WingMakers is designed to be practiced. There is no race to the top to become more spiritual than someone else. It is not the goal of WingMakers that each of us ascends to the role of teacher, master or become an “enlightened one.”

We are Sovereign Integrals underneath our skin. We have been this from our inception as a point of consciousness. If this is our core, then it comes down to being. But what to be is the question and how do we practice it?

James Mahu, the creator of the WingMakers Materials writes about  Behavioral Intelligence extensively.  The commitment to practice the outflow of the Six Heart Virtues in the tiniest details of our life, on a moment-by-moment basis, is the essence of being. This is different from mindfulness or meditation, which focuses more on being mindful of the present moment and sustaining a peaceful mental state.

A practitioner of the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness is actively expressing behavioral wisdom through our physical bodies (thoughts, words and actions). However, not all of these behaviors are physical—generated by the body. They can also be invisible whereby the individual transmits the behaviors of the six heart virtues energetically.

The I AM WE ARE principle is that we’re receptors of our innermost natures. We listen, observe, and learn. We also express and radiate the virtues of our hearts and minds. These are qualities that transcend the body or emotions or mind. They’re perspectives that help motivate us to elevate or heal the energetic frequency of a given situation.

James Mahu has written numerous papers on this subject and can be found in the 6 Heart Virtues section of the WingMakers website.