10th Anniversary Paper

Lyricus: The First Ten Years

By John Berges


This paper traces the activities of an organization called the Lyricus Teaching Order during its first ten years of public interaction with humanity. This interaction has taken place (and continues to take place) through three websites inspired and created by a member of the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO or Lyricus). The Internet has been chosen for the distribution of the LTO’s mission because it is a method of communication to an increasingly networked global population that transcends national borders.

There are two parts to this paper. Part One is about the Lyricus Teaching Order and its mission on Earth. Part Two discusses the methods (to date) that the LTO employs to fulfill that mission. Both parts incorporate the first ten years of Lyricus’ public work on Earth.

These three websites appeared on the Internet in the following order:

1. Wingmakers.com—1998

2. Lyricus.org—2003

3. Eventtemples.org—2007



Because the WingMakers website was the first site to appear, many people identify their interest in the WingMakers’ materials by saying, “I’m into the WingMakers materials.” Thus, the name “WingMakers” has become a tag or identifying term, in large part, due to an interest in the materials and contents of the website, www.jamesmahu.com. But, as we will show, there is much more to these materials than the information found at the WingMakers site alone. A comprehensive understanding of all the LTO material can only be gained by immersing in the information found at all three sites.

Thus, one of the objectives of this narrative is to provide a new perspective on what is commonly referred to as “the WingMakers materials.” This new view of the materials from all three websites reframes WingMakers per se, and positions it in a larger, more accurate, context. This new, more complete, framework places jamesmahu.com in the larger context of the Lyricus Teaching Order. Thus, it is probably more accurate to say, “I’m into the Lyricus materials.”

The first website of Lyricus appeared on November 23, 1998, and is called jamesmahu.com. The site remained largely unchanged until February 2001. During this two-year period, the site’s contents consisted of “memos” purportedly written by a super-secret government group (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization—ACIO) studying, among other things, UFOs, alien technologies, and time travel. The memos discussed a group of advanced human beings, called the “WingMakers,” who had left behind a computer disc containing music, paintings, poetry, philosophy, symbols, and mathematical equations. This disc was found in an artificial cavern consisting of 23 chambers created by the WingMakers.

There was no information about who had placed this website on the Internet and there was no one to email with inquiries. Soon, however, savvy Internet users were able to trace the webmaster for the site and thus were able to email him. His name is Mark Hempel and he is still the website developer and manager of the original site, as well as the other two.

In early 2001, the WingMakers website had a new design and was selling paintings, music and a CD-ROM called the First Source Disc. This CD-ROM contained numerous files of information, including new material, such as philosophy papers and a novel, called the Ancient Arrow Project. There was also an email address for Mark Hempel.

Until the spring of 2001, the public knew nothing about the creator of the materials except for the fact that a woman named Sarah De Rosnay was Mark’s contact for receiving all the materials comprising the WingMakers content. Mark only knew that the creator of the materials lived somewhere in New York state and he called himself James (no last name). More details about the early stages of the WingMakers website and the materials can be found at www.jamesmahu.com.



As indicated at the beginning of this study, lyricus.org is the second website to appear on the Internet. It will be described, however, directly following the description of the Event Temples site.



In July 2007, a third Lyricus website appeared on the Internet. This site is called Event Temples (EVT). Event Temples is a website focused on working with the energies of the heart, mind, and soul. Event Temples is aimed at developing a group of individuals around the globe who are dedicated to serving humanity through group meditation. The meditations, or EVT sessions, are based on the premise that subjective energies can be transferred to anywhere in the world where humans are in emotional distress and suffering. More details about this website will be covered in Part Two of this paper.

From this initial description of the two websites, it is obvious that WingMakers has a wide-ranging selection of materials and Event Temples has a relatively narrow focus on service to humanity through meditation, visualization, and the directing of energies to those in psychological need. The differences and similarities between these two sites is detailed in Part Two.



Part One


The Lyricus Teaching Order, Its Nature and Mission


On December 31st, 2003, a new website suddenly appeared on the Internet called Lyricus.org. The Lyricus website contains documents that explain the LTO, its mission, and its relationship to humanity.

The groundwork for this website was laid in the spring of 2001. At that time, James stepped forward and began to answer questions from inquiring individuals. Eventually, this resulted in three Q and A sessions spanning many topics. These Q and A sessions are located at www.jamesmahu.com in the Creator section. In them, we learned that James is a translator and teacher for a cosmic teaching group called the Lyricus Teaching Order. This is a group of very advanced humans who are part of the most ancient human race in the universe.

The primary mission of Lyricus is to shepherd the human species, spread across many planets in the universe, toward the discovery of the Grand Portal—the scientific discovery of the human soul and the multi-dimensional reality associated with it. The LTO now estimates this discovery to be made about the year 2080. Along the way, the discovery of other dimensions and their inhabitants will be a by-product of the Grand Portal discovery to follow.

It goes without saying that these discoveries will dramatically change the belief systems of planetary culture, science, government, and religion. Apparently, the LTO has made itself known to earth’s humanity in order to inform us that our time has come for this all-important, life-altering discovery later in this century. Following is a quotation by James regarding the LTO. This statement was his first reference to Lyricus.

I am a member of a teaching order that has existed before the creation of the planet Earth. I realize this may seem like an impossible reality, but it is my reality nonetheless. This teaching order is allied with the esoteric teaching orders of earth. The teaching order which I represent is not known in your world because it has chosen to remain hidden until the Grand Portal discovery process is made public.

You may refer to my teaching order as Lyricus. It is the closest name that resembles the vibration of its true name in your native language. Lyricus is aligned with the Central Race, or WingMakers, and the great majority of its members are from the Central Race. Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines. These include the fields of genetics, cosmological sciences, metaphysics, sensory data streams, psycho-coherence, and cultural evolution. We are not, as you can see, focused exclusively on philosophy or spiritual teachings. Our central purpose is the irrefutable discovery of the humanoid soul upon three-dimensional, life-bearing planets.

Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or Tibetan monks of the Central Race, except that they place a much more significant emphasis on the nexus of the integrated sciences and arts. Nonetheless, they are a faction of the Central Race and bear responsibility for shepherding the humanoid populations within the universe to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe.

Within this same quotation, James explains that he is a teacher of what he calls “encoded sensory data streams.” We will explain these more fully in Part Two, but for now we can say that these are spiritual and psychological stimulators designed to bring closer integration between the soul, or Higher Self, and the ego-personality. These encoded sensory data streams take various forms, including music, paintings and graphic images, poetry, symbols, and written materials. In many instances, the encoding and consequent stimulation are implicit in these materials. In other cases, they are more explicit as in the case of specific psycho-spiritual exercises. Again, these will be explained to a greater degree in Part Two. Before going further, it should also be stated that James is not only a teacher and creator of the data streams, but he is also a translator of those LTO materials that contribute to the Grand Portal discovery.

It should also be pointed out that, as this extract states, Lyricus members are WingMakers, or members of the Central Race, but they are an ancient order of human beings who form only a part of the Central Race. What those other parts are is not known, but the point here is that the materials being made available are more accurately described as Lyricus materials, not exclusively WingMakers materials as published at jamesmahu.com.

In regard to the Grand Portal, this discovery is a human species-wide global event and Lyricus directs itself (through its teachers) toward the human species as a whole, rather than to individuals. Thus, although Lyricus teachers will offer spiritual advice and information to individuals at times, there is no specific one-to-one teacher/student relationship as understood in Earth’s spiritual and esoteric traditions. The relationships with students are, therefore, not directed at conferring enlightenment on particular individuals, but are focused on providing tools for individuals to enlighten themselves, with the goal of enhancing and contributing to the Grand Portal discovery. Thus, the Lyricus initiative is oriented toward group and planetary enlightenment and not enlightenment on an individual basis.

The nature of the Grand Portal is elusive despite some of the explanations given by James. Part of the ten-year history of Lyricus’ outer work has been to give some details of the Grand Portal. Following is an extract from the Introduction (entitled, “Creator” at jamesmahu.com) to the three Q and A Sessions.

The discovery of the Grand Portal is literally a portal into a new multidimensional universe that demonstrates that humanity is not an isolated “patch” of life, but rather part of an amazingly diverse assemblage of life forms that span multiple universes and dimensions.

It is not unlike when oceanographers first began to survey the ocean’s depths and discovered new species of life where it was thought impossible for life to exist. According to our estimates, a similar phenomenon – but at a much more profound level – will occur in about 80 years as science and soul collide, and the reality of a near-infinite variety of life forms beyond the physical dimension is discovered and shared with all of humanity.

The belief systems upon earth will undergo calamitous change following the discovery of the Grand Portal as the new sciences—above all, particle physics and molecular biology–begin to dramatically restructure the social institutions of religion, government, education, and culture. This is the discovery that humanity has been evolving towards for the past 11,000 years.

I am here to help in this discovery. If you apply these materials in your own life, you are as well.

I believe this extract illustrates the tremendous importance of the Grand Portal discovery along with James’ commitment to it. It also directly relates to all those people who feel a resonance to these materials. Later, it is possible that the discovery process will spill over into areas of science and technology that have no apparent outward connection to Lyricus and the encoded data sensory streams offered at the Lyricus websites. The Grand Portal discovery process is far too important for the LTO to concentrate its energies on a single track—multiple tracks are necessary.

According to James, there are approximately 12 to 15 Lyricus teachers on our planet. They are all anonymous, and except for James, they are all working behind the scenes at this time. These teachers work in what the LTO calls the four quarters of power. These are culture, science, government, and religion. Generally, the teacher of the cultural quarter emerges into public view first because culture facilitates the distribution of the materials more easily than the other quarters of power at the beginning stages of the Grand Portal discovery process. This is one of the reasons why the WingMakers website contains more cultural content (story, music, art, poetry) than philosophical and scientific information. This approach allows for a wider audience, which is probably interested in various types of media, such as a story, or music, or poetry, or art. James is the leader of the cultural quarter and consequently the first teacher to enter the public arena even though he still retains his anonymity.

Another instance of the carefully managed release of information and psycho-spiritual exercises is given in the following passage.

The occasion just preceding and following the discovery of the Grand Portal is the most critical because it is this point in time that is most susceptible to revision, suppression, and outright subjugation of the findings revealed in its discovery. The manner in which the findings are released to public scrutiny is of vital consequence, and Lyricus has developed a precise set of protocols to help in the efficiency and effectiveness of this transmission.

Whatever the “precise set of protocols” is, it is evident that the publishing of the various websites and the information contained in them are strictly planned according to how that information is absorbed, understood, and applied by individuals around the globe.

“Excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony” states that three generations before the Grand Portal discovery and three generations after it are crucial windows for its discovery and the free distribution of the sciences related to it.

We are most likely in the third precursor generation now. Given that the original WingMakers site went online toward the end of 1998 and also given the information that the Grand Portal will be discovered about 2080, we see that there are 82 or 83 years separating these two events. Dividing 83 by 3 (generations) is between 27 and 28 years per generation. Although this is certainly not an exact number, we could say that portions of today’s planetary population might be part of the second precursor generation. This is because generations also are defined according to their cultural affinities and by their developmental stages, such as ethnically-identified or globally-identified.


Lyricus Genealogy

The following extract explains that the LTO only enters the public arena when a global communications network (Internet) is relatively free from interference from governments and other “controlling” interests. Although there are some governments in the world who restrict the free flow of information on the Internet, the Internet is largely free of censorship and is rapidly becoming available to a growing global population.

The Teaching Order of Lyricus only becomes exoteric within the species at the stage when the communications network is accessible to private domiciles and the technology is sufficiently secure to prevent seizure; the political system is sufficiently open to prevent censorship; and the host environment is sufficiently trusted to prevent modification. When these conditions are attained, the teachings of Lyricus are brought to the species upon the network that will ultimately serve as the distribution hub for its knowledge system.

This quotation illustrates how the first ten years (and those following) are dependent upon the evolution of Internet technology. Consequently, one can see that the past ten years have been partially dependent on the Internet’s evolution, as well as being dependent on the aforementioned protocols of Lyricus relative to the Grand Portal.

This evolution of the Lyricus materials over the past ten years can be likened to a metaphorical family relationship.


Wingmakers.com, November 23, 1998.

We can view this initial stage as that of conception and gestation. The site was in the womb, so to speak. It was gathering to itself those individuals who sensed something intrinsically fascinating about it. These individuals can be seen as the nutrients leading to a full-term delivery of the newborn.

Wingmakers.com, February 2001. Birth of the WingMakers site into the light of day. The baby is alive and kicking. The baby is delivered in a new form, as an air-breathing human being, not a fetus. This was reflected in the website’s new interactive stage in early 2001. (Shortly following this initial interactive period the website underwent a redesign to express its new birth.)


Redesign and expansion to present, January 2006. Growth to early youth.


Gradual release of Lyricus Discourses. These important documents can be likened to children’s books designed to foster social skills and early reading practice.


Gradual release of numerous other documents and resources. These all indicate a growing adolescent who is intensively adding to his or her knowledge and experience of the world.

Nine Music CDs

DVD: Meditations in TimeSpace

Q and A Sessions with James

Release of a fourth interview

The Fourth Interview Secret Passages

Coherence of the Evolutionary Process

Anatomy of the Evolutionary Consciousness

The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny

The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative

Living from the Heart

The Rising Heart

The Living Truth

This list does not include written material on the First Source CD-ROM, but this list contains the major resources released by James, who is the agent of the LTO plan of disclosure and instruction to humanity in its first ten years. (In fact, so much material has been released over this ten-year period that it is possible I have overlooked some items, but I am sure that I have included the major releases.) All of these materials can be found at the WingMakers website and the last three are also available for download at the Event Temples site.


Appearance of Lyricus.org, December 31, 2003.

The parents of jamesmahu.com are identified. Comprehensive information about Lyricus, its nature and mission, and its relationship to the WingMakers website is elucidated.


Eventtemples.org, July 2007.

The adolescent matures to teenage efforts at independence by expressing its own creative ideas about the world by helping others.

In conclusion, the extracts in Part One clearly illustrate that the LTO definitely has a mission and a well-thought-out plan for implementing that mission—the Grand Portal. If nothing else, the three websites are in a state of evolution and this, I believe, will become clear as Lyricus enters its next ten years beginning in 2009. This point is given added weight through the words appearing on the Lyricus.org website itself (from December 31, 2003), and with these words we end Part One:

Lyricus.org will initially provide discourses and special music selections that can be listened to while reading the discourses. Over time, this website will provide new materials that will include significant excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony as well as new discourses, related music, and various information about the externalization process that Lyricus is involved in relative to humanity.

Ultimately, the Lyricus.org website will be a central repository for the key knowledge required to discover the Grand Portal—the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul.



Part Two


Implementing the Lyricus Mission

Just as Part One of our study concerned the mission and nature of the LTO, this part focuses on how Lyricus implements that mission. Well, it implements that mission publicly through Internet websites, as we discussed earlier. (But this does not mean that this is the only method Lyricus utilizes in its work with humanity.)

A question that arises, however, among the many people drawn to the three Lyricus websites is how these sites fit together. Part Two will attempt to clarify this question and hopefully lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the purposes and goals of these LTO initiatives. Because of its importance, I want to reiterate at the very beginning of this section that the ultimate goal of all three websites is to lay the groundwork for the Grand Portal.


Wingmakers.com and Eventtemples.org—A Comparison

One of the themes that James has steadily brought forward (especially in the second five years of the Lyricus decade of engagement) is the importance of what he calls the heart-mind system and its relationship to the soul, or Higher Self. And it is here, in this heart-mind system (setting aside the Higher Self for now) that I believe we can find an interesting inter-connection between the WingMakers site and the Event Temples site. (In this regard, we will shortly get to the role of the Lyricus site.)

The WingMakers site’s theme is a new mythology. Now, this does not mean that the site is not about facts concerning our world and the universe. The important detail to remember is that mythology is a combination of fact and fiction. A storyline is developed that is fictional or metaphorical, but the story has facts embedded within it. It is up to the reader to fathom the depths of the story and disentangle fact from fiction. Thus, WingMakers is all about developing a sense of intuitive insight and this is where the heart enters the picture. We are not talking about the physical heart of course, but what James refers to as the energetic or quantum heart.

The WingMakers novel, music, paintings, poetry, and philosophy are all designed to awaken that part of us that questions the nature of our being, the nature of the world and universe, and what purpose we play in it all. The mind reels at these questions—and logic and reason supply no easy answers. Therefore, like a Zen koan or a Sufi parable, the left side of the brain that relies on logic is thrown into confusion and we have nowhere to turn but to our imaginations, dreams, hopes, and ideals. These are the domains of the heart.

So, what we find at WingMakers.com are resources that have been specifically designed to awaken the heart in order to create a new understanding about reality that can be absorbed into the mind. WingMakers is about employing the heart to bring understanding to the mind.

A wonderful example of this appeal to the heart is given in one of James’ answers in his Q and A sessions.

The WingMakers’ Materials are not being aimed at any one group. It is more the reverse that there are certain groups and individuals that are being directed to the catalytic materials you refer to as WMM. Event strings are like mathematical algorithms that possess a resonance point that, when affected by a certain frequency, can induce a select individual or, to a lesser extent, an entire group, to unconsciously seek out the WMM. This inducement is like a subtle fragrance that draws you to a destination of a flower-covered field without your conscious desire to experience a flower.

The WMM is to be absorbed like one would absorb the sunshine when they are outside. No one requires measuring devices or lenses to absorb the sun’s rays; they simply need to be in the path of these rays. They need to position themselves to receive the sun. This is how it is with WMM. The broader net is really about the new souls incarnating who will, as a result of their encoded event strings, unconsciously position themselves to receive these materials.

Interestingly, we find that the Event Temples site is also about the heart, but it approaches it from a different perspective than the WingMakers site. The introductory paper (which can be downloaded for free) is entitled, “Living from the Heart.” Paradoxically, when compared with many of the materials found at Wingmakers.com, this paper appeals to the mind, through a scientifically oriented perspective, by explaining that the heart and mind are a system that must work in tandem in order to bring emotional stability and order to our lives. This process eventually leads to a deeper connection between the ego-personality and the Higher Self, but more on that later.

Thus, Event Temples begins with the mind but leads to the heart. This is the reverse of WingMakers, which begins with the heart to deliver understanding of a deeper reality to the mind.



A perfect example of this is contained in the WingMakers novel, The Ancient Arrow Project. The main character is a genius governed by his mind who works for a super-secret government agency, a strict hierarchical culture. He is eventually contacted by the WingMakers. This exposure opens his heart in a way he never could have imagined and he is led to explore an entirely new mind-set and a new cosmological worldview. His opened heart thus leads him to a transformation that his “old” mind and previous worldview could never have brought about. This fictional presentation is a model for our own transformation as we will find as this paper proceeds. Thus, mythological stories contain symbols and metaphors of real life possibilities. These possibilities become probabilities and facts through the choices we make.

As the diagram above shows, the combination of heart and mind leads to creativity at many possible levels and many possible fields of human activity. But the ultimate level of creative discovery for the human race is the discovery of the Grand Portal and that is the mission of the Lyricus Teaching Order.


Lyricus.org—The Bridge Between WingMakers and Event Temples

I believe that the Lyricus website contains information that helps us to understand further connections between WingMakers and Event Temples. Now we will explore the documents containing the clues to this bridging.


The WingMakers Document

The first document I examined is simply called WingMakers. First it explains that the LTO is aligned with the WingMakers or what is also called the Central Race. Therefore, the LTO is the oldest Teaching Order in the universe and it is comprised of human beings of ancient origins, ancient in comparison to humans who are (and have been) evolving on earth and other planets.

As mentioned earlier, the LTO’s mission is to shepherd evolving human species on many planets to the discovery of the human soul, or the Grand Portal. They have stepped forward now because humanity has reached a stage in its evolution (despite the chaos of our planet) where this is now possible. Lyricus employs seven disciplines to accomplish this task. These are listed as




Sensory data streams


Cultural evolution

Sovereign Integral

Genetics is the core discipline of Lyricus, but at the present phase of its work with earth’s humanity it appears that three particular disciplines are more obvious as activators of the integration between our ego-personality (expressed through our human instruments as physical, emotional, and mental faculties) and our Higher Self, or soul.


Sensory Data Streams

This document goes on to explain that sensory data streams are used to activate human beings who resonate to the WingMakers mythology. (The LTO also calls these activation resources.) Relative to the WingMakers website, these sensory data streams take the form of a novel, music, paintings, poetry, philosophy, and various symbolic graphics. These forms are encoded specifically to attract those individuals who sense “a subtle fragrance that draws [them] to a destination of a flower-covered field without your conscious desire to experience a flower.”

These data streams stimulate that yearning inside many people who desire deeper meaning and purpose in life. This goes to the level of the heart and the soul, even though it may appear to be an appeal to the mind. Our culture is so heavily oriented to the mind that we do not notice that the excitement we feel in the discovery of new ideas is that emotional, heart-felt undercurrent which drives us to turn our mind to new concepts, new musical expression, art, and creative writing. We have to feel emotionally stimulated before we can truly and enthusiastically connect to new creative ideas and discoveries.

Anyone who goes to the new Event Temples site will soon discover that the EVT session meditations are all about the confluence of music, voice, and visual images. All of these sensory data streams are designed to stimulate the heart-mind-soul connection. Thus, both websites contain activation resources of a similar nature.

For example, the fourth philosophy paper, “Beliefs and Their Energy Systems,” contains exercises or activation resources. One is devoted to moving to specific music tracks, another involves meditating on four specific paintings, and a third is devoted to studying ten particular poems. The titles of these techniques illustrate the heart-mind-soul connection. They are:

Mind-Body Movement Techniques

Mind-Soul Comprehension Techniques

Emotion-Soul Acquisition Techniques

As you can see from these descriptions, the exercises involve the emotions (heart), the mind, the body, and the soul. They encompass all the primary aspects of our humanness.


Psycho-coherence leading to Sovereign Integral

Although no definitions or descriptions are given about this discipline in the WingMakers materials, it is suggestive of integration between the body, emotions, mind, and soul. Psycho is Greek for spirit or soul and in most instances of modern usage psycho refers to the personality and the inner self, Higher Self, or soul. Hence, psycho-coherence is personality-soul coherence. Because the soul is one portion of our overall constitution, it is no stretch to suggest that the soul must be coherent with the instrument of its expression, the ego-personality—namely, through our actions, our emotions, and our thoughts. Here is the definition of coherence relative to the soul and human instrument or ego-personality.

The virtues of the heart, when they are coherent within an individual, or within a group of individuals, can produce results that are extraordinary and seemingly supernatural. This requires that both the tacit or implicit levels (the inner source) of heart virtues and their explicit equivalents (actions/behaviors) are coherent. Coherent, in this case, means linked in authenticity and genuineness.

The WingMakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples materials all stress the importance of integrating soul and personality in order to advance spiritual evolution as a human being.

There are many examples of this in the WingMakers philosophy papers. One instance that directly links WingMakers and Event Temples is contained in the first philosophy paper entitled, “Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral.” The Sovereign Integral is the goal beyond psycho-coherence. In this definition of the Sovereign Integral from the WingMakers glossary, it is clear that psycho-coherence is a prelude, an “undergraduate degree,” leading to the “PhD of the Sovereign Integral.”

The Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby the entity and all of its various forms of expression and perception are integrated as a conscious wholeness. This is a state of consciousness that all entities are evolving towards, and at some point, each will reach a state of transformation that allows the entity and its instruments of experience (i.e., the human instrument) to become an integrated expression that is aligned and in harmony with Source Intelligence.

Again, all these materials point to integration and transformation of the human being.

One of the most important principles of the Sovereign Integral is “Universe Relationship Through Gratitude.” The word “gratitude” is a direct link to one of the six heart virtues listed at Event Temples. That virtue is “appreciation.” The six heart virtues are sub-frequencies of divine Love. Love is the unitive force of the cosmos and this unity of Love is implicit in the following extract from Philosophy One.

Every breath, every word, every touch, every thought, every thing is centered on expressing this sense of gratitude. A gratitude that the individual is sovereign and supported by a Universal Entity that expresses itself through all forms and manifestations of intelligence with the sole objective of creating the ideal reality to activate the individual’s Source Codes and transform the human instrument and entity in to the Sovereign Integral. It is this specific form of gratitude that accelerates the activation of the Source Codes and their peculiar ability to integrate the disparate componentry of the human instrument and the entity, and transform them to the state of perception and expression of the Sovereign Integral.”

This quotation makes plain that gratitude or appreciation is inherently involved in bringing coherence, integration, and transformation to the soul and the human instrument (the ego-personality). Both WingMakers and Event Temples have this same goal, they just approach it in different ways. WingMakers encompasses a wide spectrum of activation resources through the various sensory data streams, while Event Temples is very focused on activating the heart in service to humankind.

The former appeals to individuals attracted to the discovery process, while the latter appeals to individuals who feel a strong desire to serve others through group cooperation via meditation. These two elements are not mutually exclusive, but simply point to the outward appearances and purposes of the two websites. As we are beginning to see, however, there is a strong underlying common purpose and mission for these two sites (as well as Lyricus.org), which is all about integration, psycho-coherence, and ultimately transformation to the Sovereign Integral level of living.


The Music Document

The next Lyricus document concerns the WingMakers music. (Recall that the Lyricus website antedates the Event Temples site, so no documents exist at the Lyricus site that directly reference Event Temples documents. This could easily change if the Lyricus site is updated with further documentation.)

James, the creator and translator of all these resources, has said that many of the WingMakers music tracks are encoded with vibrational frequencies beyond the range of our hearing. These passages are designed to enhance the integration of the human instrument and the soul. Recently, James released a few more hints about this encoding technique. Of interest to us is the fact that the music track for EVT Session 2, “Flow in Compassion,” contains this encoding also. This is another connection between the resources at WingMakers and those at Event Temples. In the following passage, James is referring to the music track at Event Temples entitled “Flow in Compassion.”

In most of my compositions I create these inner chambers where the higher-frequency melodies can be heard, and these melodies, as innocent as they may seem, are the ones that open the heart, revealing its intuitive intelligence in ways that only sound can. The inner chamber lasts two and one-half minutes. For those of you who are planning to participate in the EventTemples sessions, I suggest that you listen to this composition and practice the flow of compassion as it will activate, stimulate, accelerate and sustain the potency of your transmission of heart energetics.

Here we have James referring to a piece of music directly related to the meditation for EVT Session 2 at Event Temples. Yet, at the same time, James is telling us that he has placed these “inner chambers” in many of his other compositions. Thus, this particular activation resource can be found at WingMakers and at Event Temples—another commonality between the two sites.

The music document at Lyricus.org explains:

The music can be experienced as an entity that is capable of shifting inside your energetic body and activating certain frequencies of your energy centers—particularly your heart and what is sometimes referred to as your third brain.

The entity that is encoded within the music is not composed of material frequency, but is purely energetic—produced like an acoustic soulprint that is transferred from soul to thought to music to distribution platform, and it operates at a collective level within the listening “body” of the individuated consciousness.

Here James is speaking of the Grand Portal music that plays in the background of the Lyricus website itself. But, this same type of encoding is present in most of his other music as well, including the aforementioned Flow in Compassion music at Event Temples. So we discover that all three websites contain music that is encoded.

This document concludes with a statement that pulls together the musical activation resources from WingMakers and Event Temples. Even though the following quotation is speaking specifically about the Lyricus Grand Portal music, it is safe to assume that it applies to all the coded musical passages or “inner chambers.”

This music and the “entity” that it contains, is focused on the electromagnetic fields of the CNS [central nervous system] and how this physical manifestation of the energetic grid that constitutes the soul carrier [human instrument] can be enhanced to conduct greater energy from the host soul consciousness thereby increasing its fusion with the material life of the soul carrier. [My emphasis.]


The Outward Disclosures of Lyricus

As the Internet becomes more powerful it can deliver more sophisticated content, such as video and interactive web pages. This is important in the context of the LTO’s mission as we will see in the following passages.

Generally, these teachings will be brought forward in several “impressions”. The first is the announcement that formalizes its arrival and is observable to the greater network of workers who are involved—no matter how significantly—in the discovery of the Grand Portal.

This first “impression” is the WingMakers website, which appeared in late 1998, and became active in early 2001 (the real beginning of the 21st century). Note the final sentence in the extract above, which implies that many of those drawn to the WingMakers site are somehow involved with the future discovery of the Grand Portal (circa 2080). No matter how small a role individuals will play in this discovery it is significant that they have found the WingMakers website. This has implications for these individuals’ future incarnations later in this century. As pointed out earlier, event strings are instrumental in drawing souls to their roles in the Grand Portal discovery. As a short example, think about the events or situations that brought you to the point of reading this paper. What event strings led you to consider the information and teachings provided by Lyricus at this time in human history?

Although there are four impressions of Lyricus given in the ELC document, I will only cover the second one, leaving three and four for you to read separately. That being said here is the second impression.

The second impression of the teachings is made available to select students who have been identified as architects of the Grand Portal discovery. These teachings are increasingly esoteric in nature and are exclusively relevant to the new science of multidimensional realities that will act as the foundation stone for the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The activation resources are initially muted because the immaturity of the media and communications network reduces the data stream and its activation influence. As the network evolves and more data can be embedded, the activation resources become more potent.

The first paragraph is, in my opinion, a direct reference to Event Temples. The Event Temples site is completely dedicated to developing a dedicated group of students who are willing to work at the meditations and other exercises offered at the site in order to increase the integration between the human instrument and the soul. As already mentioned in part, these activation resources include meditations, visualizations, and practicing the use of the six heart virtues in one’s everyday life.

You may be asking how students are selected. The LTO does not select students, but rather students select themselves. The self-selection process is governed by each individual’s dedication and interest in this particular type of spiritual activity. I am sure many visitors to the three Lyricus websites have varying reactions from complete disbelief to a heartfelt sense that these materials are exactly what they have been searching for. This latter group are students of Lyricus’ mission to shepherd the human race to the Grand Portal discovery of the human soul.

Event Temples.org is still in relative infancy and will probably be developed into a powerful cyber-school for training individuals in the coming science of “multi-dimensional realities that will act as the foundation stone for the discovery of the Grand Portal.”

At this stage, however, it is pure speculation on my part as to how far the Event Temples site will evolve in this training process and it is quite possible that other websites will eventually be implemented for more advanced training. The second paragraph emphasizes this by pointing out that at the beginning of the release of the LTO knowledge system, the activation resources are “muted” due to the relative immaturity of the Internet. But, as the technologies become more powerful and sophisticated the activation resources of Lyricus can be implemented accordingly. All this lies in the future, however, and it is best not to speculate too much because this is uncharted territory for all of us.

The Event Temple meditations available as of this writing serve two purposes. The first is to train individuals in practices aimed at soul-personality integration. The second purpose is the creation of what James calls a quantum community of service by which the community can transmit heart virtues to people, places, and situations in need of emotional support. The term “quantum” refers to subtle energies, many of which are generally not recognized by mainstream science. There are many hints in James’ writings that these subtle energies will soon be discovered and play a key role in the science of multi-dimensional realities.


The Presence of Soul

The following extracts, although quite technical, are being offered as descriptions of the effects of the activation resources that are present at WingMakers and Event Temples. Space does not allow going into the details relative to the relationship between the master templates, Underivative Information Structures (UIS) , and the DNA, but more information about these elements can be found on pp. 8-9, Templates of Life in ELC.

As the soul consciousness enters the soul carrier with greater vibratory force and integration, it vibrationally alters the soul carrier. It does this generally in three distinct ways:

The energy centers of the soul carrier (sometimes referred to as chakras) are the conduits of UIS energy to the soul carrier—at all levels—physically, emotionally, and mentally. This increase in UIS energy vibrationally shifts the soul carrier, causing it to have greater access to the consciousness of soul.

As the frequency of soul is accessed, the soul carrier gains an appreciation and growing realization that it is the carrier wave expression of a God-Fragment interacting with the worlds of linear time, crystallized matter, and three-dimensional space. This new perception portends a transformative identity and value shift.

The DNA molecule is both an antenna that attunes to UIS and the master template, as well as a transmitter of its transformations that are a result of its further intimate contact with the soul consciousness. This transmission is a vibrational frequency that is communicable to the DNA molecules of all others within the species, even affecting related species. The soul is attuned to UIS and operates therein because this is the vibratory field that is native to its essence. As a greater percentage of the species embody their soul consciousness, it becomes easier for the remaining members to do so as well.

In summation, these three points, as the soul-personality integration proceeds, the individual senses itself as the “carrier wave expression of the God-Fragment” in time and space. This is important because as individuals integrate, they affect others through DNA transmission, as well as through being living examples of psycho-coherence and Sovereign Integral expression.


Developmental Shifts

There are four developmental shifts listed in ELC. These shifts involve the physical dimension, the emotional, the mental, and the genetic mind. For the purpose of this paper, we will focus on the second developmental shift, that of the emotional level. Here is the relevant passage.

An emotional shift is expressed in the movement of the species to more effectively manage their emotional center (heart) at an energetic, non-physical level, enabling a higher bandwidth connection between the heart and brain centers. This heart-brain connection aligns the energetic centers of the soul carrier to accept a more intense awakening of the intuitive powers innately present in the genetic mind of the species.

Perhaps, of all the extracts we have considered relative to the activation resources, this one is most directly related to the materials at Event Temples. Again, we discover a direct link—a well-developed plan of action—for bringing about a “higher bandwidth connection” between the heart and brain centers.

As pointed out earlier in this paper, similar activation resources were published in 2001 in the Philosophy Four paper, “Beliefs and Their Energy Systems.” For the sake of clarity, I reiterate the exercises published in that paper, which deal with creating a closer integration between the soul, the emotions (heart), mind, and physical body—in other words, between the soul and the human instrument.

Mind-Body Movement Techniques

Mind-Soul Comprehension Techniques

Emotion-Soul Acquisition Techniques

Thus we see that there is a clear progression to the information released by Lyricus along with increasingly sophisticated activation resources (as Internet technology allows) through these past seven years.

The techniques of philosophy four, Beliefs and Their Energy Systems, 2001.

Information about activation resources, along with their descriptions and effects on the individual, 2004.

EventTemples website with specific EVT meditation sessions (activation resources), 2007.

Before moving to the next Lyricus document it should be mentioned that all the developmental shifts are important and it is only logical that the mental aspect of the heart-mind system will be focused upon when a firm foundation of practice is established with the energetic or quantum heart.

The coming dimensional shift of the 2012 timeframe may also induce some practitioners of the heart-mind techniques to access the higher levels of the genetic mind, the repository of humanity’s knowledge and wisdom.


Lyricus Discourses Documents

The Lyricus Discourses are instructional writings of the LTO. They are written in a Student/Teacher dialogue format. Supposedly, there are many of these discourses, and to date, six discourses have been published.

The first four Lyricus Discourses were published in 2001 and these contained little in the way of activation resources or exercises for developing a closer soul-personality integration.

In 2004, two more discourses were released and these two marked a clear difference from the previous four, in that these two contained specific exercises for developing a closer link between the soul and personality.

Discourse Five is entitled, “The Interface Zone” and the meditation process it teaches involves the psychological “space” that interfaces the lower (personality) self and the Higher Self. The Higher Self is group consciousness, which means that all souls can be experienced as a collective entity. So, having said that, we find the following passage in Discourse Five.

The Interface Zone is the access point to activating the group consciousness of humanity. If humanity can operate as a collective consciousness, while its members remain anchored in the fullness of their individuality, humanity will be able to rebalance the earth and operate as co-creators of a new earth with influence that would extend to galactic levels.

As the earth approaches the dimensional shift, it will be very important to reduce the stress that is being experienced by the planetary population. (It should also be pointed out that this stress will become more intense as 2012 approaches.) This exercise is therefore linked to the EVT meditation sessions and training being offered at Event Temples. Again, the general purpose of the Event Temples site is to alleviate the emotional stress and suffering of humanity throughout the world by transmitting spiritual light, compassion and the other five virtues.

Now as an illustration of the planned progress of these teachings I have searched out the use of the word “heart” or “hearts” in the discourses. Following are the results.

LD 1, Experiencing the Wholeness Navigator, 2001, heart appears 1 time.

LD 2, Calling Forth the Wholeness Navigator, 2001, heart appears 0 times.

LD 3, The Nature of Knowledge, 2001, heart appears 0 times.

LD 4, Universe Relationship, 2001-02, heart appears 3 times.

LD 5, The Interface Zone, 2004, heart appears 5 times.

LD 6, Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence, 2004, heart appears 70 times.

It is quite obvious from this list that the final discourse is focused on the heart. The heart is the portal to intuitive intelligence. The five instances of the heart in LD 5 are used in tandem with the heart-body system. Emphasis is placed on connecting to the collective consciousness of humanity and thus gaining access to the genetic mind. This process involves the connection between the energetic heart and physical body (DNA and central nervous system).

Event Temples, as stated at least one time already, is aimed at creating a quantum community, a collective consciousness of individuals linked through the heart-mind-soul system. In light of this, consider the following quote from LD 5.

The Interface Zone is the connecting bridge between you and the species. What you desire is to connect, not isolate. To step forward into the group consciousness, not judge its imperfection. To offer your talents to this consolidated being, not the God of your image.

I believe this extract clearly communicates the connection between this Lyricus Discourse and one of the chief goals of Event Temples. (I highly recommend studying all the discourses, even though discourses 5 and 6 relate more directly to the material at Event Temples. It should be noted here that James recommends reading all six discourses each month for one year. Doing so is an activation resource in and of itself.)

As a brief supplement, consider the following quotations from LD 6, which reinforce the information found at Event Temples.

The heart is dimensional and multi-faceted. It expresses emotional currents; regulates physiological functions; activates certain brain chemistry; communicates throughout the body and mind; receives precognitive impressions from your future environments; and connects you to all other states of being.

The heart is also the gateway to the compassion frequency of love—the purest force of the multiverse.

Later in this discourse the teacher explains to the student that the heart contains a record of one’s entire emotional history. The teacher then gives the student an exercise of forgiveness (one of the six heart virtues) of oneself so that clearing these guilty feelings can be facilitated. The teacher next explains the importance of visualization and imagination.

Student: And by performing this technique I can begin to clear the “clouds” of my emotional history?

Teacher: Yes, but visualization and imagination are vital elements of this process. Again, I want to stress that this is a process that requires a consistent practice for a period of time—typically thirty days or more.

Student: Why are visualization and imagination so important to this process?

Teacher: They engage the heart’s core intelligence and the brain’s receptivity is the result.

Student: You’re saying that the brain interprets the heart’s signals based on their… clarity?

Teacher: The higher brain is designed to “read” the heart’s signals based on how well defined they are in terms of their visual energy and emotional authenticity….

Student: So the heart and brain are partners, but ultimately the brain decides whether to act on the signal… or the directives from the heart?

Teacher: Just as the physical heart has an energetic or quantum counterpart, so does the brain. These two organs and their peripheral systems—at both the physical and
quantum levels—are completely integrated, in a manner which science is only now beginning to understand.

It is not that the heart transmits an order to the brain, and the brain, detecting the potency of the directive elects to act on it or not. The heart and brain are a unified system that cycles and recycles energy, information, and intelligence within the human instrument. This system operates with greater effectiveness, in terms of expressing its innate intelligence in three-dimensional environments, when it is entrained to the core heart energy of compassion and understanding.

My reason for inserting these particular passages is to bring us back to the heart-mind (brain) interchange between the WingMakers and EventTemples websites. I believe that as time progresses closer connections between these two will become more obvious. But for now we can gain an outline of their appeal. WingMakers uses the heart energy of imagination and visualization (through the music, paintings, poetry, and symbols) to engage the heart and begin to build a bridge to the mind-brain. This bridge takes the form of a developing metaphysical/cosmological worldview that is generated in the mind.

On the other hand, Event Temples uses the other half of the heart-mind system and begins (through the Living from the Heart paper) with an appeal to the mind and reason. The mental approach is used as a bridge for explaining, almost scientifically, the importance of the heart for emotional stability and the enhancement of the imagination and visualization.

These two components are woven into the meditation sessions and are of the heart and soul, while utilizing the concentrative power of the mind and brain in order to stay focused on energy transmission.

Again, there is much more to LD 6, but I believe I have offered enough here to spur you to study this discourse more closely.

Relationship of Lyricus to Human Species, FAQs 1 Document

In these final two sections I an offering quotations from the frequently asked questions that pertain to the connection between the three Lyricus websites.

Q and A 2. What is the process that Lyricus goes through to help a species in its evolutionary progression?

The Grand Portal is the capstone event that a soul carrier species is designed to achieve as a collective species while occupying its home planet. If you distill the purpose of an individuated soul species to its basic goal, it is to transform or activate its soul carrier in order to access the soul consciousness of the individual, collective, and First Origin sources.

Q and A 6. What is the Grand Portal?

There are multiple events that typically converge within a close proximity of time in order to prepare the species for this discovery.

The knowledge system and the encoded data streams of Lyricus are translated and made available on the planetary communications network.

The goal of achieving the Grand Portal is articulated and distributed to resonant groups of soul carriers who provide a stable collective consciousness.

The encoded sensory data streams are now being provided on the Internet through Wingmakers.com and Eventtemples.org.

The last quotation is particularly evident at Event Temples. There we see the beginnings of the articulation and distribution of the heart-mind-soul knowledge system to a resonant group (self-selected students) who are being encouraged and trained to form a “stable collective consciousness” (quantum community).


Lyricus Teachers and Methodologies, FAQs 2 Document

Q and A 7. If Lyricus focuses on the species, and not the individual, what is it really teaching that is useful to the individual?

As it pertains to the individual, Lyricus provides encoded sensory datastreams that are very potent catalysts to shift the energetic or sub-quantum body so that it can fuse more intricately with the soul carrier and, in a sense, lend its character and understanding to the soul carrier….

Lyricus is focused on assembling and coordinating select individuals who are involved in the discovery, applications, and propagation of the GrandPortal….

Lyricus achieves this assemblage and coordination through the following methods:

Meeting with select individuals and catalyzing their inquiries into the ongoing evolutionary pathways of science, culture, government, and religion that will enable the species to migrate in the direction of the Grand Portal discovery.

Activation of the higher centers of consciousness by exposure to the encoded data sensory streams of Lyricus and WingMakers.

Providing access to the Lyricus knowledge system in the dream state.

Providing an external interface within the species through the global communications network.

Protecting and defending the knowledge system as it becomes increasingly powerful in its ability to reveal the illusory nature of the MEST universe (Matter, Energy, Space and Time).

It is not only those who make the discovery that are important to this process; it is the larger web of influences and connections of everyday people who make this watershed discovery of the Grand Portal a reality for the species. And those who are involved in its discovery—regardless of the import of their contribution—are those who are most intimately engaged and aligned with the broader and most vital objectives of the species and planet.

I have kept this quotation largely intact in order to show the breadth of the Grand Portal discovery process. What specifically pertains to this paper is that encoded sensory data streams are provided on the Internet via the Lyricus websites that enable a gradual and steady integration between the soul and the human instrument (soul carrier).

Relative to the five points, numbers two and four relate directly to the Lyricus websites once again.

Q and A 8. Is there a specific philosophical system that underlies Lyricus’ teachings?

That which is offered by Lyricus through its outermost educational programs may seem like a philosophical system, or at least resonant with existing belief systems, but it is actually designed as a catalyst and activator of the higher elements of consciousness. This is done through the encoding of the words, music, art, symbols, and the intricate manner in which they interact.

Q and A 9. How do the teachers of Lyricus that are incarnated amongst humanity

Generally, as the species approaches the cusp of the Grand Portal discovery, the leader of the cultural quarter of power establishes the initial external facet of the knowledge system on the global communications network. This is done in the context of mythology or experimental project, and it demonstrates that the knowledge system being imported is resonant with the contemporary belief systems, but is not confined to words.

We can say with some degree of accuracy that the WingMakers website utilizes mythology, while the Event Temples website is an experimental project.

The primary purpose of this initial facet of the knowledge system is to bring encoded sensory data streams to the species that can help individuals shift their consciousness from an individual, planetary-based set of objectives, to a more cosmologically-based set of objectives for the species as a whole—namely the discovery of the Grand Portal. This is generally done without too much definition given to Lyricus.

This is obvious by the fact that WingMakers.com appeared in two phases, extending from November 23, 1998 to roughly February 2001. Whereas, the Lyricus website did not appear until December 31, 2003.

The second facet of the knowledge system emerges as Lyricus members begin meeting physically with influential members of the quarters of power for the purpose of propagating the knowledge system of the Tributary Zone to the species at large. This is conducted through person-to-person meetings to ensure that the knowledge is transferred without identification to Lyricus, and that it is targeting individuals who are prepared to receive it.

No other information is available about this facet of the Lyricus activity and does not appear to be directly related to the Lyricus websites.

The third facet of the knowledge system is to introduce Lyricus more definitively to the species so that those interested and involved in the Grand Portal process can more fully understand its purpose and motivation. The Lyricus.org website is the primary outgrowth of this objective.

It’s reasonable to assume that this third facet refers to the three Lyricus websites.

Q and A 11.Is there any value in the Lyricus works for those individuals who are not scientists or spiritual leaders, and are not living at the time when the Grand Portal is discovered?

Anyone who is drawn to the Lyricus or WingMakers materials resonates with some element of the work. This in itself is representative of their state of preparation. Those individuals who are early in the recognition of this resonance may not be living in the same body when the Grand Portal is discovered, but through the system of reincarnation they can revisit the work in a greater capacity at a later time.

From this passage we learn that the websites themselves are a kind of seed energy that can grow into a greater participation in the discovery of the human soul or Grand Portal. And it doesn’t really matter whether one is a scientist or a spiritual leader.

Further, this passage is quite interesting because it reveals the extent of the Grand Portal discovery process—for even those individuals who are drawn to the websites (which now include Event Temples) and are interested in the Grand Portal at this early stage, will still have the opportunity to play some role in it during an incarnation later in this century.

Regarding the value to the individual. If anyone is involved in the study of these materials for their own sake and not the sake of the greater humanity, they are missing the point of these teachings and their import. The study of the spiritual domain is the study of selflessness and the expression of soul in the soul carrier for the benefit of all. If there is any other motivation, it will obscure the preparatory phase of the individual and diminish their ability to contribute to the deeper energetics of the master event string.

This final extract is a cautionary note. At the time when the Lyricus website materials were published (late 2003-early 2004) the only websites available were Wingmakers.com and Lyricus.org. These two sites are not explicitly concerned with selfless spiritual service, but if they are studied in depth and individuals are interested enough to put some effort into understanding them as completely as possible, they will realize that both sites are appealing to the spiritual dimension of every individual, as well as the well-being of the planet.

Event Temples is explicitly service-oriented. As said earlier, just as the WingMakers site covers a wide spectrum of topics and resources, Event Temples is focused on selfless service toward humanity and the earth through meditation.

There is an enormous amount of information at WingMakers.com and all the materials must be explored to begin to grasp the spiritual dimensions of the site. If one only focuses on the novel (and the supplemental Neruda interviews) one may come away with a feeling that WingMakers is all about government conspiracies, cover-ups, aliens, and time travel. Although there is some truth to these factors, the underlying message of the novel is that humankind cannot save itself through external means alone. Science and technology by themselves are not the answers to life’s meaning and our survival. We must turn our attention to the spiritual underpinnings of our humanity. The end of the WingMakers novel, The Ancient Arrow Project makes this clear.

Culture building is the primary focus of the WingMakers because it is understood to have such a significant bearing on the world of spirit and cosmological transformation. Culture building, by definition, integrates the values of individualism with the value of oneness. It is the goal of life, as it is related to a species, to evolve itself where it can be conscious of its diverse perceptions and expressions, and integrate them into a cohesive, all-inclusive culture.

Humankind deeply desires such a culture; a global culture that recognizes and appreciates the rights of its constituent parts. This is one of the primary reasons that communication technologies will evolve so quickly upon Earth in the 20th century. Through these technologies, the global culture will be more rapidly developed and experienced. And through this global culture, humankind will become increasingly sensitive to the spiritual inclinations of oneness. Not only oneness within the human species, but within the whole of life that embraces and envelops the human species, which extends into our world—the foundation of the universe.



I hope the many passages cited from the Lyricus documents make clear that all three websites are connected through the common ground of humanity’s spiritual evolution. The materials state in various places that humankind is genetically programmed to evolve spiritually—all we require is activation. The first ten years of the LTO’s activity clearly illustrates a plan for activation designed to guide us to the Grand Portal discovery.

Activation resources (religion in general, yoga, meditation, hermeticism, the Western mystery traditions, etc.) have been available on our planet for more than 5,000 years, but many of these spiritual tools are outdated within the context of today’s rapidly growing planetary culture and technology.

Lyricus has stepped forward at this time to introduce new activation resources that are more in line with modern humanity. Lyricus is not the only spiritual group that will aid us at this time, but it is one of the organizations leading the way.

Wingmakers.com is an exploratory website. The site begs for exploration and appeals to the imagination and vision of a new way to view the world and the universe. Through its appeal to our imaginative faculty it touches the heart, and the heart, in turn, touches the soul. When the heart and soul are set aflame, new ideas can take root in the mind and grow into a new worldview. Thus, the heart, the soul, and the mind are integrated through mythology and imagination.

Event Temples is designed for those individuals who feel a need to band together as a community for sending love to the world. Interestingly, the basis of performing this planetary service is grounded in a scientific, and, by default, a mental approach to the heart and the soul. In this sense, the outer, surface connections between WingMakers and Event Temples seem remote indeed.

As this study has pointed out, however, we must delve below the outer appearances and uncover the underlying treasure buried beneath. The Lyricus website contains valuable information that clarifies the connections. The information revealed these past ten years consists of activation resources that stimulate the integration of soul and personality.

WingMakers performs this task implicitly through the words, images, music, and symbolism on the site itself. Event Temples performs the same task explicitly through a scientific explanation of the prime importance of the heart as an individual portal to the soul and to the spirit that connects all things.

So, if you feel a desire to realize a deeper understanding of the Lyricus materials, I urge you to treat this paper as a launching point for your own study and exploration of these three stimulating and informative websites. We can only imagine what Lyricus will reveal to us during the next ten years.


The end.