In 1998, James Mahu released a mythological story on the internet called the WingMakers. It was released anonymously, as it was intended to have origins that itself were part of the story.

WingMakers had content that was philosophical, cosmological, poetic, shamanic, artistic, conspiratorial, extraterrestrial, interdimensional and psychological in nature. However, at its very core, it was its philosophy that connected everything else.

The core of its philosophy was the Sovereign Integral consciousness, which was brought to the surface through paintings, poetry, music, and a wide-ranging arc of writings that spanned five novels, epapers, interview transcripts and more.

James made some of his work available for purchase in the form of open editions of his art in high quality published prints, his novels and music. He has, in every other way, remained a behind-the-scenes persona that to this day is unknown. He has never been on the lecture circuit, he has never offered a course, in fact, he has made all of his materials free on the Internet.

In 2020, he began to focus his writings and art on consciousness, the Sovereign Integral. In early 2022, he released his first nonfiction paper entitled: The Sovereign Integral, a New Model of Consciousness. This paper, more than anything else he has produced, defines his real work.

While the Sovereign Integral was first introduced in 1998 within his philosophical writings as part of the WingMakers materials, it was really a placeholder for his latest paper. This paper—to the extent it is possible with words and images—describes the Sovereign Integral consciousness in more detail than any other publication. As James puts it: The paper is an “onramp” to this new model of consciousness, it does not attempt to be a path, road or highway.

James considers himself an artist with a philosophical orientation, and believes it is the responsibility of artists to describe the Sovereign Integral consciousness and embed it within human culture. To make it more real, tangible and equal to its human counterparts: soul and spirit.