Living From the Heart

Living From the Heart


If you were to plot the evolutionary trajectories of the past two thousand years for technology, science, economics, medicine, and most any other category of human endeavor, you would see trend lines racing upwards like rockets, particularly in the last one hundred years. Only in those categories related to human emotion would you see comparatively flat lines, and, in some cases, devolution.

It is clear that on an intellectual, technological, and monetary scale our progress has evolved dramatically, but how we manage our emotions, and more importantly, how we orchestrate them in order to enhance our understanding of life and intuitive perception has changed very little since the dawn of civilization.

And yet, when you think about it, our ability to live from the heart and coordinate our emotions is a key component for better living—and not just for ourselves, but for our circle of family and friends, community, and the entire planet. It enables us to adapt more easily to the challenging curvatures that invariably shape our journey through life. It permits us to operate from a foundation of comparative stability instead of the constantly shifting sands of life’s dramas that drain us of our innate, spiritual vitality.


SECTION ONE: The Six Heart Virtues

The energetic heart is composed of six primary forms of expression: Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, and Valor. Braided together, these six behaviors constitute the essence of the energetic heart and, when expressed in our daily lives, enable it to perform its function as a portal to our inmost self or soul. (See diagram)

Regardless of what significance we assign to our intellect or brainpower, it is but one form of intelligence, and while it has an important place within our world, no doubt, it is not the primary intelligence of our Self. Our primary intelligence is empowered through our emotional mastery and our ability to conduct our life from the platform of the six heart virtues, which in turn unite us to the lighted realms of our intuition, which is our coherent connection to the universal field of information, referred to by physicists as the quantum vacuum.

There is a saying within the Lyricus Teaching Order: “What one can express through their heart is gold to the iron of the mind.” The gold, in this case, is the ability to express the six heart virtues in tandem, separately, or as an ensemble team to the various situations that life unveils. It is learning to modify your actions based on these six virtues and observing how they re-calibrate your value system, re-vitalize your energy and creativity, and re-coup your sense of balance and emotional poise.

In doing this, you not only apply your emotional energies for the purpose of creating and maintaining a coherent personal state, but you also create a coherent field around you; a field that touches and intersects with others through the principles of quantum entanglement, resonance, coherence, and non-locality. The energies of our emotional field are real and interconnected in a vast assemblage of intention and information that is near boundless in its embrace.

The denser emotions like jealousy, greed, and anger enter this cosmic field and inform its baser instincts, creating the conditions for strife and instability within our manifest reality. The finer energies that compose the six heart virtues, inform the divine instincts of the cosmic or quantum field that enfolds the multiverse. Thus, we are left with a choice to conduct our personality and emotions so they inform the quantum field in which we all live with the divine frequencies that uplift and support all life. If this is our choice, then mastery of the six heart virtues is an efficient and effective method for its attainment.

It comes down to this: we approach our divinity through the heart and not the head. One’s intellect can encompass vast amounts of information and knowledge. We can study all the words of our prophets and scholars, but if we are not expressing the six heart virtues, we have only filled our heads with words, concepts, and intellectual bravado. Our behaviors remain tethered to the baser instincts, and while we may write or speak profound insights, our emotional energies remain agitated, uncertain of their expression from moment to moment, and unguided by the intelligent voice of our heart.


The Artistry of Expression

There is an implied artistry in the expression of the six heart virtues, but before the artistry can be expressed, the virtues must be anchored in genuineness. The virtues cannot be manufactured from mental constructs or merely given lip service. This quality of genuineness is a result of the heart’s and mind’s sense of connection to the deeper framework that each of these virtues operate within. For most people, this connection takes time to develop and mature. It starts, however, from having an understanding that a framework exists, and then contemplating and feeling what it is, how it works, and why it’s important to apply in one’s life.

This understanding serves as the foundation for the artistry, which relates to how and when one wields the six virtues, or a subset thereof, to life’s diverse situations. You can look at the six virtues (appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor) as musical notes. If you strike these notes simultaneously there is a chord and this chord is divine love—the highest vibration contained within the quantum field that a human can receive and transmit.

Each of the six virtues can be activated with incredible speed and virtuosity when the person expressing the virtue operates from a platform of high coherence and a sense of neutrality. In this state, one can navigate their life looking for the wisdom in each new challenge, the creative spark in the mundane, the intuitive feeling around each corner, and the deeper rhythms in the apparent calamity of everyday life.

How one can attain and maintain this state of coherence rests largely on their artistry, and, to some degree, vigilance, in applying the six heart virtues. There is an ascending spiral process to this practice. First, one must be grounded in the framework, and this can be done by studying the free e-paper The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative and then contemplating its meaning. Second, one can experiment with the six virtues and learn how to deepen their understanding—not at an intellectual level, but rather a practical application level. In other words, how does one apply the virtues of humility, understanding, and forgiveness to the person who just cut you out of a parking place at the mall?

It is at this level—the practical level where we all live—that we must practice the artistry of the six virtues lest we lose our ability to self-empower. It is in this self-empowerment that we rise as spiritual beings to the challenges of the physical world. This form of empowerment is different than speaking truth to power, or imbuing your self-esteem with the elixir of invincibility. It is the empowerment of problem solving the emotionally rooted turmoil of daily life with the incandescence of the heart’s intelligence and knowing how and when to tap into this intelligence.

In the continual ascent to master these virtues and express them in our lives, we refine our understanding. Not the sudden revelations spoken of in the texts of ancient days or hallucinogenic awareness of the modern world, but rather the robust understanding that we are part of a vibratory field that energetically encompasses us, records our ways, generates our holographic reality, and re-invents us anew on the timeline racing to and from eternity.


The Agnostic Path

For those who establish emotional self-mastery as their path, they will need to track, treat and transform their behaviors as they progress on this journey because this is not about instant gratification. This journey is truly focused on connecting with one’s higher guidance (receptivity and listening) and expressing this wisdom into the field in which you live, move, and have your being (transmission and expression).

Let me be clear about the framework of track, treat, transform.

• Track means that the individual can self-report their progress on the six heart virtues over time and track their ups and downs, and see their self-mastery growing against the backdrop of time.

• Treat means that the individual while tracking their progress can see when they hit a snag or vexing problem that takes them off course and then treat this issue like a physician treats a wound or illness. The treat, in this case, is not a reward, but rather a solution or remedy to a problem or emotional misstep.

• Transform is the result of tracking and treating along this journey and seeing how you are transformed into a self-empowered, spiritually vibrant person.

Books and self-help programs abound in the world on what one should believe, do, think, and feel. They are translated from the minds and hearts of some of our greatest thinkers and spiritualized beings. We do not require more information on how to behave or believe. We simply require more discipline in our emotional lives and the tools and techniques to attain this. In other words, we need a practical framework.

The energetic heart—the physical heart’s quantum equivalent—is the portal of the soul’s consciousness in intersection with the Designing Force. It resides at the heart chakra site, and it is the knowingness of the soul or higher spirit within the individual. The six heart virtues emanate from this stronghold of the energetic body, and it is this energy center that we must nurture and consciously activate within us.

This path is not owned by anyone or any organization, and those who travel it are essentially faith agnostic, which is to say, they do not look upon this practice as affiliated with a particular religion, spiritual inquiry system, scientific endeavor, New Age belief system, or spiritual master. It is a framework as old as the soul itself, and its chief principle is the ongoing practice of the six heart virtues in one’s daily life. In doing this, the reality that surrounds you will assemble its own path to a higher understanding, suited specifically to you.

Patience pays. Do not look for the shortcuts in matters of the heart or soul because space-time is not the force that operates or controls the heart virtues. It is the soul and higher spirit enfolded within the Designing Force that enables these virtues full expression and empowerment within any domain—subtle, gross, or otherwise. There is no density in which the heart virtues are extinguished or marginalized if the individual regularly exercises them, observes their energies, contemplates their outputs, and nurtures their expression. Even in the darkest densities the heart beats true its pulse of connectivity to the divine nature in us all. It is the connecting force that binds us as human spirits.

Orchestrating the heart virtues leads us to a point where we ultimately observe our energy field or soul signature. Once this occurs, we can discover blockages in our energetic body that filter our deeper awareness. The blockages or densities that reside within our energy field diminish our ability to express the fullness of our energetic heart. This creates the subtle, or in some cases, not so subtle irritations that misalign our physical body, emotions and mind.

Over time, expressing the heart virtues will dissolve these energy blockages and you will find it easier to anchor and sustain your within the lower worlds of matter and space-time. In doing so, the deeper harmonies and rhythms of life more easily manifest, supporting the work we all came to perform at this time.


Three Subtle Desires

Now we come to the three subtle desires that stand behind nearly everything we work to achieve: Instant gratification, control, the next-thing. These three subtle desires also influence our expectations in the field of spiritual development and growth, and it is for this reason that I shine the spotlight on them.


The Desire for Instant Gratification

There is a phrase from William Gibson, “The future has already happened; it’s just not very well distributed.” This sentiment seems appropriate in a world where shortcuts are acclaimed by experts from every field of endeavor. Acceleration is the byword of the day, and the goal of this acceleration is to do everything faster, in less time; to be more productive; to be a better employee; to be a better student; to be a better everything, and to do it or acquire it faster and easier.

What’s missing from this approach is the destination or, said another way, “Where is the acceleration taking you,” to a fancier car, larger home, enlightenment, inexhaustible bank account, more prestigious position in life, better health, or simply a lifestyle of relative ease? Whatever the destination, the notion of instant gratification looms as the catalyst for its achievement. But what if the destination is emotional self-mastery? What are the signposts for acceleration in this case? What are the shortcuts and how do we know we are accelerating, decelerating or treading water and getting nowhere fast?

Instant gratification assumes one fundamental thing: to every human endeavor there is an elevator or staircase, and it is better to choose the elevator. Getting to your destination or achieving your goal quickly is more important than assessing which destination or goal is best. It is precisely this need for acceleration of goal achievement that often causes one to take a miscalculated detour from assessing what destination or goals are most vital to the fulfillment of their purpose.

Now you can ask yourself, if emotional self-mastery is a vital goal of your spiritual purpose, what is the best path to take in order to achieve this? My answer would be to live from your heart by expressing the six heart virtues with authenticity and artistry, but to consider the speed of your journey to mastery of no consequence or importance. Perhaps an odd caution, but the need for speed is a master unto itself, igniting the ego as few things do.


The Desire for Control

The second subtle desire that often pulls us off course is our insatiable desire for control. The desire to control one’s life is placed within us at an early age and cultivated by our socialization process. We are taught to control our emotions, especially boys. And once we transition to adulthood we are taught that control of our environment is tantamount to success as a social contributor in the moneymaking machinery we call the free market economy.

Many people see that control is the ultimate tool for success in any of life’s dimensions—including the spiritual realm of enlightenment. However, control is not ultimately satisfying because you are always tethered to a struggle with opponents who also want control. It is an endless competition. It is an outgrowth of the three-dimensional construct that there are winners and losers, and it’s better to be a winner.

Well, yes, in the world of the dollar it is hard to argue with that logic. However, the ambition of control is a tireless master who requires that you work hard, keep focused on your duties of the social order, and make certain that the world in which you operate does not spin out of control. Control will become increasingly more fleeting in the next seven years because the dimensional shift that is underway will make the rigid institutions of our social order change, and in some instances, crumble.

This means that those who seek to control and micro-manage their lives will find it more difficult to keep their emotional balance. When their emotional balance shifts to and fro in disorder, they will feel the pulse of the world quicken and stress will pour over them as if they were directly beneath its waterfall.

The antidote of willful control is the demonstration to yourself that you know how to shift into self-security when you feel insecure; how to shift into expression of the heart virtues when you bump up against a life challenge; and how to shift into surrender to your when you feel your ego looming large.

All easier said than done—to be certain, but then emotional self-mastery is a goal not a destination. Remember this. No one is looking down on you from some impenetrable height and judging your imperfect expression of the six heart virtues. When you judge yourself, there is often a sense of appropriateness in the judgment. This is actually a control response. If only you could control your emotions better. If only you could shift to the six heart virtues quicker. If only you could forgive easier and not hold a grudge against a friend or family member.

You can stand firmly on the idea that when you embark on this journey there will be times when you misstep, fall short and make “mistakes.” There may even be times when you will feel the rug has been pulled out from under you and you are helpless, without solution, and mired in self-loathing. It is in these times that you will need to apply the wisdom of your journey into emotional self-mastery, and though it may be imperfect or otherwise untested, it will serve you better than any other alternative advice, because, just as the ancients observed—the heart is the seat of the soul.

Call on this wisdom, not the abstraction of God or the “higher powers.” Call on your own wisdom of the six heart virtues and learn how to shift into their expression when life’s challenges knock upon your door. In doing this, you will teach others around you through this expression and intent. In doing this, you will change the electromagnetic field that surrounds you, the light ratio of your energetic field. Further, it will attract the likeness of conditions, as well as provide you with improved emotional health, mental clarity and physical well-being.


The Desire for the Next-Thing

The third of the subtle desires is the need for the next-thing. The next-thing is usually considered to have more potency than the now-thing. Individuals often want to move on to the next idea, spiritual path, or healing modality before they have achieved a basic understanding of their inner state. They are experimenting at the surface levels without deference to the deeper values and meanings that exist within themselves.

Take for example the topic at hand: emotional self-mastery. Few people would argue that this is an important skill to possess independent of how it is defined in terms of its psychological or spiritual components. However, it is not an easy thing to master one’s emotions or to even gain a reasonable understanding of their subtle natures. Emotions are very multidimensional and operate from the subtle energetic levels to the down-to-earth levels of relationships, job performance, and personal well being. Because of this, emotions are a complex web of energy exchange with those we cross paths with, whether in person or virtually through the mail, phone, text messaging, chat, or email, and this requires a perseverance and vigilance in our practice. It is not enough to dabble in it periodically.

The need for the next-thing is a desire to hit the “refresh button” in one’s belief system. Sometimes this is a good instinct to refresh your views and beliefs, but sometimes it scatters your attention at the surface of life’s purpose because you are always moving to the next-thing—the new modality, the new teaching, the new way to live. The inner state of your emotional life, the heart-centered values and the intuitive wisdom of your energetic heart, is an infinite resource of intelligence. When you move on to the next-thing, if the next-thing does not include living from the heart as its core principle, you may not evolve your access to this infinite source of intelligence that awaits inside of you—not in books, the Internet, an ashram, school, seminar or master teacher, but inside you.

While the next-thing may be marketed as the most potent truth ever to find its way to humanity, it most likely will pale in comparison to your own heart’s wisdom—if you know how to activate, access and express it. There are thousands of systems that promise enlightenment, and many of them have value, but the need for the next-thing often has the unintentional side effect of leading you away from the very instructor you most need to interface with: your heart’s intelligence and the emotional, energetic potency therein.

The rise and acceleration of complexity in life has also given rise to complexity in one’s spiritual life. There are many so-called spiritual practices that require you to breathe in very specific manners and rhythms. Others require you to eat certain combinations of food and drink. Others prescribe very detailed meditations and postures. Still others define certain colors and sound frequencies that are activating to your soul.

Living from the heart is not centered on a precision of technique or complex practices of body, mind or emotional control. It is the simple moment-to-moment practice of the heart virtues in your daily affairs. Over time, this practice culminates in a virtuosity of precision and control, but this is the natural outcome of simple practices, not the rigid programs of training at the outset, and this is an important distinction.

The three subtle desires are each components of a general social dysfunction built upon an expired system of belief in the ambition of ego over the wisdom of heart expression. This is what the coming shift in consciousness, long predicted, is truly about. The wisdom of the heart will prevail and it will become the standard bearer of humanity, ushering in a new order of coherence and alignment to the higher frequencies of our divine nature and source.


SECTION TWO: The When-Which-How Practice

Expressing the heart virtues is a practice not a philosophical discourse or abstraction in metaphysical exploration or scientific process leading to some verifiable “proof.” It requires that you understand its framework and begin practicing it in your daily life. This practice is best applied with an experimental attitude that operates without over-judging your performance of the when-which-how practice. The practice consists of:

• When you apply the heart virtues (or any subset therein) to a particular life situation;

• which one(s) you apply; and

• how you express the virtues into that situation.

There is no instruction manual for this process of when and what to apply and how to express it. There are far too many variables to assign clear-cut guidelines, and this is precisely why a high state of internal coherence is the ideal platform to operate in, because this enables your intuition to guide your practice in the moment for each specific situation.

It is in this practice that you will find the practical instructions of how to experience life in the moment and how to weave the six heart virtues into an expression that magnetizes your biofield to the highest consciousness of your total personality. This magnetic draw is what makes possible your inmost instructor (your soul) to reveal itself in the domains of duality. This is the goal of the when-which-how practice: to draw your soul into the experience of the body-mind, and enable it to lead the expression of your life in the domains of time-space.

It is the heart’s intention to be the enabling force for this goal. There is much written about the power of the mind, the influence of intention, the laws of attraction, and the mesh of these elements in the achievement of success in the material world. To be sure, I am not one to pour water on the fires of ambition that burn within a person to achieve their heart’s desire, but it is an important distinction to understand that living from the heart is not connected to an ambition or achievement. It is the innate desire of the heart to draw the soul into the pilot’s chair of the personality, knowing that this unlocks the blueprint of the individual to express the qualities of light stored within them.

This does not mean that the individual will suddenly begin to express wisdom in the manner in which humanity is accustomed—books, lectures, websites, music, art, etc. For most of us, the expression of the qualities of light stored within us is contained in the tiniest details of our heart’s expression in the most fleeting moments of our life. It is as though we leave a trail of light and divine sparks as we walk our life, and this activity—not the writings, the sharing and gaining of knowledge—is what is needed most at this time. This is what is unlocked and shared so faithfully from your heart.

There is a dawning awareness within humanity that its destiny is configured by the mind of the species—in a sense—its collective intention. A similar process operates at the individual level, and scientists and researchers like Schwartz, Korotkov, Popp, McCraty, Tiller, Radin, Emoto, Nelson, Penrose, and dozens of other researchers are trying to illuminate how consciousness can influence and communicate beyond the body in which it is housed; how consciousness can absorb or access knowledge systems beyond its direct study. These researchers are devising scientific, three-dimensionally based experiments to analyze the sub-quantum realms in which consciousness originates (a little like using a telescope to study the nature of atoms).

They will find the faint echoes of realization as they touch the edges of this greater reality, but it does not satisfy the “what-to-do-about it” questions that arise as one discovers the edges of this vast mysterious puzzle called consciousness. The answers to the what-to-do-about-it questions are contained inside the practice of the heart virtues because the practice establishes a feedback system. This system refines consciousness, enlivening its discrimination and opening its ability to see energetic responses to the practice that enable the experiencer to adjust their expression of the light-energy associated with each of the six heart virtues.


The Six Heart Virtues as the Trunk Line

One of the main guiding principles of the when-which-how practice is that the trunk line (core focus) of one’s life experience is living from the heart. The gravitational core of our highest purpose is like radiating magnetism, attracting into our life the purpose for which we incarnated. For example, if your spiritual studies arise from the trunk line of the when-which-how practice (living from the heart), a magnetic field is created that attracts spiritual studies that are aligned to your fundamental core practice. Thus, when you pursue your spiritual studies they are woven back into the trunk line in terms of their relevance and usefulness to living from the heart. They are self-reinforcing and resonant with the trunk line, and, to the degree they are not, your powers of discrimination are activated to resolve this lack of resonance.

Many people have different trunk lines like expression of my purpose or the pursuit of well-being. These are not bad choices, but it is important to understand that they create a different gravitational core or resonant field in one’s life, which in turn, attracts a different system of energetic branches. The branches arising from the trunk line related to living from the heart evolve in alignment and resonance to the trunk line. The learning gained in the pursuit of one of the branches will return to the trunk line and support and nourish it. Like all trunk lines it is self-reinforcing, whether it is selfish in nature or altruistic.

In your daily life as you encounter an event, problem or goal—or perhaps have an inspiration or new relationship—you can apply the when-which-how practice to these encounters and orchestrate your encounter from this perspective. Remember that within every encounter there are different dimensions of energy: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The complexity is quite daunting if you think about it, but the practice, as said before, is not judged by its perfect expression, or its analytic virtuosity, but is performed and guided by intent.

The areas in which we focus in our everyday life shift between events, inspirations, relationships, goals, and problems, and within each of these encounters we have multiple playing fields from an energetic perspective (i.e., physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). When you express one or more of the heart virtues into an encounter you can then observe its influence on the event or participants therein. The observation can then guide your follow-on expression, its intensity, to whom it is directed, and its duration. This cycle of expression and observation enables a more fine-grained expression, and it is this adjustment that leads you forward on the path to emotional self-mastery.


What’s in it for me?

I can almost hear the question in chorus as I write this paper. Somewhere in your mind you are probably asking the questions: “Why do I care about emotional self-mastery? What will I gain by applying the practice of when-which-how?” I can understand the basis of these two questions because our social order is understandably geared to ambition and achievement, and usually for the sake of some gain, reward, and/or recognition.

Emotional self-mastery is a reflection of your maturity as a spiritual being within the worlds of time-space. In other words, the emotional energy within your heart center is the vehicle in which you express your into the dimensions of time-space, and provides a grounding of these energies upon earth and the sharing of these energies with those beings that live upon her—both human and animal. Thus, the reason emotional self-mastery is so vital to attain is that it enables your highest purpose and soul presence to reveal itself in your present lifetime.

It is not an exaggeration to say that if you possess emotional self-mastery, you live as soul upon the earth with minimal distortion from your physical body and mind. The body and mind become more of an enabling force for your spirit to operate in the worlds of time-space, and provide less dampening or hindrance to your soul or inner spirit. In simple terms, you live as soul, which is your purpose distilled to its purest definition.

The original essence that is you, was forged a tempered spirit when first born. Only in its journey through the worlds of time-space does it find immaturity, weakness, vulnerability, and the judgment and separation of the mind. The emotional prism is the healing instrument of both the body and mind because it enables the original essence to come forward, to be explicit in this reality and orchestrate the encounters of your body and mind for the greatest good.

The when-which-how practice is transformative, reinforcing a new way of being that empowers you to detach from the habitual ways of thinking and doing that modern society has so effectively established. It moves you from the feeling of separation to the sensibility of interconnection—the belief that we consciousness is more vibrant and meaningful than me consciousness, and it is in the former state of being that truly great things can be magnetized and attracted into the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

Now, to the second question: “What will I gain by applying the practice of when-which-how?” As you begin to apply the practice you will feel that what is happening in the outside world—both personal and non-personal—is not defining or shaping your inner state, unless you allow it to. In other words, you will gain a sense of stability and control. This is one noticeable aspect of progress early in the application of the practice.

An emerging sense of empowerment evolves as you find your artistry and your competence of the practice improves, and for most this will require three to six months of dedicated practice. This is the realization that the well-grooved patterns of the mind and ego-personality are not dictating the way you interact with an encounter or event, and that your intuitive faculties are awakening to the subtle expression of the six heart virtues.

The six heart virtues have precisely sixty-three combinations of expression. These combinations are further varied by the sequence in which they are expressed, their duration, and the energetic expression (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) used to convey the virtue(s) to an event, individual, group, or encounter. It is this intricacy of expression that pulls in the intuitive faculty once activated by the initial practice. It is this intuitive faculty that you must learn to trust despite what your inner mental dialogue might be telling you.

Remember that the intuitive sight stems from your heart’s intelligence, ascending from your , and it is this deepening connection that enables you to wield the sixty-three combinations of expression with the artistry and competency that the practice requires in order to progress to emotional self-mastery. In other words, you must trust your intuitive nature, and in doing so, you will instinctively understand how to apply the six heart virtues in your life’s various encounters.

Take notice that the timeframe to achieve an initial level of emotional self-mastery is three to six months. Not a long time to be sure, but in today’s instant gratification world and mind-driven ambition it may seem a prolonged period of time. The duty of the practitioner is to persevere, and not to focus on the outcomes or their subjective analysis of their performance of the practice. The mind and ego-personality are more than willing to project their analysis and judgment during this phase of development, but this judgment is meted out without genuine understanding of the deeper processes that guide the practitioner in their practice.


The Six Heart Virtues Grid Meditation

Within the first year, normally towards its end, the practitioner of living from the heart becomes increasingly aware of a system or framework that they are operating within that could be likened to an energy grid that surrounds them. It would be similar to visualizing the grid, represented on the next page, and operating in the middle circle, which is the symbolic position of divine love—the intersection of the six heart virtues.

Operating from within this grid is a form of meditation, but not as we normally think of meditation: the internal state of relaxed awareness. This is more of an external state of active awareness and expression, but one that stems from the stability of living in the “center circle” of divine love, knowing that you are surrounded with the skills of the when-which-how practice. This practice enables you to rise from your center in any direction in order to infuse an encounter with the appropriate emotional energy; this is healing, rebalancing, and re-vitalizing energy from your heart to share itself with any circumstance or human condition.



This is an active meditation that is practiced throughout the day and requires a degree of visualization as you move from encounter to encounter. The visualization you can hold in your imagination is that the six heart virtues grid surrounds you like an energetic hologram, extending out three to five meters in all directions from your body. As you practice this visualization, you will in time begin to see it as an extension of your energetic body, not a separate imagined grid, but the actual structure of your energetic body. This replaces the persistent abstraction of the chakra system of colors, frequencies, and traits associated therein.

The critical factor is that you envision the centermost part of your being enmeshed in divine love. It is as if your beingness—regardless of where you are physically in the world or what you are encountering—is saturated in divine love and masterfully connected to the six heart virtues and their sixty-three variations. This energetic grid, anchored in divine love, is capable of mobilizing in an instant, assembling its expression of the six heart virtues with ever-increasing virtuosity.

The six heart virtues grid meditation is a means to anchor the framework into your daily life. It is a way for you to seat the principles into your behaviors through the imaginative process of your mind and the belief constitution of your heart working together in alignment to the formative intent of living from the heart.


The Virtuous Cycle Technique

We have all heard of vicious cycles—when negative behaviors seem to feed on one another, replaying the feelings of greed, envy, bitterness, jealousy, blame, judgment, or anger, as though they were engrained in our very natures, and we were powerless to stop reaping their ill-fated effects. The vicious cycle of negative emotions depletes our energy, stifles our creativity, and, if unchecked, leads us to the dry desert of depression, choking the flow of spirit between our heart and mind.

There is also the virtuous cycle that generates the positive outcomes of living from the heart in all dimensions of one’s life. The when-which-how practice is the power generator of the virtuous cycle as it applies to the individual living from the heart. One of the core features of this practice is providing it an energy source just as you would need to provide a power generator its raw source of energy like the wind, water, or sun.

One of the sources of energy that supports the when-which-how practice is the virtuous cycle technique, and it requires that you invest ten to twenty minutes of your time, as frequently as you are guided, to perform a simple energetic inflow. This is an effortless exercise of breathing in a calm and alert state of mind and body, and then repeating aloud the six virtues in the following order:

• Appreciation

• Compassion

• Forgiveness

• Humility

• Understanding

• Valor

When you say each name allow it to echo or reverberate inside of you as though your internal state consisted of a vast canyon. As you continue to repeat these words in the sequential order of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor, think about their energetic meaning; feel them, and let this feeling fill you, expanding into every cell of your body. The more you perform this technique you will begin to see how the six heart virtues thread together, remaining distinct yet interconnected like a mosaic platform. Each word energetically carries a frequency that becomes increasingly grounded into your body-mind consciousness as you perform this exercise.

Like any cycle that repeats, there is a momentum path that refreshes the cycle and keeps it moving through the gravity of distractions that we all encounter in our daily lives. The virtuous cycle is maintained through this simple exercise, so I recommend, especially at the outset of your journey into the application of the when-which-how practice, to use it as a means of generating the virtuous cycle.

Over time, you will be guided by your inmost self to shift this technique from internal contemplation and energetic assimilation, to expression—or sending the energetic codes of each word outward. Initially this usually takes the form of radiating the energy of each word to loved ones, friends and family, spirit guides, and those whom you have a special connection to. This expression can also be directed to events and the people and/or animals enmeshed in them.

For those of you that have been ensnared in vicious cycles of emotional disarray, this technique is particularly helpful in breaking out of the “quicksand” of the vicious cycle. I realize, as techniques go, it seems very simple and therefore, you might ask how it could have a profound effect; but the repetition of the words have a power unto themselves because of the deep and layered meaning contained in each word. Before you start the technique, read the appendix to this paper where a preparatory definition for each of the six heart virtues is offered.


SECTION THREE: The Heart-Mind Intention

Part of this practice intersects with what some might refer to as the Law of Attraction, power of thought, or the imprint of intention. These concepts relate to how the focused thoughts of the mind—coupled to the expectation of belief—can influence our experience of reality. There is some truth in these concepts, but they are not the drivers of reality. Reality is a much more complex thing than being a result of intentional focus or mental visualization or prayer. Part of reality is a result of your individual blueprint; part of your experience relates to your setting up experiences for you; part is a consequence of your past actions; part of it is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions and their energetic attraction; and part is the desire of your to experience new energy fields. Only one of these elements is influenced by intention or the Law of Attraction, and certainly the fundamental blueprint of the Designing Force, as co-created by your and First Source , is not subject to the intentions or prayerful petitions of your ego-personality, no matter how eloquent or heartfelt.

It is a fallacy to believe that the entire matrix of reality conforms to the Law of Attraction or that the mind can direct matter with precision and consistency. Nonetheless, there are pockets of reality where your intention or power of thought-belief can be influential and reality will accommodate your thought-belief, sometimes with remarkable precision. The when-which-how practice is one such place or “pocket” that you can carve out from reality’s matrix and influence with your heart-mind intention. Indeed, this is part of the broader practice.

The heart-mind intention imprints subtle energies within the environment, which filter through the personality’s inner layers or quantum levels, and imprint—at the speed of light—upon the higher self. This imprinting is strongest within the individual, however it also “seeps” into the greater environment and even those with whom the environment is shared. The “environment,” in this definition, is not the physical space, but rather the emotional ecology at the quantum level that connects people independent of time-space considerations.

This specific type of emotional ecology is generated from the heart-mind operating in synchrony and alignment, focused on a very specific intention to operate within the when-which-how practice. It can extend to unimaginable distances and times because it operates in non-time and non-space. The heart’s domain encompasses this ecology and can emit subtle impressions to anyone connected to this ecology. In this case, distance is a trivial factor because we’re speaking of photonic energy not magnetic or electrical—so someone connected to you a continent away is quite literally closer than a heartbeat

The heart-mind intention operates similarly to how it’s depicted in the diagram above. The U{1} time/space is our normal environment while the SU{2} is a more highly ordered and coherent field that operates outside of our time/space. I will not delve into this for now as it is a conversation composed of many layers. For now, I will focus on the process in which the heart and mind collectively send subtle energy imprints upon the inner layers of the personality self. You can feel these imprints filtering inside you like layers of sediment that filter through the water to rest on the bottom of a lake or river.

These imprints are the outgrowth of your heart-mind intention—both consciously and unconsciously. The intentional energy is a confluence of the conscious “writings” of the heart and mind coupled to the deeper stirrings that are stored within the blueprint of the individual. The intuitive centers of the personality that reside within the energetic heart are more attuned to the blueprint and the deeper purpose of the soul, while the mind, operating through the ego-personality, is more attuned to the heart-mind intentions created in, and as an outgrowth of, the worlds of time-space.

You could quite literally say that there are two “books” that define your purpose: One is written by the that is indeed co-created with First Source, and the other is written by your heart-mind based on the perceived needs of the ego-personality in the worlds of time-space. The book that most people read, at least in part, is the second one. A dim recognition exists in some people that another book exists, but seldom do they discover it.

I am suggesting, in this paper, that the first book—the one written by your —is contained in the actions of the six heart virtues, and that the key for discovering and reading this “book” or higher purpose is contained in the when-which-how practice. Why is this important? If you read only the book of purpose written by your heart-mind, you will see it is entwined with the reality of the ego-personality inside time-space. Its trunk line might be enlightenment or greed. Whichever it is, its primary concern is one lifetime, one individual (you).

When these subtle energy imprints accumulate upon the inner layers of the personality they begin to make an impression that transitions between the worlds of time-space and the dimensions of the soul within the individual. The soul evaluates these impressions and determines their state of alignment to the ’s own blueprint and learning requirements. If they are aligned, they are then added to the energetic build-up that atom-by-atom coalesces into manifestation in the time-space domain.

This manifestation operates independently of linear time. In other words, the heart-mind intention—as it enters the higher dimensions of non-time-space—begins to manifest in space and time, but the time might be in the future or past. This is a subject all its own and it is complicated to address in words that can be easily understood by the mind, so I will only touch on its surface level structure. The deeper textures and intricacies will be described in a later paper, or perhaps will be the discovery you make as you work with these materials.

Some of you will find impediments to manifestation, independent of your presumed actions, thoughts, and words, and to some extent this is true. The higher blueprints of First Source overshadow the manifestations of your ego-personality. There is also the burn-off of centuries-old energetics which have accumulated and act as buffers to manifestation. Just know that if you find resistance to your dreams, hopes, and prayers, it is not always a result of your behaviors or the Law of Attraction being unresponsive to your skills. There is a tremendous accumulation of the third-dimensional energetics and these constrain the higher energetics born in your higher practices. But these are the very conditions or catalysts that transform or burn off the old energetics and create the shift into the higher dimensions of being. This is all part of the reason for your incarnation: To transform the accumulation of third-dimensional grids of energy into higher dimensional grids that can shift these energetics and move the planet and its “visitors” to its next incarnation within the higher octave of new energies, discoveries, and supernal destiny that supports the Grand Portal.

The degree to which we apply our heart-mind intention usually correlates to the degree we genuinely accept our divine power as co-creators of new realities. If we fear our divinity, our application of intention is typically diminished even if we practice it with diligence. Simply practicing a new discipline doesn’t attract its full power. There must be an attendant belief—genuineness in the practice—that what you are doing is part of a larger plan; that it is connected, like bricks in a wall, to a larger purpose.

This attendant belief often takes a while to accrue its power. It is not something you can manufacture artificially. In a sense, it is part of the learning curve and grows over time as you become more comfortable with the practice or technique.


SECTION FOUR: Our Interconnection

A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe,” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.

—Albert Einstein


If we accept the view that heaven is not a place but a state of consciousness, we can place our emphasis on realization—expanding our consciousness—instead of the pursuit of heaven. By doing the inner work and learning how to express the six heart virtues into our life to the benefit of all, we find our sense of interconnection with one another growing, and we discern the wholeness and unity in what formerly appeared to be separateness and isolation.

The habit of looking outward through the eyes of separation is changed through the application of the when-which-how practice because its signature strength is aligning the individual with a sense of service to humanity—not because humanity is broken or suffering in misery—but because it kindles the natural perception we have of our intrinsic interconnection with one another that we feel within our hearts.

One of the perennial truths that psychologists have uncovered is that the best determiner of happiness is the degree to which a person has meaningful relationships. Relationships that are truly meaningful have a foundation of emotional maturity that imbues genuineness to the relationship, by means of assisting others to flow through the density of everyday encounters with greater ease and understanding. This goes beyond trust. You can trust someone who is honest, but it doesn’t necessarily signify that the relationship is meaningful and authentic in service to a greater good.

There is a story in chaos theory that infinitesimally small actions can eventually cause major changes (i.e., the flutter of butterfly wings ultimately causing hurricanes on the other side of the globe). This story is a good metaphor for the intelligent communication that occurs from the smallest particles of existence spanning out to galactic scales. There is a vast interconnection, not only between humans, but between all particles of existence. And this interconnection is intelligent, communicative, and part of a Designing Force that we all exist within.


Emotional Coherence

Music is coherent sound, where rhythm, melody, tempo, and harmony unite to produce its coherence; without these imposing forces, we live in a random sound field of noises. Similarly, the six heart virtues take the emotional energy we are all imbued with and impose coherence, and in this coherence our emotional energy is transformed from a “noisy radiation” into a healing, directed and transformative force.

Imagine you are at the ocean and you’re watching a beautiful sunset. The light radiates in striking colors of pink, orange and red, glistening off of the turquoise water. The air itself seems to hold this radiating color field in some suspended, slow-motion dance. Now, from a scientific perspective, the light is incoherent. Despite its spectacular colors, the light photons are unaligned, fanning out in every imaginable direction.

For the sake of contrast, let’s imagine this same light were somehow made coherent like a laser beam of light, so that all of the light particles or photons were traveling in the same direction on the identical wavelength. The light is now transformed into a new functionality, one that can now be used for surgical applications or measuring the distance between the earth and moon with never-before-imagined accuracy—to name just two examples.

These different aspects of light are good metaphors to understand as they apply to emotions. Emotions, when incoherent, radiate in all directions as energy, creating an impression within the space or field of our senses. Sometimes this impression is beautiful like a shimmering sunset when the emotions are soft and light, and sometimes it is more akin to a furious storm when there is anger or depression. If our emotional energy can be aligned in coherence it can be transformed to a higher functionality like the laser, and its range goes well beyond the range of our senses, it can truly touch the outer edges of our world or delve deeply into the inner realms of soul.

The keystone of the when-which-how practice is coherence, the reason being that the expression of the six heart virtues builds coherence and the attendant ability to radiate your emotional energy to selected targets anywhere, and to any time. This is the outreach of soul—to heart to mind to heart to outflow—and in this cycle, the emotional energy becomes the connective ingredient that integrates the individual with the community of humankind, and even more generally, to all life forms.

There is growing awareness that humans are part of a vast ecology of energy that includes the sun and planets within our solar system, and perhaps even beyond. Our sun generates space weather that interacts with earth’s geomagnetic field and creates profound influences to our weather, mood, chemical balance, and even the fine-tuned senses of our intuition and psychic abilities. It is not a leap to say that the sun—ninety-three million miles away—influences our primary centers of the heart and brain in surprisingly vibrant ways.


Collective Human Energetic Field

The research of Halberg, Persinger, Braud, and dozens of others have shown that the sun’s geomagnetic field affects earth’s geomagnetic field which affects our personal electromagnetic field, including our critical heart and brain rhythms. In the near future, this will be shown to be a two-way street. That is to say, humans, on a collective level—energetically through their emotional radiation—can influence Earth and our broader solar system.

I will cite one example as evidence of this interaction. NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), in order to study and prepare for major weather anomalies like hurricanes, has several geosynchronous satellites that monitor a variety of weather influences, including geomagnetic fluctuations of the earth. Two of their Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES 8 and 10), orbiting geosynchronously, produced in 2001 a provocative view into how collective human energetics can influence the earth’s geomagnetic field.

As the graph below shows, these two satellites, orbiting 60 degrees apart (Long. W75 and Long. W135) over the equator at an altitude of 22,300 miles, detected a significant spike in earth’s geomagnetic flux as the event of September 11, 2001 started and an increasing level of incoherence or flux continued to unfold five days after the event.

I am not trying to posit a scientific theory, but follow this logical progression if you will. Humans emanate an electromagnetic field—the heart being its most powerful source, radiating out in a toroidal, constantly fluxing pattern eight to fifteen feet from the body. This energetic pattern changes form constantly as we think different thoughts and feel different feelings. The feelings of our heart have the greatest effect on the signature pattern of our electromagnetic field.

When an event occurs as dramatic as the September 11, 2001 incident, the collective human electromagnetic field is affected more deeply than usual because it impacts on a much larger percentage of the overall population at an emotional level. To help you visualize this, imagine a fog of light that encircles the whole planet, representing the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF). It’s a matter of ratios, the more we as individuals add ingredients of stress, fear and uncertainty, the more the CHEF becomes incoherent and unstable, which in turn is instantly detected by earth and processed into its own geomagnetic field.

In other words, planets and stars affect us, and, we in turn, affect them. This is the interconnection of consciousness at the level of energy, or interwoven fields of energy that resonate, entangle and inform. It is like a symphony of sound and light waves that emanate from the CHEF, interacting with the symphony of sound and light waves emanating from earth’s Geomagnetic Field (EGF). The two—CHEF and EGF—dance together in a reciprocal energetic exchange and it is for this reason that what happens with CHEF can either facilitate or hinder the earth’s ability to shift and evolve gracefully.

Let me make this point more practical. We have seen the idea virus of global warming spread across the news media and enter our schools, governments, businesses, and even religious quarters. The world seems poised to make shifts that are in the best interest of our planet, symbolic of humanity’s role as stewards of earth. Humanity has become aware of how its ecological insensitivity has created dire conditions on the planet; conditions, that left unchecked, could create enormous catastrophes in weather, geology and social changes. So, we have the motivation and knowledge, but do we have agreement on the action plans and the inner commitment to implement them?

What will facilitate the transformation of this knowledge and facts to an agreed upon action plan and commitment to implementation? If we can become increasingly aware that humanity and earth dance together in the clear-headed realms of evolutionary expansion; that there is an interconnection and that this interconnection is mutually responsive and reinforcing; perhaps then we will turn the key. When we look upon the CHEF as vital to our well-being and the clarity of our connection to earth, we will not only turn the key, we will open the door and walk through to the next dimension… together.


Informing the CHEF

I realize that these concepts are very wide and deep, almost so much so that they seem unrelated to our personal lives, but if you examine them carefully, you will see how they bring a new meaning to your life. If you consider that you are emitting an energy field throughout your existence, regardless of what you believe your existence consists of in terms of space-time, the one thing you can be fully responsible for is the signature field that you radiate into the CHEF. Every human, every life form actually, contributes to the whole in this way, though with different intensities and effects.

This is why it is so important to understand the deeper perceptions of interconnection and raise your awareness of how you personally interconnect with the whole of life. It is a matter of taking responsibility for the emotional and mental energies that intertwine within your electromagnetic (energetic) field and contribute a living presence to the CHEF, and by association, to earth itself.

We each have a dynamic, ever-changing emotional fingerprint that we leave on the CHEF, and its effects can endure through time and space. In order to keep a complex subject relatively simple and straightforward, I will paint the differences with only a few colors, but bear in mind that the range is near endless in variation.

As depicted in the diagram on the next page, figure A shows that the Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF) informs and contributes to the CHEF, and that the CHEF is comprised of thousands of facets (colors) each reflecting a point on the diamond-shaped object depicted in figure B. I am using the term viral in two distinct ways: On the left side of the diamond, on its horizontal (stable) axis, there is a negative viral effect; on the right side it is positive. The terms negative and positive refer to the IHEF and the qualitative nature of its contribution to the CHEF. The term viral indicates the degree to which an IHEF has the ability to influence other IHEF contributions to become more like itself simply through exposure to the viral IHEF.

For example, a single Viral Positive IHEF will be more potent than one thousand benign IHEFs. Thus, those individuals who operate in a stable positive or negative viral state have a significant and disproportional influence on the CHEF. Most people operate on or near the vertical axis (dynamic) where they fluctuate between the poles of the negative and positive IHEF, winding their way in a snake-like pattern between the positive and negative. In doing so, their IHEF contribution tends to lack potency, though because of the sheer numbers in this rank, they collectively set the normative values.


Detecting the CHEF

The key lesson in this is to realize that just as earth’s geomagnetic field detects the CHEF, so do we as individuals, even though we may not be conscious or understand how it is possible. There is also a magnetic attraction that plays an influential role here. When our IHEF evolves to a more stable, viral positive state, we detect the viral influences of those IHEF contributions from the most potent viral positive sources, and we are influenced in our behaviors and attitudes accordingly.

For most of us, this happens beneath our conscious “radar.” If you examine the Figure B diagram and assess where you believe your IHEF is positioned on any given day, consider how you can evolve it to the Most Desired State (small green triangle). The when-which-how practice is an accelerator that will move you in this direction or help you remain there.

I know this subject is complicated, and from my perspective, it is not easy to explain with words or static, two-dimensional diagrams. I would ask you to be patient and persevere in your understanding if you feel uncertain of the deeper meanings in this section related to Interconnection. These are important elements in your motivation and intent relative to the unfolding of your purpose and ability to practice the six heart virtues.

Remember that interconnection is attended with interaction and emotional resonance. While there are some who would downplay the significance of whether that interaction and resonance is anchored in positive or negative virtues, there is a difference of enormous consequence between the two poles—to you as an individual, to the collective of humanity and to the earth itself. At one level, there is no positive or negative in the sense of good and evil, but in the dimensions of time-space and the prevailing construct of evolution and ascension of consciousness, it matters a great deal.

The when-which-how practice is like a homing device that helps you navigate to the stable, viral positive place that enables your purpose to truly radiate and have impact within this world at this time. There is very little glamour associated with this practice as it leaves no historical footprint in the context of a material legacy. In the case of the when-which-how practice and the viral positive position, these are largely invisible as they are not made up of material things, but instead are an energetic transmission. Their potency is emotional energy aligned to specific behaviors which express themselves in our words and actions. You cannot bottle these up in material things, unless, purely for artistic purposes you want to convey their shadowy essence for others to acknowledge.

If you desire to achieve emotional self-mastery and contribute to the CHEF in a way that accelerates its evolution gracefully and naturally, then living from the heart is an excellent path to walk. I have suggested many times that patience plays a role because the path is not easy and has many, many layers of nuance and subtlety, but if your purpose has eluded you or you fear its tardiness is unending, this path and the practices described herein will guide you to reclaim your purpose and to live a meaningful life.


SECTION FIVE: Event Temples & Their Purpose

The when-which-how practice is a core practice, faith agnostic, and grounded in the perennial wisdom of sages and the interior voices of spiritual guides throughout time. It is the central, activating principle upon which the Event Temples are designed. Event Temples are the coalescing force for the community of when-which-how practitioners to collectively send their energetic voices to the needful ears of those enmeshed in the densities of a world awash in change, disenfranchisement, separation, greed, and profound, but fearful changes of a new reality. The Event Temples have a multidimensional purpose that has been alluded to in this paper, but will, in this section, be described in more detail.

When we contribute our individual energetic field (IHEF) to a selected target as defined in a specific Event Temple, we are performing six important functions:

1. We are practicing the six heart virtues in a communal way and learning how we can synchronize our heart’s capacity to send its energetic qualities with others and create a resonant, supportive field that assists others.

2. There is the collective and individual contribution to the CHEF and helping to increase the vibrancy of the viral positive therein.

3. Every time you participate in an Event Temple, you are crystallizing your purpose as an energetic being in the worlds of time-space. You are kindling a key objective for which you embodied in a human instrument and are awakening the energetic reach of your consciousness, empowering your sense of connection to all life.

4. Just as the CHEF exists for humanity, there also exists group CHEFs that can evolve at a much faster tempo than the overall species. The participants of the Event Temples will create their own CHEF and this CHEF will evolve very rapidly to act as a facilitator of the viral positive energetics.

5. Each participant of the Event Temples will be provided an online tracking system free of charge that will enable them to evaluate their progress over time on the when-which-how practice and each of the six heart virtues. This will enable an accelerated trajectory of learning for each individual, and a supportive system to persist upon the path.

6. The Event Temples will be a practice area for energetic transmissions of an individual and collective kind. In this practice you will feel the support of a conscious community and refine your artistry of expression of the six heart virtues. The Event Temples website will be a place where people can share their ideas and technique-enhancements with people of similar interest.

The Event Temples website is a dynamic, online analogue of living from the heart, and this e-paper is the foundation stone of the Event Temples.


SECTION SIX: Practice over Experience
Just as we cannot talk of visual beauty if we are blind, so we cannot discuss inner spiritual beauty if we have never perceived it.

Plotinus echoes the sentiment of most individuals that are on a spiritual path. The seeking of the inner spiritual beauty is thought to be a vision, illumination, cosmic consciousness or out-of-the-body experience where a profound truth of the universe reveals itself and we are forever changed like Paul struck by light on the road to Damascus. Thus, we seek the experience of the spiritual worlds before we have undertaken the practice that reveals its meaning.

There have been thousands of people who have had profound experiences through deep meditative states, or prayer, or hallucinogens, or lucid dreams. And sometimes, out of the blue, the universe will reveal an aspect of its supernal beauty quite independent of our own efforts. When the experience has faded into memory, it is sought again, again, and again. The experience of the inner worlds, the spiritual fountainhead from which all life appears and into which it disappears, is often sought before, or instead of, the expression of our soul through the virtues of the heart.

The reason is quite simple: we desire to claim spiritual experience as our natural birthright on one level, and on a more human level, we want undeniable proof that what we are invested in as a belief system is indeed authentic. To be sure, it is our natural birthright to live in the enlightened states of interconnection with the reality matrix of the Designing Force, but to do so requires a balance between what we express and what we experience. The when-which-how practice creates the opportunity to experience the spiritual beauty and appreciate its deeper meanings because what we express magnetically attracts the experience that is aligned to our expression.

There are roadmaps to the structure of the universe, and these can be attention-grabbing to learn, though they seldom conform to a single perspective. You can study hundreds if not thousands of books that depict the soul, the spiritual worlds, the higher wisdom, and you will certainly learn from these endeavors, as they can be part of the path of enlightenment. I would caution, however, that you read not more than you practice the six heart virtues. The encyclopedic mind is far less magnetic to the spiritual terrain than the expressive and expansive heart.

One of the key words in Plotinus’ quote is “discuss,” but there is little or no purpose in discussing inner spiritual beauty unless it is expressed in your behaviors first and then attracted into your sphere of experience as a result. Only in rare and most often inexplicable cases, does it work in reverse. By talking about the inner spiritual realms you might activate an interest in the experiential side of the equation, and this is good, but if the interest is already there and you desire only to talk or discuss, you will seldom attract the experience you seek, and almost never the meaning.

In the Lyricus teachings, there is a construct that if the aspirant desires to speak of divine experiences then they are unaware of their meaning. It is like a friend who describes a dream they had, and you can see so clearly what the dream means, but your friend who experienced it firsthand is oblivious to the dream’s deeper messages. The meaning is absent because the dream is too abstract to them. This is similar to how the aspirant is with the spiritual wisdom, seeking the experience of spiritual worlds before the practice has enlivened their understanding of the meaning.

And so we are back to the concept of living from the heart because here there is room to grow your own knowledge, to find your own sense of artistry in the wielding of the six heart virtues. Here you can define the magnetics of your IHEF. It only requires you to redirect your attention from the discussion of the inner spiritual worlds to the when-which-how practice, knowing that if this is accomplished the experiences will find their way to you. More importantly, when they do, their deeper significance will be known without interpretation or comparison.



I appreciate that some of you would prefer that I detail the when-which-how practice and provide all of the sixty-three combinations and which ones are appropriate for each situation. But the practice requires that every individual make these assessments in their self-luminous journey. Thus, the path is, by its nature of appreciating your individuality, not formulaic.

Regardless of who you are, were or want to be, you are first and foremost a spiritual being composed of an energetic field that expresses the degree of your emotional mastery or lack thereof. Beneath this energetic field may await talents of healing, telepathy, potent intuitive insight, artistic genius, or influential teachings, but what I’m suggesting is that these talents are secondary abilities to the primary gifts of expression from your inmost spiritual selfhood. These are precisely what the six heart virtues and living from the heart unlock and release, not only into your IHEF, but also into the CHEF, and this constitutes your highest purpose within the worlds of time-space.

You can choose to undertake this path as an agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Jew or any other religious affiliation. It does not matter to whom or whether you give your faith and loyalty. The important thing is that you understand your purpose as a spiritual being and never lose sight of this purpose even in the midst of turmoil and the certainty of life’s challenges.

We read and hear a lot about sustainability in the context of ecology; even some businesses have adopted the term to imply that their strategies are “green.” People are increasingly sensitive to the impact their carbon footprint has on the environment, and the notion of treading softly on the ecosystem is gaining ground with the general populations of earth.

As this paper suggests, we also have an emotional or energetic “footprint” that we leave upon the ecology of the human spirit and the planet at large. So much has been written in various religious and New Age texts that the earth will undergo cataclysmic changes or perhaps even an apocalypse, after which, we will enjoy the return of the Christ Consciousness, the Golden Age of humanity will reign, and the righteous will be caught up into the heavens.

While there may be some degree of truth in these visions, I’m proposing that the “avalanche is about to roll” outlook only evokes interest—sometimes obsession—and mostly it is fear-based. We need to activate our emotional self-mastery so we become self-luminous beings within the time-space dimensions. It is not fulfilling to have an interest in the avalanche or the impending shift of humanity; our fulfillment and meaning comes from our practice of the six heart virtues.

As historian Will Durant observed, in the last 3,421 years of recorded history only 268 have seen no war. If humanity is to add to the “no war” column, it will require a new belief system that is energetically supported by the six heart virtues. It will require individuals like you to develop emotional self-mastery as the priority self-improvement goal. Just as like attracts like, like informs like, and like transforms like. Thus, the transmission of our IHEF informs others who are similar to us, and as our numbers grow, the long-heralded shift will be the result.

Humanity moves increasingly towards the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul and the lattice grid of energetic interconnection upon which it moves and has its being. It does this not because of the hand of God or some Designing Force that corrals the human species into the higher dimensions, but rather through the human spirit expressing itself within the human realm of time-space. In other words, it’s an inside job—one human at a time.

It is not an infrequent position on the part of those who prefer the path of surrender to ask: “Why swim upstream? God will show the way and provide the path. Everything is taken care of, why struggle to gain mastery over your emotions? In the end, we will be redeemed.” This is a deep-seated and prevailing construct of humanity that higher forces ultimately configured the universe and still control its functioning and outputs, that creation is tethered to the One that is All, and regardless of your name for this Higher Force, it ultimately offers up a Savior for humanity—whether that savior is terrestrial, heaven-sent or extraterrestrial.

The evidence of human evolution shows that saviors come and go amid the primal actions of humankind that function in indifference to their message. We are all connected, yet we war. We are all connected, yet we steal. We are all connected, yet we hoard and over-consume. We are all connected, yet we turn away from the suffering of others. The insensitivity to our connection is a veil that is steadily becoming more transparent, and this is the vital agent of change, but it will not occur in a blinding flash of time or an instant of recognition. Rather, it is the result of a deliberate and persistent practice of the six heart virtues from an ever-widening base of humanity.

We are collectively engineering this, some more consciously than others, which is the only notable distinction between us. The “temple” is being built in which all of humanity can enter and see one another as they truly are. This temple is neither of earth nor the heavens. It is not owned by anyone nor is anyone excluded. Within this temple we are not emotionless beings, quite the contrary, we are energetically potent with vibrant emotions and they are expressed with care and they are rooted in the virtues of the heart. This is the temple we are here to build. Be patient, for it is an endeavor long in the making. Yet it is certain to occur, not because we will be “saved,” but because enough humans chose to live from their hearts, to practice the six heart virtues and become conscious of their energetic contributions (IHEF) to the whole of life.

One final comment, the journey is rewarding, but also difficult as you will be challenged to shift quickly, adjust your attitudes, refresh your perspective, and own your mistakes and vulnerabilities. The six heart virtues are meant to be expressed not only to others but also your human self. Bear this in mind as you progress. All the heart virtues apply equally to others and yourself. You can appreciate a stranger’s kindness and in the next instant forgive your judgment of them. It is precisely because of our imperfections, that the six heart virtues have their meaning.

From my world to yours,



Appendix A

Definitions of the Six Heart Virtues

I have resisted the temptation to define the six heart virtues in detail, but I will provide a starting point for their definition so you can embroider them according to your own experience and insight.



At the subtle levels, this virtue is focused on a specific awareness that First Source (Higher Intelligence) surrounds our fellow beings as a field of consciousness and that this consciousness unifies us. If we are unified, it follows that we operate as a collective consciousness at some deeper level, and in this place, we share a common purpose that is richly textured, supremely vital, and yet mysterious, dynamic and uncertain. This awareness, or even belief, shifts our focus from the small details of our personal life to the vision of our purpose as a species.

At a more practical level, appreciation expresses itself in the small gestures of gratitude that support relationship loyalty and bonding. The deeper levels of appreciation make the relatively surface level expressions genuine because they stem from the frequencies of soul instead of the motives of the ego or mind.



Many teachers have spoken eloquently about compassion as the deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled to the desire to relieve that suffering. In the context of the new intelligence that is seating itself on our planet, compassion is an active desire to assist others to align with the new fields of intelligence that are manifesting in the three dimensional world, aware that their desire and ability to align is distorted by their social enculturation; it does not accurately reflect their intelligence, spiritual inclinations, or purpose.

Compassion therefore is extended to both our fellow beings and the planet itself with the realization that we are part of one another’s destiny if only for a single lifetime. Planet and person dance in the ascending currents of First Source in a collaborative process of regeneration and renewal. We are all part of the mysterious overtures and energetic transcendence that is occurring between Earth and the universe, and as earth transforms its accumulated densities each of us will be challenged to transform our own, or become further embedded in our fears and emotional turmoil.



Forgiveness operates out of the construct that each of us is doing the best we can under the circumstance of our life experience and the degree that our love frequency saturates our human instrument. When a person operates from the heart virtues and the rich textures of its authentic frequencies, forgiveness is a natural state of acceptance.

When a perceived injustice enters our experience—no matter how significant or whether we perceive ourselves to be the cause or the effect—we may initially react with the sharp emotions of victimhood or annoyance, but this emotional clutter can be quickly cleared by replacing your sense of victimhood or annoyance with understanding and compassion.

Forgiveness is really the outward expression of understanding and compassion without the heavy sentiments of duality (i.e., good and bad) that typically introduce the presence of judgment. It is a neutral expression without design or purpose other than to release yourself from the clutches of time, which is similar to energetic quicksand, entangling you energetically to a time-based emotional state.



The soul’s expression of love is its most important purpose while embodied within the worlds of time-space. It circulates this delicate, sublime frequency of love to the human body and mind without condition or motive. It will come as no surprise that it finds the heart a more willing collaborator than the mind. Humility is the realization that the heart, mind and soul co-mingle in the grace of a Higher Intelligence or Designing Force, and that their very existence is upheld through this connection of unconditional love.

In the religious, psychological, and philosophical materials of our planet there is great consideration given to the mind. As a man thinketh so is he. At a more granular level, many people believe that what they think causes their feelings, which in turn creates their vibratory rate and this vibratory rate attracts their life experience. So, applying this logic, the way to attract good things into our life is to think rightly, lest we attract evil or hardship.

Humility understands that the being that represents you—your fullest identity—is not constituted as a chain reaction of the mind. Rather, it is the presence of love embodied in human form, and this love expresses itself in the virtues of the heart, the pure intellect of the contemplative mind, and the co-creative pursuits of the heart, mind, and soul. Humility is the expression of this love frequency knowing it derives from what already exists in a higher dimension, and in this dimension, love is not a thing of sentiment and emotional heaviness. It is a liberating force where all are one, all are equal, all are divine, and all are immortal.



The world of form, just as the formless worlds, is composed of energetic structures beneath its denser expression. In a real sense, everything in the multiverse is energy with incalculably long, energy-based lifespans. Energy is transformational; that is, it can alter or shift into other states of being or, in the case of humans, consciousness. The human energetic structure is often described as the chakra system or electromagnetic body, but it is more than these components. The energetic structure is a form of light, which in turn is a texture of divine love.

Energetically, our “skeleton” is composed of love at our core structure, and it is this love frequency that is the basis of our immortal consciousness, or soul. All of the lower densities are shadows of this light and operate in time-space, which provide a sheath of density and separation from this core love frequency. The worlds of time-space alter or dilute this connection we feel to the core energetic structure of which we are all composed, and this diminishes our sense of connection not only to our divinity, but to God and all life.

Herein is the paradox of being human: our innermost structure is divine love and our outermost structure is a means of experience for the innermost structure, but we have become entrained by the outer vehicle to the degree where we identify with it more than the occupant—our true self—inside.

All of us feel this dissociation with our true self and over-identification with our physical body and mind (human instrument); perhaps only in degree is there any difference among us. Understanding is the aspect of heart intelligence that recognizes this dissociation from love is a necessary design component of the larger blueprint that is occurring on the planet. In other words, it is not that humanity has fallen from grace or is tilted irrevocably toward sin. Rather, we have simply accepted the picture of reality that is dominant, and its dominance is not by accident but part of a larger design.

There is a well-known phrase within Lyricus that roughly translated says: “The elegance of time is that it unravels the structures of space that have sealed love from itself.” The structures of space, in this case, refer to the human instrument. Only time can break down the rigid barriers, or subtle membranes that prevent or diminish the love frequency from exerting its wisdom in the behaviors of the individual.

If time is the variable of importance, it stands to reason that everyone is on his or her way to this realization; it is simply a matter of time before they achieve it. Thus, time is the differential that separates us. In a sense, we are all time shifted from one another. No one operates in exactly the same time relative to unsealing his or her love frequency from the world of form.



While valor is generally used in the context of war or the battlefield, it is, as an element of love, linked with the act of speaking truth to power, especially when an injustice is committed. It is common in today’s social order to pretend ignorance of the injustices of our world. Self-absorption in one’s own world is one key threat that undermines the expression of valor, and fear of consequence is the other.

Valor is the aspect of your love that defends its presence in the face of injustice as measured in the social order. If you don’t defend your virtues—or those too weak to defend their own—you have separated from them and have lost an opportunity to be a co-creative force in the world of form.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you must become an activist or advocate for a list of social causes. It simply requires that you defend yourself from injustice. Children in particular require this protection. When I was only about seven years old I vividly remember going to a store with my father and while we were walking in from the parking lot we noticed a mother quite literally beating her child in the backseat of her car. It was a busy Saturday and there were many people in the parking lot, but it was my father who approached the woman and asked her to stop. His voice was firm from his conviction and the woman immediately stopped.

This was an act of valor because there was no real judgment associated with it; it was simply an injustice that required intervention in the moment. Compassion for both the child and the mother were present in my father, and I believe the mother knew this. This is an example of how the virtues of the heart seldom appear in isolation, but rather as an ensemble that braid themselves for strength and potency for a given situation.


Appendix B

Further Definitions of Figure B (energetic quadrant)

Figure B is a complex diagram that requires a detailed description, which is offered in this section. Think of this diagram as an energetic quadrant divided by two axes. The vertical (y) axis is the axis of dynamic emotions, whereas the horizontal (x) axis is the axis of stable emotions. If you have, for example, frequent mood swings, shifting from anger to love or sadness to joy, you are riding the “serpent” of the vertical axis.

The serpent axis is aptly named since those who shift back and forth between the poles of Viral Negative and Viral Positive spring from side-to-side, seldom enjoying peace or contentment. It is much easier to shift between the quadrants one and two, or even quadrants three and four, than it is to shift between one and three, or four and two. The hardest is the shift between quadrants four and one because they are so incompatible as to make the shifts physically painful.

The movement we each take across this energetic quadrant can be random-reactive, or purposeful-empowered. For example, let’s say you are waiting in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you begins arguing with the clerk about the costs of several items, and you can’t help noticing that the line of customers behind you is growing. You have the option of riding the serpent and flashing angry glances at the customer ahead of you, while posturing with your body language in disapproval. Or, you can take a deep breath, inflow the light of your heart’s virtues, select the one you intuitively feel is most relevant to the situation at hand (perhaps understanding > forgiveness), and then release it to the event without condition or judgment.

Riding the serpent you will tend to operate in the random-reactive mode. When you operate in the more stable fields of Viral Negative or Viral Positive, you tend to express a more purposeful-empowered perspective in your life moment-to-moment. Unfortunately, in the case of the Viral Negative person, the outcome is repressive to the human family, which leads me to an important point: unlike most psychology which defines the negative behaviors with words like lust, anger, or obsession; the Viral Negative state is simply defined as repressive to the human spirit.

The majority of people ride the serpent unaware that there are people who purposely conspire to repress the human spirit, trying to keep us separated from one another, and to live unfulfilled lives relative to our spiritual purpose. These are the ones who live in the Least Desired State, operating with a purposeful-empowered mindset, at least partly focused on the repression of the human spirit. Of course, the irony is that the vast majority of those operating in the Least Desired State would identify their mission as one of saving humanity or protecting it from itself. This is all part of the conundrum of definitions.

The Viral Positive person, living in the Most Desired State, is one who is purposeful-empowered in the context that they exude a liberating field or persona that empowers others to activate and express their spiritual purpose. There is no sense of repression or random reaction; it is a clear and coherent focus on helping others to live from their hearts and express the virtues therein.

This energetic quadrant is a way of looking at the emotional terrain in which we express our energetic self. It is through this portal that our energetic output of the Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF) is received into the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF), and our energetic fingerprint is fused to the human collective of energy.

If we look at the energetic quadrant as our portal into the CHEF, then it becomes more obvious that we have a responsibility to establish our prevailing position in quadrant 1. Notice that I said prevailing position, not absolute. Everyone will cross lines from one quadrant to another. It is our natural and desirable state to cross boundaries and experience different points of the quadrant. However, we can choose which points become our prevailing or stable positions, from which we derive our identities and our perceptions of the external world.

Reviewing the energetic quadrant, you have probably attempted to place yourself within it, and in doing so, you have found a point that is temporal—assignable today, but not necessarily tomorrow or next week. Further, you may have allotted some degree of judgment as to your “place” on the quadrant, as if it is your home or where you belong. Many of us have had past experiences that appear to lock us into a particular energetic expression that can feel like it is frozen in time. But that is untrue.

You can pick any point on the quadrant and say, “This is where I am today.” And you can pick another and say, “This is where I choose to be tomorrow.” The distance between the two points can be measured in millimeters, but may seem like light years away from each other to your mind. The energetic signature we emit to the universe is composed of an energy so refined as to be undetectable to our senses, but it is the transformative rocket fuel that feeds our progression into the Most Desired State. This it can do independent of the dimension of time, past traumatic experiences, miserable upbringing, or any other rationale your mind can conjure.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “But wait, don’t the emotions define my energetic field?” The emotions influence your energetic field, but its definition is one of intention and will. You choose the energetic equivalent of yourself, and keep choosing it every moment of your life on earth. You choose the energetic field that you emit to the universe. This is the seed of energy that you established or “planted” within the human “soil.” Like anything that evolves and transforms, this seed requires nurturing and cultivation. To the extent you express your heart’s virtues—practicing them in everyday situations—you will see your emotional state shaping your energetic field in such a way that you will awaken one day and the universe will become the mirror of your energetic body, and you will finally meet the inward self that embraces all.

You can look at the quadrant as a stage with three different roles. The Viral Negative does not mean you are Satan incarnate or a miserable convict rotting away in prison. Most of the members of the human family who live in this state are seemingly responsible, polite, and attentive citizens of their respective countries; except for the fact they repress the human spirit and separate the human family into sexes, religions, races, preferences, colors, and segments of disintegration. They could be doctors, Sunday school teachers, librarians, policemen, mothers or business executives. There is no job or social standing that excludes them. What distinguishes them is that they are purposeful in their repression and separation, there is a cause behind their actions and this cause anchors them in the Viral Negative State (VNS). For purposes of this paper I will refer to these people as VNS People.

In the middle section are those who are riding the serpent of the emotional swings tethered to the social undulations as meted out by the dominant cultures, religions, political, and educational systems. Since I am focused on the energetic field of a category of individuals within the human family, I’ll refer to these as Riding the Serpent (RTS) People. RTS People are the base of humanity, speaking energetically; they set the general pattern of how emotions and energetic frequencies of human interaction become the norm. They are mostly concerned with family, work, and entertainment, but they also dabble in the spiritual and are in different states of awakening relative to their energetic field. RTS People are in search mode, forever seeking whatever is felt to be missing in their life. They are disillusioned by the seeming indifference of their God, and this condition keeps them uncertain, which in turn makes them more reactive to life.

If you are always reacting to the external environment and the uncertain impulses of your internal world dimly felt, you will tend to be dramatic in your swings of emotions and your IHEF will reflect this. RTS People have a prevailing feeling that there is more to life, that a higher purpose awaits their discovery if only they could find it. This adds to their sense of uncertainty and frustration, which only fuels their reactionary impulses when coupled to the rising stress of modern-day living.

On the Viral Positive side of the energetic quadrant, people in this category, as they approach the Most Desired State, become increasingly aware of their energetic field in a similar way to how an infant becomes progressively more aware of its physical body. The Viral Positive State (VPS) People are not necessarily “spiritual” people in the sense that they are teachers within a religion, nor are they necessarily the scientists in search of the energetic realms. Unless a person, regardless of their stature in life, is also actively expressing their heart’s virtues and empowering others to do the same, they will never enter the Most Desired State, unless it is for a radiant moment as a means of activation—a calling to their soul from the Designing Force.

Just as the VNS People are anchored in their energy field by the cause of repression and separation, the VPS People are anchored in their commitment to the human family by transcending the myopia of small picture dramas. Those within the Most Desired State have an unwavering commitment to the cause of human transformation from material-mindedness to energetic-heart-awareness. This is the cause that anchors them.

A key to understanding the energetic quadrant is to see the VNS, RTS, and VPS People as members of the human family who are informing the collective energy, or CHEF. From a perspective of wholeness, there is no wrong or right, good or evil. All of us have a role to play in this vast collection of energy. However, the choice is still ours as to how we desire to work with the greater incoming energies impacting on our planet. This is an important distinction between the three primary groups of people because only the VPS People are able to transmit the incoming energies like a clear prism can transmit white light into seven rays.

As it has been said, a prism in the dark is just a hunk of glass. So, too, is the human energetic field—in the dark it is just a receiver. If it is in the VNS or RTS state, then it is in a darkened state and the incoming energies from the universe at large (Designing Force) cannot transmit the energetic frequencies that empower and fuel the human family to transformation. Now, to be clear, I am painting with black and white for effect. Admittedly, there are many shades of gray, but the point is that in order to both receive and transmit the higher energetics of the universe—to have a positive effect on the human transformation objective—you must choose the path to become and remain a VPS Person.

The when-which-how practice is a choice that immediately begins to shift our IHEF and align its trajectory to the Viral Positive state. The Most Desired State (green triangle in quadrant one) is the gravitational core of quadrants one and two, and it is the most potent position within the energetic quadrant as it pertains to influencing the CHEF. In other words, if you are able, as a result of your conscientious and deliberate application of the when-which-how practice, to operate within the Most Desired State, you are contributing a virally active energetic signature that can influence thousands of others who are also seeking a way to become Viral Positive, even though they may not consciously intend it.

Another way to look at the quadrant is to imagine points of humanity on it (see below).

Imagine that each large dot represents ten thousand IHEFs and each small dot represents one thousand. This view would represent the distribution of IHEFs into the CHEF. Let’s say this view was a snapshot of the CHEF, and that we could take pictures at different times and review how humanity is progressing relative to its CHEF. These snapshots would signify how humanity is evolving emotionally and energetically.

In the example above, notice that the distribution of IHEFs is denser along the serpent’s axis. This would indicate that humanity, as a whole, is fluctuating between quadrants and operating in a more reactive behavior to life’s events. You can also notice that there is more distribution of IHEFs in quadrants 3 and 4, indicating that the Viral Negative—particularly in the Least Desired State—is generating a more effective influence.

There is much written and discussed about the impending dimensional shift. While it has many facets, the real shift occurs energetically across the human family. It could look like the view below, if enough people learn how to express the six heart virtues with a degree of consistency. As a result, the “dots” within the Most Desired State will increase and a shift of balance, energetically, can occur within the broader human family.

From the time you make the decision to practice the six heart virtues—to live from your heart—you are re-gridding your energetic signature in resonance with quadrant one and the Most Desired State. You are part of the shift of consciousness upon earth, and as you move closer to the Most Desired State, you are not only part of the shift, you are an activating force of the shift.

It all starts energetically. The shift is a co-creation between the Designing Force and the human family. It is both elements operating in a dance of resonance. The shift is not a thing that happens to humanity; it is a thing that is co-created by humanity and the Designing Force.

As the diagram above shows, our personal path can be organized into four orientations that overlay the energetic quadrant, and be used as a practical guide. These four orientations consist of the three tendencies of the mind: Ego Vices, You Complex, and Me Complex (definitions to follow), and the one affinity of the heart: Heart Virtues. While very general, these orientations superimpose another dimension of structure to the energetic quadrant.

Normally, as we develop in one lifetime, and even through the macro-lens of multiple lifetimes, we journey through the quadrant of Ego Vices, which has a decidedly selfish orientation. We then move to the You Complex where our attention is on the shortfalls of the external world, which could include family, friends, work, or society in general. Next, presuming a sequential trajectory, we would spend time in the Me Complex, which is the quadrant where we first begin to recognize that our inner self is fundamental to our happiness and sense of well-being. Finally, we enter the Heart Virtues, where we begin to shift our focus from the mind’s comprehension of truth and the seeking of enlightenment, to the more active practice of expressing our heart’s virtues and energetics therein.

Many of us bounce from quadrant to quadrant within a single lifetime, and to be clear, there is no set sequence. In other words, as a child, one can live in the Heart Virtues quadrant, and by the age of seven, move to explore the You Complex. Later in life, when a young adult, they live squarely in the Ego Vices quadrant. When they reach thirty years of age, they can shift to the Me Complex, and then, because of a shattering experience, fall back to the You Complex. Finally, at the age of forty-five, they return to the Me Complex, and something in their inner search rekindles their practice and expression of the Heart Virtues, not as a random emotion, but as the core practice that brings meaning to their life.

This is just an example of how each of us journeys through these different quadrants and lives in them, largely unaware that they shape, in an important way, our IHEF contribution and the meaningfulness of our life.

The energetic quadrant is a framework to help you assess your prevailing position and IHEF contribution. You can do quick mental check-ins to sense your position within the quadrant, and sometimes, to even assess the human family as a whole. This is not an exercise in judgment (You Complex), but rather a framework to enable an intuitive check-in of your energetic progress.

From awkwardness—with practice—comes competency.

From separation—with practice—comes the prevailing sense of unity.

From disbelief—with practice—comes evidence.

When you first practice living from the heart, you might feel awkwardness, separation, and disbelief, but these are temporal states, and they will, if you persist in your practice, be replaced by competency, unity, and evidence.


The end.