Chamber Three – The Blueprint of Exploration

Chamber Three – The Blueprint of Exploration

First Source created a blueprint of exploration to redefine itself and beget purpose to the multiverse and all existence therein. The purpose of this system is to explore the worlds of creation and evolve the ability of the individuated consciousness to acquire and express wisdom. Each individuated consciousness is a fragment of the beautiful mosaic that depicts the personage of First Source. The blueprint of exploration organizes these disparate fragments and adjoins them in their proper place to restore the wholeness of First Source—reconfigured to achieve the creation, inhabitation, and transformation of yet another universe.

Throughout the cosmos there is life—the expression of First Source in individuated form. These are the divine fragments that are always in the process of separating to experience individual expression of self, and congealing to experience universal expression of First Source. We are born from the very womb of the cosmos, and it is here that all will return in time. It matters not when or how. It only matters why.

The distance of this womb from your earth is near infinite, and yet, so close that it would make your heart quiver if you knew the reach of your imagination. In the very beginning of your existence, as a formless consciousness, you chose to experience individual expression and separate from your Source. And when you chose the three-dimensional world as your platform of experience, you embarked into the world of time in which you would encounter every conceivable obstacle and challenge to your restoration of oneness with your Creator.

This blueprint of exploration is the underlying foundation of the cosmos and it consists of five basic stages of experience as it relates to the individual consciousness.


I. The Creation of the Entity Consciousness.

From out of the spirit-essence of Source Intelligence, flowing from First Source, each of you is born. As particles of light leavened by Source Intelligence to arise and secure individual consciousness, you are born an immortal entity that shares the essence of First Source in non-time and non-space. This is the Entity consciousness that is imbued with the Wholeness Navigator that permits the Entity to separate from First Source into individuality, but remain guided by Source Intelligence.

The entity is the highest state of consciousness, dwelling in a state of total awareness of all lesser instruments or bodies, which feed it experience and insight. The entity consciousness is the infallible observer of experience and synthesizer of insight. In all respects, it is a miniature of First Source, lacking only the experiential relationship with time and space that develops its sense of empowerment to act independently of First Source.

It is precisely this sense of independence that the birth of the entity begets. It is the central part of the blueprint of exploration because without this sense of independence, exploration of the cosmos and its various fields of vibration would be limited to the perception of First Source, peering through the lens of Source Intelligence. By definition it is a single dimensional perception, and therefore, an incomplete exploration. First Source decreed this exploration as a result of its creation of the multiverse, and when it was created, First Source summoned itself in the form of light particles and cast these particles into separation.

The first of these creations was bestowed an individual identity through the use of a physical instrument known as a light body. The density of this body was sufficient to block the separated particles from First Source’s dominant reality. In doing so, the particles became autonomous explorers and quickly populated the innermost realms of the Universe of Wholeness. However, they never ventured into the outer realms of creation where the density of vibration decelerated time to such an extent that exploration in bodies was impossible, owing to the great distance.

These initial entities understood that their existence held a very specific purpose, which was to construct a vehicle for the newly created entity consciousness to inhabit so the individuated spirit-form could enter the most remote sections of the multiverse and explore, experience, and learn from them. This would be similar to constructing a deep-sea diving suit that permits a diver to explore the sea bottom. First Source, working through Source Intelligence, could perceive the outermost realms of creation, but it was unable to experience them and, therefore, acquire wisdom about the very things First Source created.

WingMakers were the first creations that housed the entity consciousness. We are the architects and designers of the human instrument in all its various forms throughout the multiverse. The human species is not unique in the multiverse. There are many variations on other planets within your known universe. Nearly all of you have experience in these other realms of the universe, but you are not able to translate these experiences to your conscious mind. Even so, as First Source birthed the entity consciousness, the WingMakers created the instruments of exploration that enabled this newly formed consciousness to explore the dense vibratory realms of the outermost creation.

Because the vibratory rate of the physical universe is decelerated to such an extent that particles solidify into clusters of objects, time decelerates into sequential frames of perception, allowing the entity consciousness to explore multiple worlds simultaneously. This enables one entity to explore hundreds, if not thousands, of worlds in a single frame of time. This creates the perception—albeit dimly felt by most of you—that you have lived before and that you will live again.

In reality, if you are within a human instrument, you are an immortal light consciousness gathered from the same substance as First Source. You were born of this substance, and you will never die from it. It is not possible to discard or revoke this most pure of vibrations that is your core identity. Deep inside of you there is no doubt of this truth. There is only the question of why you were individuated.


The Individual of Time and Genetic Density

The entity is driven by its very nature to explore creation. This is the core identity of First Source, and it was bestowed upon all of its creations like a genetic trait is passed from a parent to its child. This primal instinct instructs the entity to submerge into the realms of creation for the purposes of exploration, without the attendant anticipation of achievement or conquest.

This form of exploration is not simply to discover new geographies or physical states of existence. More importantly, it is to discover new emotional states of perception that enhances the collective wisdom of First Source. Exploration begets wisdom. This is the practical perspective of the entity consciousness, and it is precisely this innate quality that compels the entity to descend into time and density.

The entity consciousness is aware of its connection to First Source through Source Intelligence. It is also aware of the opportunity to take its pure-state vibration into other dimensions of time and space through the instruments that have been created by the WingMakers. Through these instruments, or bodies, as you might think of them, the entity can explore decelerated vibratory states like your planet.

When the entity takes on the light body, it is still essentially formless. Its identity, while separate from First Source, is not separate from other entities within the light body. Thus, it is not yet cast into individuality. This stage occurs only when the light body moves into an instrument of genetic density. What your scientists call DNA is the instrument created by the WingMakers that permits the light body to explore the multiverse and acquire the individuated state of separation from First Source and its particles of light consciousness that we call the entity.


The Blueprint of Exploration

The vast conditions of creaturehood beckon the light body to don an instrument and follow its instincts to explore. The moment this is done, the entity becomes aware of itself as an individual. However, this individuality is not overwhelming, nor is it feared. It is simply a new sense of independence; the microcosm of self-learning begins to bloom.

Contrary to your religious instructions, there is no accompanying punishment that follows the state of independence. The entity is not punished for its choice of explorations, otherwise the state of independence would be impossible to achieve. It is only through this state of independence or freewill that the entity can achieve a unique perspective. If the boundaries were prescribed too narrowly, and the entity was punished or allowed to accumulate sin each time it strayed, it would become more of an automaton than an explorer.

Without authentic exploration within the worlds of creation, the value of the experience for both the entity and First Source is greatly diminished. Just as a newborn human expresses its energy in the awkward movements of its limbs, the new entity expresses its energy in the awkward decisions of its exploratory path. These decisions include every conceivable movement into darkness that can be imagined, and it is because of this that the entity develops its uniqueness.


The Acquisition of Experience through Separation

When the entity becomes unique, it can acquire experience and insight that is unique. And this is the precious cargo that the entity was designed to transmit to First Source. Individuality and independence were the gifts bestowed to the entity, and unique insight was the gift returned. This is how the multiverse is designed, and the blueprint of exploration is indifferent to the nature of the instrument, its outward appearance, its usefulness to a given species, or its contributions to the world from which it was born. The only objective worth expressing is that the entity secured for itself, and provided to First Source, a unique perspective during its sojourn into time and genetic density.

When the entity functions within a human instrument it remains attuned to First Source, but the mind learns to identify with its instrument of exploration, and seldom achieves a sustainable impression of the entity’s pure-state vibration. However, this vibration is always remembered by the entity consciousness and expressed within the three-dimensional realm through the sense of equality and shared purpose that all entities possess.

The human instrument, when it is donned by the entity, becomes a dominant reality in which the entity’s observational stage is cast. It is very similar to a pilot who enters a plane and begins to fixate on the control panels. The entity can operate effectively within a wide range of one to approximately one thousand dominant realities—each occurring in sequential time simultaneously. As a consequence, the entity is able to both accelerate and balance its learning across a broad range of experiential platforms.

We understand that the concept of simultaneous experiential learning platforms is a concept that pulls against every three-dimensional fiber in your bodies and minds, but it is the true way in which you were designed. WingMakers have produced not less than one hundred thousand variations of the human instrument—all structured around the same DNA template and each scattered across the seven physical universes of our multiverse. When you read these words, you are operating in tens, if not hundreds, of simultaneous realities throughout the multiverse, but only the entity is able to perceive these realities.

When the entity moves into independence, it initially operates in one dominant reality and gradually becomes adept at processing multiple data streams from multiple instruments. Remember that the entity is first and foremost within a light body, and that this light body is without structure, as you know it. It is both a point fixed in time and space, and a consciousness that is omnipresent. The human instrument was designed to have an aperture that focuses this omnipresent consciousness into multiple channels of perception, but at the same time limit the perception of the human instrument to one dominant reality.

This was done by necessity because the mind, emotions, and body cannot withstand the aggregate experience of multiple instruments. It overloads the system and causes the human instrument to break down and ultimately collapse. It also makes the delicate connection between the entity awareness and the mind and emotions more clouded. Even with this accounted for, the subconscious realms enable these currents of simultaneity to disperse and provide a cleansing space for the mind and emotions.

The entity is like a beam of white light, and as it passes into the genetic density of the human instrument, it separates into a broad spectrum of experience. Owing to the genetic structures into which the entity’s light energy passes, it accumulates unique perspective that is shaped into an emotional wisdom that can be transmitted to First Source and to the species at large.


The Ascending Spiral to the True Wisdom

The entity’s sojourns within the physical realms of the multiverse are vast as measured by time and space. They comprise, in most cases, an aggregate of tens of thousands of years, and each of these years produce an effect on the entity. These messages of time shape them into new forms. And these forms emerge as exemplars of what is to be in the distant future. These are the Sovereign Integrals spoken of in our previous discourses.

These beings are able to look upon their experience in all forms, places, and time, and integrate the total experience into an expression that is imported to the human species. It is the pinnacle of testimony, and it seldom occurs in a species until it has defined its true wisdom.

You rightfully claim wisdom in your religious books, scientific journals, and philosophical discourses, but this is not your true wisdom as it pertains to your species. The difference is simple; your true wisdom will not divide your species. It will unite it. And it will not be unification through love and emotions; it will be through a shared connection to the rightful meaning of the multiverse because this is the only lens that, when focused, resolves your place as a species.

Are we saying that science will lead you to this true wisdom? No, we are telling you that there will be a handful of your species that will step forward as Sovereign Integrals with a balanced scientific and philosophical nature, and they will have the benefit of an educated species that will listen to the inconvertible evidence.

Even First Source cannot bring a species to its true wisdom. The leaders of the species must achieve it through organic, self-inventive methods. First Source, through its original blueprint of exploration, enabled the humanoid species the ability and means to acquire this knowledge itself. If the true wisdom were brought to the species from outside itself, it would be inherently mistrusted and it would not be sufficiently compelling to unite the species.

There are numerous revelations that have been brought to your species through non-physical entities in the form of what you term, channeled information. Even parts of your Holy books are channeled. However, these writings were for the few. They did not contain the true wisdom—they only hinted at the shadow it casts. The Sovereign Integrals will emerge like beacons for your species, and elevate the mental and emotional perceptions of the entire species.

When one Sovereign Integral emerges, it will, by the catalytic forces of its own entity consciousness, cause another to arise, and another, and another, and it will cascade from one to one thousand in a single generation. From this one thousand, will arise one million in the next generation, and from this one million the entire population will arise, imbued with this insight gained from the portal into the multiverse. And from this portal will arise the organization of the true wisdom into a form that will endure against all attacks.

This is the grand unification of the species around the new, non-hierarchical structures that enable the experience of the true wisdom to the newborn of its species in order to perpetuate the unification of the species. Within six generations, the genetic mind of the species is stable and then becomes a powerful tool of exploration that the species will come to understand as its “spaceship” into the multiverse.

The human species of your planet will become the teachers who channel the shadowy outline of the true wisdom to a new species that is, even now, unconsciously awaiting your arrival. The process is carried out over and over, always with variations and anomalies that spark deeper insights and pathways into the Central Universe from which First Source has its being. It is the most powerful of all gravity fields, and ultimately leads a species and its individuated entities to its periphery from which we, the WingMakers, reside as your future selves.


The Onward Journey of Developing Creation

The entity is viewed in the universe of time and space as an evolving particle of exploration commissioned by First Source to explore, populate, develop, and transform the outposts of creations into enclaves of Source Intelligence. When the entity is viewed in the dimensions of non-time and non-space—its natural habitat—it appears as an immortal facet of First Source that has been individuated, but when viewed in the three-dimensional environment of genetic density, it appears as a temporal facet of its species.

The species—in this case, the human species—evolves in time as the elder race that guides a developing race in the formation of its metaphysical and scientific foundations. They become the culture-builders of a new species. The evolution of a species stretches from its origins in the Central Universe as a unified genetic model fit to explore the multiverse, to a fragmentation of the species into biologic diversity, to its re-unification through culture and technology, to its ascension as a non-physical unified Genetic Mind, to its application of this Genetic Mind as a means to explore the outer reaches of the cosmos and help guide a developing species, and to the merging of this Genetic Mind with the Genetic Mind of its ancestral race.

Your scientists have defined the evolution of the species on a scale that is only the equivalent of a tiny splinter of wood in a vast forest of time and space. The evolution of the human species through the “forest” of time and space is an exceedingly dense process, consisting of innumerable levels of progress that ultimately enables the Genetic Mind of the species to blend harmoniously with First Source.

What fuels this process is the genetically endowed drive of the entity to explore the worlds of creation, and to ultimately acquire the necessary wisdom and compassion to lead a younger species to its true wisdom. You may wonder why this process seems so convoluted and fraught with missteps and mistakes. We tell you that the process is not what it seems. The Genetic Mind of the elder race that is working with your species on terra-earth operates in a window of time more comprehensive and inclusive than you can imagine.

The gateway into your future is through the completion of this blueprint, and this blueprint is encoded deep within your species. At your root, you are not an immortal psychic impression, or mental echo, but rather, you are the faultless triune of First Source, Source Intelligence and the sovereign entity, colliding in a dance of energy that is evermore. Your mind must grasp the fullness of your true nature and depth of your being, or you will fall prey to the psychic impression and mental echo of your lesser self.

If you believe, as you are taught, in the lesser self, you will reach for the food that nourishes the shadow and not the substance. The substance of your design is awakened with the words that form the concepts of your enlarged self-image. And these words are not merely spoken, but they are seen, felt, and heard as well. They lead you to the tone of equality and the perception of wholeness. Allow these words to wash over you like a gentle wave that brings you buoyancy and movement. It will sweep you to a new shore, and it is there that you will begin to uncover your true nature and purpose.

The blueprint of exploration is the genetic substrate of your design, and all the so-called “lower” life forms are the “limbs” of your species. Without them, you could not exist. And so the composite life form is truly the species of which we speak when we speak of the human species. We do not separate you from the plant and animal kingdoms. We see them as one composite species. It is your scientists who have chosen to separate the one species into billions of sub-species because wholeness cannot be classified and analyzed.

The tools of the mind suppress the true nature of your species. Only when you observe with the frequency of equality foremost in your heart and mind, can you bypass this suppression and feel the linkages that organize your species into a master organism. It is this organism that is in perfect alignment with First Source like two circles that overlap so perfectly that only one is seen. It is the very nature of First Source to create innumerable fragments of itself and lead each to cohesion as a master organism, while allowing each fragment to retain its sovereignty. This is the perfect bestowal of love.

While First Source cannot be found through searching, if you will submit to the leading impulse of the sovereign entity within you, you will unerringly be guided, step by step, life after life, through universe upon universe, and age by age, until you finally peer into the eyes of your Creator and realize you are one. And in this realization you will see that the species from which you emerge is one also. The fragments of the one congeal through the blueprint of exploration whose end is not foreseen, and whose beginning is not measured by time.