Translations of the WingMakers Materials

From its very first day on the Internet, the WingMakers site was popular outside the English-speaking countries. Perhaps owing to the fact that the materials were more than just text, people could connect to them even if the language wasn’t familiar. Over the years, with amazing consistency, about 55% of visitors have been from outside the United States.

Many of the WingMakers enthusiasts invest considerable time and energy to make translations of the materials. The outcome of their hard work is available below. We salute all of you who helped make these works available! As any of you can imagine, it’s very hard to use machine translations on these materials (like Google Translate). The subtle nuance is missing. If you have a gift for translations, and would like to translate any of the WingMakers Materials not in this section, please contact us.


Note: These files are translated from their original English works. All of the materials below represent human translations. cannot guarantee their accuracy.