Excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony

An Introduction to the Lyricus Book, Liminal Cosmogony


Each planet is provided a council of teachers from Lyricus who incarnate within the species and its home planet at specific times in order to establish the entrainment of knowledge in the direction of the Grand Portal.

“Excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony” is one of the more important documents among the writings offered by James. (He is careful to point out that it is a translation from the book, Liminal Cosmogony and not his own writing.) This document is important because it describes, in broad terms, the goal for humanity in this century—a goal that will revolutionize our understanding of who we are as a species and the nature of human life in the multiverse.

A good question to ask at the beginning of this introduction is what do the words “liminal” and “cosmogony” mean. According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary,

Liminal means:

    1. Of or relating to a sensory threshold.
    2. Barely perceptible.

    3. Of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition.

Cosmogony means:

    1. A theory of the origin of the universe
    2. The creation or origin of the world or universe

Liminal Cosmogony is a book about the origin and nature of the world, or universe taken to the limit of our sensory abilities. We can also apply the second and third meanings, but it is quite possible that they do not apply to the database that the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO) has assembled about the origin of our world and universe. Nevertheless, let us speculate further that it is a book of knowledge concerning the origin of the universe that is so subtle and mysterious that it is barely perceptible. Additionally, because the universe is in continuous change, the knowledge base continues to grow and expand. It should also be mentioned that the word “universe” in these definitions can probably be changed to “multiverse” because of the multi-dimensional nature of the creation as claimed by the LTO.

Now that we have given the book the best meaning we can with our limited language, let’s briefly examine the few details James has given about this mysterious book, Liminal Cosmogony.

In another paper, entitled “The Rising Heart,” James writes the following in the foreword:

“This paper is an excerpt from the original work known as Liminal Cosmogony, a body of teachings employed by the Lyricus Teaching Order. These teachings are the carefully chosen words and energetic transfers of Lyricus teachers, who have expressed them from an ancient, yet, distinctly relevant voice. They are colored in our language and culture not because they are texts composed for our specific species or planet, but because all planets and their inhabitants evolve in a similar ascendant path, passing through transformative shifts to higher light and intelligence.”

“True to the standards of Lyricus, Liminal Cosmogony is not concerned with the cosmological ordering of the multiverse or the physics of time and space as they unravel into the void. The teachers of Lyricus are more concerned with the delicate human connection between the soul and the human instrument, and how this integration can be activated and its activation sustained amid third- and fourth-dimensional emotional turmoil, misinformation, mental static, and spurious electromagnetic fields; to name a few.

Essentially, these descriptions of Liminal Cosmogony tell us that there is a knowledge system within our galaxy that has been developed through millennia by Lyricus; that the Lyricus teachers employ the material in Liminal Cosmogony to prepare humans for the Grand Portal discovery; that all planets and their inhabitants evolve along a similar ascendant path; and that the Lyricus teachers are focused on the “delicate human connection between the Sovereign Integral and the Human Instrument.”

Details of how this psycho-spiritual and social transformation of human civilization unfolds are meager, to say the least, but are slowly being revealed by James as he releases more information. This information is a mix of theory and practice presented through the various mediums available at jamesmahu.com and, more directly, through e-books at eventtemples.org, and now available through this collection (see volume II).

According to Liminal Cosmogony, the transformation and redefinition of the human species will take place through an, as yet, unrevealed confluence of particle physics and quantum biology. Proof of the infinite consciousness (Sovereign Integral) and the multidimensional nature of human life will be the crowning achievements of this coming research. This new direction in scientific research is hinted at as psychologist and consciousness researcher Dean Radin writes in his book Entangled Minds:

“The more we look, the more we’ll find quantum effects in biology. And not just minor hiccups, but fundamental processes that, without quantum connections, would not exist at all. Sometime later we’ll find these effects operating in the nervous system, and later in the brain. At that point psi will graduate from the fringe to the mainstream, and then all those strange phenomena studied for over a century, but poorly understood, will be accepted and regarded as being just slightly ahead of their time.”

As mentioned briefly in the introduction to this book, the Grand Portal discovery is the birth of humanity into its destined life within the greater multiverse. This is a fascinating and exhilarating idea that at first seems to be no different than science fiction literature’s descriptions of humankind’s exploration of the cosmos. The key difference, however, is contained in the concept of dimensions beyond the physical. Here are two instances:

    • As soul experiences different spatial environments within the Superuniverse of its origin, it also experiences different dimensions and non-spatial environments within the multiverse that extend beyond the Superuniverse’s material structure.
    • The species of a particular planet has a unique ascension path and evolutionary track in order to become an interdimensional force. [Italics mine.]

The key phrase here is humanity’s transformation from “a planetary animal to an interdimensional force.” The scientific research and developments of this century will ultimately lead to the birth of humanity into its new life in the multiverse, in which the exploration of “outer” space as well as “inner” space will take forms we cannot yet imagine.

According to Liminal Cosmogony, a necessary component for achieving this ultimate goal is the scientific differentiation between the soul (Sovereign Integral) and the soul carrier (also referred to as the Human Instrument). The soul carrier consists of our physical, emotional, mental aspects, and the Genetic Mind. The soul is more difficult to define, but essentially it is the core sense of individuality, that sense of pure self-awareness often described by meditators through the centuries. This pure self-awareness can also be described as that sense of self-existence experienced prior to the arising of thought. It is the psychological space existing between thoughts or feelings.

The glossary entry for Entity or Soul describes it as “a fragment of the Universal Spirit Consciousness of First Source. It is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence (spirit).” In the context of the information offered in Liminal Cosmogony, the soul’s discovery is nothing short of revolutionary— it affects every segment of civilization.

The primary effects of the Grand Portal can be reduced to three major influences. They are:

      • Institutions of science, religion, and culture are reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as their core, guiding frequency.
      • Government leaders are obliged to restructure their political systems to allow for the integration of new systems of knowledge, specifically of the multidimensional universe and the extended brotherhood of intelligent beings that live therein.
      • Social institutions related to trade and enterprise are reengineered to support the technologies that arise from the discovery of the Grand Portal. These technologies dramatically alter the way of life on a planetary scale. These include soul carrier health, species continuation planning, ecosystem stability, and harmonization of species in service to a planetary educational system.

Obviously, from the descriptions given above, there is an enormous amount of knowledge related to the soul’s nature that goes far beyond the theories of religion, philosophy, and psychology.

Picking up an earlier thread, science fiction has long described the idea of mankind’s exploration and colonization of space and our discovery of extraterrestrial life forms. Liminal Cosmogony specifically, and the written materials in general, carry this concept from universe exploration to multiverse exploration. Not only do humans and other life forms exist in the space-time dimension, but races of beings exist in other dimensions as well. Thus, the LTO perspective expands the boundaries of life beyond the physical universe, into the metaphysical multiverse. The cosmology of today’s astro-physics will give way to a new cosmology of astro-metaphysics. We will not only discover extraterrestrial life, but perhaps more significantly, we will discover extradimensional life.

NOTE: The previous introduction is excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. II. To be released in its entirety in 2020-21. It was written by John Berges. You can also download the PDF version of this page below:

Excerpts from Liminal Cosmongony PDF

Excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony

What follows are a series of excerpts from a non-published text known as: Liminal Cosmogony. This record is part of the knowledge system contained within the galactic Tributary Zone of the Milky Way galaxy. Translations are as precise as possible though the words used are not always consistent to the WingMakers’ glossary. When this occurs it is because these particular records are not planetary or species specific, and therefore, have not been reduced to human or earthly terminology, as is the case with the WingMakers’ materials.


The Lyricus Teaching Order originates in the Central Race of the seventh Superuniverse. Within the Central Race is a sub-race known symbolically as the WingMakers. Within the WingMakers there is a specific order of beings that are collectively known as Lyricus, and it is this group that is responsible for assembling and exporting the knowledge base necessary for a developing species to scientifically prove the existence of soul and establish the science of multidimensional reality as the nucleus knowledge system of the species.

This outcome of evolution is universal and, in the broadest measure, identical for all species that are based on the biogenetic template of the Central Race, known as the Seventh Archetype Soul Carrier of the Individuated Consciousness of First Source. It is Lyricus that is responsible for shepherding a developing species to the technological and scientific prowess whereby the soul and the soul carrier are distinguished and acknowledged by the species at large.


The Central Race is an ancient race based on the same genetic template as humanoid life elsewhere within the seventh Superuniverse. This template is interconnected and does not relate on an evolutionary scale so much as a density scale. The density of vibration of one planet within the seventh Superuniverse is unique among all other planets, and it is this vibratory condition that prescribes the biogenetic template’s characteristics and thus its propensities and capacities.

Soul carriers of the highest order are no more evolved than the least—as they serve precisely the same functional purpose, only at a different rate of vibration. Indeed, in many ways the soul carriers that are designed to operate in dense vibrations are more sophisticated and evolved than those designed for the more rarified vibrations of the Central Universe. Each soul carrier is part of an unbroken chain of biogenetic structures that are each based on the same configurable template that enables the individuated consciousness to interact on a near-infinite  number of organic and synthetic planets and spatial environments.

The souls that inhabit higher order soul carriers are typically more experienced than those that inhabit soul carriers designed for denser vibrations, but this is a generalization and not a rule. As soul experiences different spatial environments within the Superuniverse of its origin, it also experiences different dimensions and non-spatial environments within the multiverse that extend beyond the Superuniverse’s material structure.

Physical space requires that soul—which is non-physical—be carried in an instrument of protection, perception, and interaction. It is through this membrane of perception and expression that soul can transform the physical environment, and in this process transform itself. It is this exchange of energy between the individuated consciousness and the species’ soul carrier that enables the species to transform from a planetary animal to an interdimensional spiritual force.

The species of a particular planet has a unique ascension path and evolutionary track in order to become an interdimensional force. This occurs through three primary manifestations:

        1. The species as a whole learns how to fuse the soul carrier to its individuated consciousness and operate the soul carrier as an integrated extension of the individuated consciousness. When this occurs the soul carrier is vibrationally shifted to resonate with the soul, and this ability—at the species level—occurs as an outgrowth of the discovery of the Grand Portal.
        1. The species is inducted as a member of standing on the Superuniverse Network and has established lines of communication with post Grand Portal species within their spatial zone.
        1. The species—through the science of multidimensional reality—is able to manage, with responsible stewardship, its planet and complementary life forms, and ward off non-complementary life forms in a posture of non-violence.

These capabilities and conditions must converge in the species before it is allowed to operate interdimensionally as a collective force. Each species, or more specifically, sub-species of the Central Race, ultimately returns to its origins. In this case, its origins are instilled deep inside the soul carrier coding or DNA. It is an indelible instinct to locate the true origins of the species, and the Grand Portal discovery provides the first verifiable evidence linking the species to a greater brotherhood whose lineage is extraterrestrial.

The Lyricus Teaching Order does not distribute this knowledge openly like a teacher distributes their knowledge to students in a classroom. Each planet is provided a council of teachers from Lyricus who incarnate within the species and its home planet at specific times in order to establish the entrainment of knowledge in the direction of the Grand Portal.

The great inventions and revelations of a species are most frequently accorded to a person who was not the true originator of the idea, but was the person who assembled the resources to make the idea a standard of knowledge. The Lyricus Planetary Council whispers the seeds of knowledge to the greater minds of the species, but remain themselves in the shadows of recognition. This is how the species is led to develop its planetary communications network, which is the very foundation for the Grand Portal discovery.


The Teaching Order of Lyricus only becomes exoteric within the species at the stage when the communications network is accessible to private domiciles and the technology is sufficiently secure to prevent seizure; the political system is sufficiently open to prevent censorship; and the host environment is sufficiently trusted to prevent modification. When these conditions are attained, the teachings of Lyricus are brought to the species upon the network that will ultimately serve as the distribution hub for its knowledge system.

Generally, these teachings will be brought forward in several “impressions”. The first is the announcement that formalizes its arrival and is observable to the greater network of workers who are involved – no matter how significantly—in the discovery of the Grand Portal. This typically occurs in the third precursor generation; however, in some species it is earlier or later by one generation.

During this first introduction, the teachings of Lyricus are fundamentally depicted and articulated. These would include the discourses, cosmology, and activation resources. Activation resources are encoded sensory data streams that are translated by Lyricus teachers into the media format and sensory system prevalent to the species.

The second impression of the teachings is made available to select students who have been identified as architects of the Grand Portal discovery. These teachings are increasingly esoteric in nature and are exclusively relevant to the new science of multidimensional realities that will act as the foundation stone for the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The activation resources are initially muted because the immaturity of the media and communications network reduces the data stream and its activation influence. As the network evolves and more data can be embedded, the activation resources become more potent. This generally occurs during the second precursor generation.

The third impression of the Lyricus teachings occurs when the core frequencies of the activation materials are distilled into a technology that can entrain the heart-brain system of the soul carrier. This heightened activation technology enables those who have incarnated with specific functions associated with the Grand Portal discovery and its propagation to resist the natural inertia and fear reaction of the establishment.

It is these individuals—many of whom incarnate from Lyricus—that will lead the discovery of the species’ soul, and as importantly, the propagation of this breakthrough into the new institutions resulting from the discovery.

The fourth and final impression from the Lyricus teachings occurs after the Grand Portal’s discovery and establishes the application of the Grand Portal to the species’ requirements in the realms of spiritual advancement and educational systems. The latter element is the most critical of the four impressions because it sustains the knowledge across generations. As there are three precursor generations that reveal the Grand Portal, there are generally three successor generations that transmit and diffuse the findings of the Grand Portal into the social, cultural, political, and scientific institutions of the species.

The occasion just preceding and following the discovery of the Grand Portal is the most critical because it is this point in time that is most susceptible to revision, suppression, and outright subjugation of the findings revealed in its discovery. The manner in which the findings are released to public scrutiny is of vital consequence, and Lyricus has developed a precise set of protocols to help in the efficiency and effectiveness of this transmission.


Notwithstanding the efficacy of these protocols, there are instances where the discovery of the Grand Portal was successfully suppressed by established institutions that foresaw their ruin or replacement in the dawning of this discovery. This fear reaction is a natural result of perceived displacement, which is why Lyricus specializes in the psychology of change management, and why the transmission protocols are so rigorously tested and refined.

The primary findings of the Grand Portal can be reduced to four fundamental knowledge systems. The effects of these systems are described below:

        • The soul carrier function is muted or diminished in proportional sympathy to the species’ perception of soul.
        • The species is unified at multiple levels that transcend time and place. This unification is essential to its vibrant survival as well as its ascension pathway as a spiritual force that animates and preserves the knowledge defined by the species.
        • The species is innately connected to a vast network of related life forms each based on the biogenetic soul carrier archetype of the Central Race specific to its superuniverse. Collectively, these species represent the cellular structure of First Source, while the individuated consciousness represents the indivisible particle thereof.
        • The individuated consciousness is orchestrated by the species to produce a knowledge path that leads the species to its creator and upholder. It is this return—like a migratory journey enjoined by a fierce tailwind—that is accelerated by the Grand Portal.

The individual is not existential, nor truly independent of the species. The individual is not supreme, nor is it the reward of consciousness. The individual is less an artifact of First Source than it is of the species. The soul carrier is ultimately transformed and fused with the individuated consciousness to the point it is indiscernible as a separate component of consciousness, but the individual remains devoted to the archetype of the species.


The primary effects of the Grand Portal can be reduced to three major influences. They are:

        • Institutions of science, religion, and culture are reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as their core, guiding frequency.
        • Government leaders are obliged to restructure their political systems to allow for the integration of new systems of knowledge, specifically of the multidimensional universe and the extended brotherhood of intelligent beings that live therein.
        • Social institutions related to trade and enterprise are reengineered to support the technologies that arise from the discovery of the Grand Portal. These technologies dramatically alter the way of life on a planetary scale. These include soul carrier health, species continuation planning, ecosystem stability, and harmonization of species in service to a planetary educational system.


The areas of resistance to the Grand Portal are predictable if not avoidable. Resistance is largely predicated on three basic factors:

        • Is particle energy used as a weapon and/or an energy resource?
        • Is religion fragmented or unified?
        • Is machine intelligence managed by species’ intelligence?

Socio-Political Resistance

Because particle energy is a core component of the Grand Portal discovery, the species is aware of the inherent power of particle energy before it has discovered the Grand Portal. This awareness can provide unlimited resources for energy production, and it can also be a weapon of coercion to seize control of planetary resources.

If the species is using particle energy as a weapon of intimidation among its own members, it is more likely to resist the approach of the Grand Portal because the discoveries of the Grand Portal introduce an indisputable range of intelligent life forms whose relationships are initially uncertain. Because of this perceived shift in the balance of supremacy, the evidence of the Grand Portal is resisted and there is a comprehensive stratagem to conceal it.

Religious Resistance

Among species whose religious and spiritual identities are fragmented, religious leaders are essentially in competition. That is to say, leadership has chosen to define the spiritual worlds and individual purpose therein differently. This is common among species that have partial activation of the soul carrier’s sensorial capacity. This fractional capacity is precisely the cause of discordant views by spiritual leaders, and the resulting rivalry is the primary cause of resistance expressed by spiritual leaders when the Grand Portal is discovered.

The resistance generally takes the form of skepticism initially and evolves into indignation and ridicule. Unlike the social and political leaders who can operate in stealth through well-concealed stratagem, spiritual leaders generally resist the Grand Portal after it is discovered and announced, and do so openly.

Technology Resistance

As the species evolves its communication network, machine intelligence begins to eclipse species’ intelligence. Machines of super-intelligence are built that—if not properly managed by the species—can self-evolve at a velocity greater than organic evolution, overtaking the embedded management protocols and allowing machines to dominate the frontiers of science and technology.

When this occurs, the Grand Portal can still be discovered, but the species itself is not sufficiently prepared to assimilate the findings and apply them in service to the formation of new institutions and the transformation of existing ones. When the Grand Portal is revealed solely by machine intelligence, the discovery is hollow and its propagation is typically reserved for the intellectually elite of the species.

The Grand Portal’s discovery is far less significant than the diffusion and propagation of its findings to the species’ educational institutions and planetary scientific class. The discovery holds the promise of the activation of the soul carrier’s sensorial system, which is an intelligence accelerator of significant value to the species.

Species who have both fragmented spiritual identities and deploy particle energy as weapons are among the most resistant to the Grand Portal evidence. Typically the resistance is twofold:

        • Political operatives predict the dawning of the Grand Portal discovery and a stratagem for its concealment is initiated before the discovery can be adequately corroborated and proven irrefutable.
        • When the stratagem to conceal fails and the evidence is distributed to the network, spiritual leaders offer the next wave of resistance by doubting the motivations of those leaders responsible for its discovery, since all or most do not subscribe to the belief systems defined and/or upheld by the spiritual leaders.

The period immediately preceding the discovery of the Grand Portal is the most critical. This episode of time is known as the Attestation Period, the time when critics will rise with full voice and unrestrained reluctance to resist the implications of the Grand Portal because they are aware—dimly as it may be—that massive change undermines their control impulse. It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate and complex metaphysical and scientific revelation.

This is why the protocols are so carefully engineered by Lyricus to ensure that the leaders involved in the Grand Portal discovery operate skillfully to ensure that resistance is met with intelligent countermeasures that bring the proof of the human soul to the network in a way that cannot be censored, altered or restrained. The network itself will reveal the human soul in a way that is unimaginable and therefore indefensible.


While Lyricus exports the genetic template for a species, the template is not physical or material in structure. Across all dimensions of space there exists a primary field of vibration or quantum primacy. This field is non-physical but informs the physical. It exists independent of the physical structures of existence, and can be thought of as Underivative Information Structures (UIS).

UISs are sub-quantum and represent the primary blueprint for living systems and inorganic matter. It is UIS that gives rise to the quantum fields that interpenetrate planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe at large. It is the communication field of life that connects the nonlocal and the local, the individual and the collective, the one and the infinite.

Lyricus brings the master templates that operate at an energetic, quantum level, and are inter-meshed or seated upon UIS, which then acts as the energetic grid for all master templates. Within the master templates are the vibratory fields and biomagnetics that give rise to all dimensional expressions, including the genome of the species or organism and its corresponding energy system and linkages, resonant couplings, and communication systems.

Thus, Lyricus defines the physical borders of a species or organism without exporting a physical representation. Rather it is “programmed” into the master template at the quantum level and this master template activates the sub-programs that ultimately formulate the cellular intelligence or molecular integrity of a living, organic system or inorganic matter.

Species typically uncover these energetic structures after they have fully absorbed and assimilated the physical structures that emerge from the energetic. There are eleven primary fields of vibration and each is interfaced directly with the other. They are not layered in a three-dimensional construct. They are holograhically coiled and encoded in a manner that cannot be expressed with language nor depicted with three-dimensional geometry or spatial relationships.

The master template is the common interface between each field of vibration. Energetically, it is supported and sustained through UIS. UIS, the master templates, and the energetic systems that arise from it are constantly in an interactive process of communication. It is this communication that informs the evolutionary design of a species, organism, or material object—whether organic or inorganic.

This interactive process of the energetic systems is monitored by a frequency of UIS that is called Source Intelligence or the Universal Spirit Intelligence. This frequency absorbs, filters, and processes the communication between the fields of vibration and distills them into packets of information suitable for utilization by First Source. This is the manner in which the interactions between all dimensions of existence are brought into coherence and applicability to the formation of new worlds, species, and dimensional constructs. This is the conduit in which the multiverse evolves and all life within it advances into higher dimensional expressions.

UIS provides the structure behind the quantum fields and energetic systems that yield form and the living systems that support form. The soul carrier is an outcome of the master template that is energetically distributed to life-bearing planets upon the multiverse vehicle of UIS. This template, which creates and interacts with the morphogenetic field of the soul, defines the soul carriers’ limits of functionality and expression—but only in the flow of time.


The soul carrier is in a constant state of flux and development that is the result of the dance between the master template, UIS and the DNA molecule present in each cell. As the soul carrier of the species evolves, the DNA molecule increasingly activates its antenna and responds to the higher dimensional, organizing information field that enables the soul carrier to integrate soul consciousness more fully.

As the soul consciousness enters the soul carrier with greater vibratory force and integration, it vibrationally alters the soul carrier. It does this generally in three distinct ways:

        • The energy centers of the soul carrier (sometimes referred to as chakras) are the conduits of UIS energy to the soul carrier—at all levels—physically, emotionally, and mentally. This increase in UIS energy vibrationally shifts the soul carrier, causing it to have greater access to the consciousness of soul.
        • As the frequency of soul is accessed, the soul carrier gains an appreciation and growing realization that it is the carrier wave expression of a God-Fragment interacting with the worlds of linear time, crystallized matter, and three-dimensional space. This new perception portends a transformative identity and value shift.
        • The DNA molecule is both an antenna that attunes to UIS and the master template, as well as a transmitter of its transformations that are a result of its further intimate contact with the soul consciousness. This transmission is a vibrational frequency that is communicable to the DNA molecules of all others within the species, even affecting related species.

The soul is attuned to UIS and operates therein because this is the vibratory field that is native to its essence. As a greater percentage of the species embody their soul consciousness, it becomes easier for the remaining members to do so as well.


There are four developmental shifts that precede the emergence of the Grand Portal, and these generally occur within three to five generations of the discovery. They are unfolded in the following order:

        • A physical shift is expressed in the planetary environment and spatial surroundings. This physical shift is symbolic of the momentous changes in the virtual structures that prepare the species for the Grand Portal. The physical shifts generally take expression through weather conditions, astronomical anomalies, ethnic turmoil, technological dysfunction, and disease—all of which impact on economic and planetary stability.
        • An emotional shift is expressed in the movement of the species to more effectively manage their emotional center (heart) at an energetic, non-physical level, enabling a higher bandwidth connection between the heart and brain centers. This heart-brain connection aligns the energetic centers of the soul carrier to accept a more intense awakening of the intuitive powers innately present in the genetic mind of the species.
        • A mental shift is expressed as the genetic mind of the species is made more accessible to the species as a result of the previous shift in heart-brain integration. The genetic mind—as the repository of information defined by the species—operates independent of horizontal time flows and can provide quantum leaps in knowledge if its higher dimensional information packets are accessed.
        • A shift within the genetic mind occurs when the grid of the genetic mind becomes discontinuous, forming into multiple groupings. Members of the species will energetically reorganize into resonant groups, each accessing different regions of the genetic mind and evolving a discrete sub-genetic mind whose resonant coupling is more closely fitted to each group.

These four phases occur sequentially, unfolding in time and informing and catalyzing the next phase until it culminates in the discovery of the Grand Portal. This progression operates in subtle, intricate, and meticulous processes, and despite the apparent surface chaos the deeper ordered systems prevail and entrain the surface effects of time, space and matter.

At the end of the fourth phase the energy of UIS and the virtual structures of the master template begin to “descend” within the planetary dimension of time and space—attracted by the shifting consciousness of the species. Those members of the species that are energetically attracted to the higher dimensional regions of the genetic mind will—during this time—reveal the science of multidimensional reality that has always been encoded into the master template, waiting for the resonance of minds and hearts to uncover it.

The Grand Portal is holographic, emitting from First Source and extending to UIS, embedded within the master template, conducted into the quantum fields of the genetic mind, drawn into the energetic systems of the soul carrier, and finally coiled within the DNA molecule of the species. This masterful interchange of energy, information, and expression is orchestrated by the magnetic field that surrounds the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is similar to a gravitational field that entrains all surrounding matter to its presence. This presence is electromagnetically released into the three-dimensional realms, whereby it becomes the beckoning force that literally tows a species through time and space to the Grand Portal, and through the energetic field that it represents.