive intelligence.

Student: Does this technique have a name?

Teacher: Only if you give it one.

Student: And you’ve disclosed only two of the four steps thus far?

Teacher: Yes, the first two we have covered: the invocation and imagination steps. The third step is to release.

Student: How is this accomplished?

Teacher: When you fine-tune your imagination and you see the refined light frequency within your head area and you allow this—in a sense—to take up residency, you must adopt the inner attitude of surrender and release.

Student: To what?

Teacher: To the results of the technique. To the fact that the emotional history that you have stored in your neural and quantum network called the human instrument, may undergo change or modification.

Student: But if I’m practicing the technique haven’t I already surrendered to the results? I mean, why would I be practicing it if I weren’t sincere?

Teacher: Your desire for the end benefit, in this case, a more profound connection to your intuitive intelligence, can overshadow your willingness to see the wisdom in the process and delay gratification for the thing you desire.

Student: You mean that I may become impatient?

Teacher: It is more likely that you will be less inclined to allow the first two steps in this process to unfold organically—in their own time—for the purpose of recasting your emotional history. This is why this third step is designed into the process.

Student: How do I perform this release as you call it? Is there a specific technique?

Teacher: It is simple, and yet difficult at the same time. To release is to trust. To trust is to believe in the intelligence of both your innermost self, as well as the origin from which it arises. This is the simple part. The difficult part is to understand that the judgment of the ego-personality is impaired, and in some measure antithetical to the intuitive intelligence. This stage of the technique is to release judgment of your progress within the bounds of the process.

Student: How do you mean this? I’m not sure I understand.

Teacher: If by clearing the clouds of your emotional history you improve access to your intuitive intelligence, or inner voice, the ego will search for evidence of your progress in order to satisfy its innate hunger for achievement. The ego is not something to be banished, ignored or faulted for this attitude, but rather it is to be refined.

Student: Is this part of the release technique?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: How?

Teacher: Release is a psychological imperative when an individual aspires to access and express their intuitive intelligence. Your ego is adept at operating within the lower, outer forces, in much the same way as your heart is adept at operating within the higher, inner forces. As you seek to align to these inner forces, your ego will perceive the effort and the process therein as a trivial distraction to the real world problems that press upon you. The instinctual response of the ego-personality, in this case, is to perceive the focus on your core heart frequencies as misdirected.

Student: Why?

Teacher: Because the ego resides within the lower mind and its attachment to the physical body is mainly through the eye-brain’s perception of its dominant reality—the three-dimensional world. To the pure ego, the heart is simply a bothersome appendage of the physical body that displays weakness.

Student: Okay, I think I understand the reason that release is the third step, but how do I specifically perform this step in the process?

Teacher: Breathing through your heart region is the method to intermix the desires of the ego with the capacities of the heart, and this is the method of release.

Student: How do I do this?

Teacher: After you have completed the first two steps, center your attention on your breathing. Imagine that your in-breath brings the desires of your ego into an interior chamber of your quantum heart. Then, imagine this desire for achievement—in the form of an in-breath—is suspended within this interior chamber by holding your breath. As you do so, your breath is intermixing with the inflow of compassion that arises from your quantum, or energetic heart. Now, expel this newly energized breath back through your heart area, and each time, as you exhale, repeat the phrase: “Leave it in the mystery to shine of its own light.” Do this six to eight times.

Student: That’s all?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: I was expecting the release part to be more complicated and difficult.

Teacher: The difficult part is when you lack the technique for release or you practice the technique without emotional authenticity and visual energy.

Student: What is the fourth and final step of this process?

Teacher: It is sometimes referred to as light distribution, though I prefer to think of it as light connection.

Student: How does it work?

Teacher: Just as the physical heart distributes oxygen via the blood to the periphery of the physical body, the quantum heart distributes light via visual energy and emotional authenticity to the borders of the human instrument. The light distribution technique is to imagine light circulating—unimpeded—throughout the expansive you.

Student: I’m not sure what that means.

Teacher: The human instrument consists of the physical body, emotional system, and the facets of the mind. The grid that interconnects these elements and causes them to operate efficiently as a system is similar to the veins and arteries of the physical body. This grid conveys light that in turn unifies a quantum field and allows it to operate independently of the multiverse. We sometimes refer to this individuated grid as the expansive you.

Student: So I am this loose confederation of light particles that somehow manages to coalesce into a body and mind, and to this I need to visualize light being distributed without blockages or interruptions. Is this the idea?

Teacher: You simply need to place your attention on the reality of what you are. It only takes a few moments, but it is critical that you practice this technique frequently and in a specific manner.

Student: How frequently?

Teacher: That is up to you, but you cannot do it too much.

Student: Why do I even need to be conscious of this? It seems that the light flows just fine without my direction.

Teacher: It does, but you are not directing it, you are accessing it, touching into this holographic gridwork of light that is the fundamental structure of your existence in the three-dimensional environment.

Student: Maybe you should just explain the technique, and I’ll stop asking questions.

Teacher: If you could concentrate this grid of light—make it brighter, more intense; what do you think the result would be?

Student: More energy?

Teacher: No. It can actually have the opposite effect in the sense that the body is fatigued and weakened.

Student: So distributing light is not about concentrating it?

Teacher: No. It’s balancing the light quotient within the human instrument and ensuring it is coherent, rhythmic, and free flowing.

Student: It sounds like you’re describing the physical heart again.

Teacher: This is the natural state of the heart and the entire human instrument, but in the day-to-day interactions with the three-dimensional environment, the human instrument can lose this balance and slip into an incoherent, arrhythmic, and entangled state of existence. The heart perceives this state and, without knowledge of the proper techniques, responds in kind, fueling the mental dysfunction and physiological inefficiency with its energy.

Student: More “cloud” cover?

Teacher: Precisely. This is why this step in the process is important because it helps the heart synchronize its energy with the deeper, sub-quantum structures upon which you depend.

Student: What do I do?

Teacher: Can you visualize your heart beating in your chest distributing oxygen to your body and brain system?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Imagine this same function is occurring in your quantum, or energetic heart, and that instead of veins and arteries, there are filaments of light that diverge from your quantum heart and connect you to a broader grid. This grid is the source of your existence as a physical being. Now, you can think of these filaments as both roots and wings. Roots in the sense that they anchor and ground your existence; and wings in the sense that they provide uplift and expansion to your life. Throughout the day, simply feel the energy structure that surrounds you. When you do this, imagine that your heart is “plugging in” or connecting to this structure, even if you cannot visualize it, feel its presence like a primordial soil of life-giving energy. Feel this connection as a rhythmic pulsing of light, flowing from the grid into your heart system and then flowing out from your heart to the rest of your body.

Student: I felt this just listening to you.

Teacher: That is the technique for the fourth and final step.

Student: Should this fourth step be performed in concert with the other three techniques?

Teacher: It is not necessary to perform this when you act upon the other three steps. This fourth technique can be performed throughout the day and only takes a matter of seconds. It can be performed twenty times each day for the rest of your life. It is a technique to rebalance and replenish your core heart frequencies and to ensure they are being distributed throughout the human instrument. It activates the inner currents.

Student: What are those?

Teacher: When a river loses its current what happens?

Student: It slows down and becomes stagnant.

Teacher: Clarity and tempo are related, are they not?

Student: I think this is true as it relates to rivers, but I assume you’re talking about the human system as well.

Teacher: Correct.

Student: So the techniques of the intuitive intelligence are really multi-faceted in what they bring to the individual?

Teacher: If you can access your intuitive intelligence, in a sense, increase the bandwidth of your connection to the light energy grid that supports you, a single word can catapult you into understanding, when before a hundred books left you in ignorance. Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters. For this knowledge changes everything in the dimensions of the past, present and future.

Student: I will faithfully practice it. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Teacher: It is my honor.