New Release

The Sovereign Integral

A new model of existence

This release by James Mahu is entitled: The Sovereign Integral, a New Model of Existence. It is a free, 80-page, in-depth description of the Sovereign Integral consciousness, of which we are all a part of.

As the title suggests, James goes into the fine-grained details about this internal cosmological structure, called by various names, but until now, it remained largely undefined.

The topics that are covered are the most fundamental in nature: who are we in our core essence, and why are we here? James’ treatment of the topics is clear, yet challenging, holding to a voice that is both poetic and philosophical.

This is his first nonfiction work, and it is focused on the most challenging of all topics: defining the nature of consciousness. James includes diagrams and numerous artworks to help the reader sense a more complete understanding of this vital, vibrant, yet elusive consciousness that James calls the Sovereign Integral.

Scales, Fur, Feathers, and Flesh

Exploring the bonds between worlds

James’ latest novel, Scales, Fur, Feathers and Flesh, marks a departure from his previous works. This novel introduces the many-worlds concept in physics, using mythological creatures as its cast of characters. Dragons, phoenixes, cervitaurs, humans, WingMakers, mapinguaris, shapeshifters, and werewolves—all these and more are abruptly torn from their previous worlds and identities, and placed into a completely different reality for an unknown purpose.

These entities find themselves in a new world with no context, seemingly brought together by a mysterious force. Their task is to collaborate in solving a complex situation that could lead to a world war. Through this imaginative and thought-provoking narrative, James explores themes of identity, cooperation, and the unknown forces that shape our destinies.

This new novel, like the previous release, Copernicus, is available on the website for free.

New Release

Movement of Consciousness and Interconnectedness

Launched in 2023, MOCI proposes that science, religion, and philosophy – through no fault of their own – lack the necessary tools, language, and perspective to decipher the enigma of consciousness and interconnectedness.

The movement of consciousness and interconnectedness is, in effect, endeavoring to fine-tune the lens by which we perceive consciousness through the medium of art and storytelling. An agnostic, philosophical art, provides us with the capacity to experience and envisage ourselves as part of the vast field of consciousness where we are all one.

A curated selection from James’ painting collections…