Aadhya Gallery

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Following fires that bore into the land

like storms driven by lightning,

I see horizons cast deep,

flung by powerful, emboldened arms.

There, in that crease that folds mystery,

I can see a future 

where ten billion differing beliefs 

disintegrate into one. 

Where the inside-out clarifies 

why slavery can finally die. 


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Aadhya Chamber Twelve

The sovereign is integral.

It is not cut-off from the motherload.

The pocket of gold spreads everywhere. 

There is no mine to find.

We are it. 

There is no have/have not.

There is only illusion.

The program.

The lie.


Aadhya Chamber Thirteen

Aadhya Chamber Fourteen

Aadhya Chamber Fifteen

We have been wrapped in slavery

since time was born on earth.

We accept the husk,

as if it was us.

The fools gold of spirituality.

The dazzle of light.

The glamor of angelic hosts.

The vanity of hierarchies undisclosed.

Its recipients; love-obsessed people

with u-shaped mouths.


Aadhya Chamber Seventeen

Aadhya Chamber Twenty

Aadhya Chamber Twenty-Two

Aadhya Chamber Twenty-Four