James has said many times that music is a vibratory experience of consciousness that can enable a deeper understanding of ourselves as infinite beings. Music can invite discovery or shut doors and lock them. Music can be designed for the imaginative experience of our expansionary consciousness or the arousal of the intellect and ego. Music can be the passageway to our noble mind or the sentimental heart.

Music, as a vibration, stirs, in sympathy and synchronicity, the body-ego to expand or constrict. James, as a composer and musician, does not pretend to be at a level of any virtuoso musician, he is simply applying music structures to open an individual to the Sovereign Integral consciousness, at a subconscious level.

The music was composed and performed by James Mahu for the WingMakers mythology. He invited vocalists to join him, but otherwise all the instruments were performed by James.

First Source

Chamber 10

Hakomi Chambers 1 & 2

Hakomi Chambers 3

Hakomi Chambers 4-6

Hakomi Chambers 7-12

Hakomi Chambers 13-21

The Grand Portal (Lyricus)