Lyricus, as a website, was launched in 2004. Lyricus is a vibrant part of the WingMakers mythological narrative, owing to its teachings. The Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO) is a subgroup of WingMakers that curates and distributes its philosophy and activations to developing species once that species has evolved a sufficiently sophisticated language system.

As mentioned in other sections of this website, WingMakers are a time-shifted race of human beings. They are, quite literally, us, in a future time. From this future perspective, they export their teachings to an alpha species who has the ability to comprehend the fundamental concepts and behavioral values, however, the broader purpose is to “unleash” the species from the illusions of the separation frequency, and this is done by the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul (The Grand Portal).

The LTO does not teach a religion, but rather a broad set of perspectives that could be best summed up as supporting and elevating an individual’s sovereign rights and their integral nature to all other life forms. They do not set rules or dogma, nor do they establish an organization that crystallizes or protects their teachings.

The primary collection of teachings of the LTO  is contained in what is known as Liminal Cosmogony. Only a few extracts have been shared from this volume at this time. They are important themes and structures that pertain to the macro-structure of the multiverse.