The Art of WingMakers


WingMakers art is an integral part of providing tools for people to activate and remodel their personal belief systems. James Mahu has released a significant body of art in his chamber paintings and associated graphics. In the novel, The Ancient Arrow Project, the art is given a very specific relevance.

It’s important to remember that every element of the WingMakers mythos is an integral part of a whole. The art is an essential player in magnifying the spirit of these materials across cultural and language barriers.

The beauty of art and music is that it requires no translation. It transcends language barriers. Thus, WingMakers relies on these elements to provide anyone, regardless of background, language or culture, access to the activating frequencies encoded in these works.

The art that James Mahu has developed is, at its core, a symbol of the Sovereign Integral. It represents this most primordial consciousness that remains largely undetected and underutilized. The art of WingMakers provides a new horizon line where we can sense the glow of a new world forming like a nascent heartbeat before the body fully forms.

In effect, if the Sovereign Integral consciousness is behind closed doors, then the art of the WingMakers is a method to wedge these doors open for the individual to peer inside.

This work is rooted in our cosmic matrix. There is a feeling of a rupture—of time, space, materialism, and human-created providence. It is numinous and in a real sense, it’s escaped the persona of one man. It is involved in something deeper and something unconsidered. Its subject is seldom exhumed or touched because it is hidden in collectivity.

This is the purpose of the WingMakers art: to activate the collective archetype of the Sovereign Integral. To dredge this consciousness, so well hidden, to the surface of human existence so it can be examined in a new light. And in this examination, a person can activate this consciousness within themselves a little stronger.

The Sovereign Integral has existed throughout human existence as a visionary rumor, occasionally represented in artistic expressions like paintings, poems, architecture, dance, and literature, but it is seldom seen more vividly or explicitly as in the WingMakers Materials.

In effect, if the Sovereign Integral consciousness is behind closed doors, then the art of the WingMakers is a method to wedge these doors open for the individual to peer inside. The art is like a pregnant language that holds meaning, but the individual must allow it to draw them below the surface. If you allow the art to seize you, it can bring you to the principle understanding of what we are.

There are four primary collections of the visual art:

  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Ancient Arrow site
  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Hakomi site
  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Zyanya site
  • The 24 chamber paintings of the Aadhya site

Aadhya Chamber Paintings

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Chamber Paintings from the Ancient Arrow Site

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Hakomi Chamber Paintings

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Zyanya Chamber Paintings

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To purchase physical prints of any of the Wingmakers paintings visit the Wingmakers Art Store.

WingMakers Glyphs

The majority of the paintings, whether from Ancient Arrow or Hakomi sites, have the presence of the glyphs. In the Collected Works of the WingMakers, John Berges wrote about the use of the glyphs in the Chamber Paintings:

“Beyond what has been surmised here, it is quite possible that there is an actual Language of Unity, comprised of words, grammar, and syntax, that exists in higher dimensional realms. This writer asked James if the glyphs appearing in his paintings were examples of the hidden language of initiates, known as Senzar, mentioned by H.P. Blavatsky in her book The Secret Doctrine. In answer to this question is the following comment from James:

”Senzar, besides being an alphabet of its own, can be rendered in cipher characters, which correspond to the nature of ideographs rather than of syllables. Senzar, as a language, was brought by the Central Race to earth. The reason is quite simple. Ideographic language can convey a tremendously complex concept in a single character. . . .

“Senzar is a language that flows between alphabetic characters, mathematical symbols, and musical notes. It is an integrated language, sometimes referred to as the Universal Language of Light, or the Insignias of First Source.”



Activational Art

From the very beginning, in 1998, when these paintings were first introduced to the web, people were struck by how they seemed to activate a new perspective in their belief systems. James referred to the paintings as “activational art,” a premise he carried into the entire body of the WingMakers Materials. The WingMakers paintings activate a sense of the fine-grained dimensions of alternative realities. There’s a narrative inside each painting… a story is being told, and it has to do with our spiritual nature. There is a strong sense of a cosmic drama unfolding within James’ art. A coming together of the ancient past with the future aspirations of humankind.

Chamber Art Papers

In 2004, Chris Lock Ph.D., F.S.A.I., contacted WingMakers and asked if it would be okay for him to research and write a paper on the Ancient Arrow site Chamber Painting 6. He had been studying the paintings for some time and had various ideas as to their meaning, symbolic purpose, and connection to historical myth.

The paper was distributed electronically, and was very well received. Mr. Lock next worked on Chamber 17 in 2007, and then in 2009, he completed his paper on Chamber 1. These carefully researched writings provide a great insight into the level of detail and the narrative that goes into the development of these paintings.

With detailed illustrations, these papers reveal how the Chamber Paintings from the Ancient Arrow site use extraordinarily rich imagery, depicting the WingMakers’ Cosmology in all its complexity, sophistication, beauty and enchantment. Revealing a “key of codes” or meanings that can be applied to the other WingMakers’ chamber paintings, these papers are an indispensable aid for decoding the subtle, multi-leveled expression of these enigmatic paintings.

The papers also share Lock’s account of experiencing the Thunderous Silence of Zen as he approached completion of the painting’s decoding, demonstrating that the close study of the art of the WingMakers can indeed shift consciousness.



These papers can be downloaded in PDF form below:

Chamber 1

Chamber 6

Chamber 17


The videos on this page are mostly from enthusiasts of the WingMakers Materials. James has produced a beautiful and pogniant video that is featured below. He has also produced several EventTemples videos which are shown below as well. If you have a video you’d like to contribute to this page, please contact us.