James is the visionary creator of WingMakers, EventTemples, and Lyricus. He has created a wide-ranging set of content translated into 18 languages. Researchers, scientists, mythologists, art critics, journalists, and millions of seekers across the planet have examined his work. As a public persona, he remains largely unknown, preferring that his creations (or translations) speak for themselves.

The work of WingMakers arises, in part, from the famous assertion that “fiction is the lie that tells the truth.”

James puts it this way: “The creation of a mythology is impersonal. It emerges from the collective unconscious and ultimately organizes, reinforces, and creates the firm ground underfoot for others to explores regions of the psyche and consciousness that have long been suppressed or sanctioned into esoterica.”

In the era of social media and self-promotion, James Mahu remains vividly absent.

The main focus of James is to share spiritual perspectives through his creative expressions. Whether it’s music, art or words, his goal is the same: stimulate the conversation of consciousness and suggest ways that the individual can live unfettered by dogma, old world views, restrictions or what he refers to as the subtle separation frequency that taints nearly every thought and action in our world.

A prolific writer, poet, artist, philosopher, and musician, James is primarily interested in elevating the conversation around the concept of the Sovereign Integral and how the human soul requires a redefinition or refresh in the human culture.

James believes that WingMakers serves a role in this redefinition.

James’ works are multidimensional and encoded to help people activate, and make accessible, their personal wisdom. He draws on deep symbolism, archetypes and a mythological language to help people sense the deeper realities that underlie their personal worlds. His works are both transcendent and imminently relevant to one’s life as a spiritual and human being.

In November 1998, WingMakers was released to the public and was one of the first “transmedia” websites to include a large collection of art, music, poetry, and philosophical papers that were fully integrated to a story called The Ancient Arrow Project. This novel, James’ first, is the centerpiece of the work that James has introduced over the past 22 years.

James has launched four websites, dozens of papers, nine music CDs, five novels, and hundreds of original art images. He is a prolific artist and thought leader in the community of contemporary spirituality and myth-making. His work is difficult to categorize because it transcends a single category of endeavor. His novels are in the genre of magical realism; his art is abstract surrealism; his poetry lyrical; his music is a blend of New Age, Trance and World; his philosophical writings are detailed in their cosmological definitions, but they are equally focused on the personal through a practice he calls the Six Heart Virtues and living a heart-centered life.