The Temple of Spiritual Activism

The Temple of Spiritual Activism


Spiritual activism is a concept within Lyricus that originates from the Sovereign Integral (SI) state of being. At the quantum level, it is a very deep state of emanating transmissions of unity and equality to the human family, and by extension, to all life that surrounds it. At a more physical level, the level of the human instrument, it is the vibrancy of the will to understand the human condition in its most disastrous expressions, and seek ways to improve it as a collective work.

The pathway of spiritual activism is depicted in Figure 1 below. It is a simplification to be sure, but the essence of the journey is the same for nearly everyone, and so it is worthy of a closer look.

Something or someone wakes us up. A “bell” rings and we begin to see the outline of a new belief structure sprouting up around us. Perhaps our values shift or we begin to see that what we had previously called “truth” is incomplete, or it no longer resonates with our innermost self. Very often this disenchantment occurs because we have observed that what is promised in our belief system is unfulfilled in our life experience.

At a deeper level, when the wake-up call occurs, we are transformed into a sponge, seeking the new information in books, seminars, websites, rituals, videos, nature, and a hundred other modalities of experience. This is the “Deep Dive” that draws a person to seek the information that will re-model their belief system, aligning them more closely to Source or Creator.

In order to take this Deep Dive, it is necessary to cleanse the old beliefs and values that had dominated the previous belief system, or world view. This cleansing is similar to detoxifying the mind and heart from the resonant vibrations and energetic attractors of the old system of thoughts and feelings.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust


What happens for many spiritual seekers is that they begin to teach the information gleaned from their Deep Dive as a form of “truth-telling,” and in this process they fall back into separation. This separation is an old pattern, and consists of vestigial energy that—like a gravitational beam—keeps the seeker in the paradigm of us and them, saved and unsaved, enlightened and unenlightened, God-fearing and atheist, order and chaos, and so forth.

It is this sense of separation in the truth-telling that holds judgment, ego, and an ignorance of the reality that is our source of intelligence, and these elements have vibrational density that creates the cycle of returning to sleep and reawakening to a different bell, and then, once again, beginning the Deep Dive and truth-telling. This cycle, for some of us, can repeat more than a dozen times in a single lifetime.

Each time we undertake a cycle of awakening, Deep Dive, and truth-telling, we learn something new about our energetic responsibility. We learn that we are an encompassing energy first and foremost. What is built from this energy in the form of the human instrument is not our authentic self, nor is it permanent or causal. We learn that energy is closer to who we are and that this energy is not defined by time-space. This energy level is at a deeper level, is intelligent and able to operate as a “Sub-God” or carrier signal of First Source.

This realization moves one out of the lower cycle and into the spiral adventure of coherent energetic transfers. In this stage of our journey, we are not transmitters of “truth,” but rather, we are expressions of the six heart virtues—appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor. Like a prism accepting invisible light into itself and expressing seven rays of color; we accept the inner light of the One into our human instrument and express the virtues of the heart.

The heart, not the mind, becomes our focus, for it is the heart that can bridge separation and Oneness. We become engineers who build the bridges between separation and Oneness-Unity. In this endeavor, we turn our attentions to connecting and sharing, reaching out to others and helping the causes of our planet that require our light and energy. It is from this point of the journey that we awaken to a form of expression that we will call Spiritual Activism.

Spiritual activism is not about solving the problems of the world by energizing social causes and adding to the polarity between those who care and those who don’t, or those who believe the solution is “x” and those who believe the solution is “y”. This is a subtle distinction because the will to do good in the world is often accompanied by separation. For example, the social cause of climate change has “camps” of those who are supporting the Earth (activists, tree-huggers, vegans, ecologists, etc.) and those who are not (global corporations, greedy business people, military industrial complex, governments, etc.).

“If we go into Nature and inquire into her processes we observe more than one glimmer of light. The truth is that life is not material and that the lifestream is not a substance. Life is a force—electrical, magnetic, a quality, not a quantity.”

– Luther Burbank


Abstract but potent movements, like globalization, can carve out a city and overturn its commerce and community, essentially copy-pasting the culture of globalization in a place that once held its own spirit and sense of community. Those who are opposed to globalization, and observe their communities looking more and more like cookie-cutter McCommunities and Walmartvilles, can become activists against the global machine, but from their fervent opposition, they actually energize the globalization momentum that they seek to stop.

The different camps of “us” and “them” have energetic signatures as well as physical places, people, and events, and this energetic signature grows as the two sides of polarity shine the intensity of their disagreement (energy) at one another. You can observe this in any political system (e.g., liberals and conservatives) and see how the energies are constructed, and make unity and oneness an abstraction instead of a reality.

We live in the non-linear, multi-dimensional, intersecting planes of separate realities that self-organize and transform into the world of Oneness and Unity, but only when we operate in the surety of our hearts will we experience this unity. The heart is not given to ideology or frameworks of rigidity. It operates in tandem with the hippocampus and neocortex to sense, decode, and respond to our local universe and multiverse in utter fluidity.

The heart is our magnet of perception—the decipherer that listens to the electromagnetic sea in which we live, and pulls in the information we need to live in unity with others. It perceives oneness in the living world, and interconnected purpose in the nonliving world. This is the “flashlight” of attention that cascades outward, rising from the depths of our Sovereign Integral consciousness and flooding our local universe with the heart virtues of compassion, understanding, humility, and forgiveness.



EVT 3 is called the Temple of Spiritual Activism because its focus is on activating a feature of the individual that connects one to the Entity of Oneness, First Source, or the Nameless Force, from which virtually all of humanity has become de-synchronized as a result of subtle indoctrinations coming from vibratory fields that disrupt this innate connection of Oneness.

If we are each atoms of an encompassing, composite entity that is unified, singular in identity, and increasingly coherent in its expression (as measured by geologic time), then we are learning to become re-synchronized to its consciousness. Activating and accelerating this process of re-synchronization is the focus of spiritual activism because as this spreads throughout the individuated states of expression within humanity, it begins to manifest a different reality. This new reality is one that is manifested from the virtues of the heart, instead of the mind.

Activism is a word that conjures the behavior of speaking truth to power. At the core of activism is the sense that something is wrong, and a new goal, and the method to achieve that goal, is required to solve the problem. In general, activism is the collective movement to increase distributed power, or democracy across the human race. It is the notion of wresting control of humanity’s goals from the elite few, and re-defining the goals of humanity so they are more sane, just, kind, caring, peaceful, and liberating.

The goal of spiritual activism is to accelerate the Oneness of humanity, and as a result, bring about the manifestations that arise from a consciousness that flows from the heart virtues, instead of from the hierarchical structures of the indoctrinated human mind. The methods for this are extremely subtle and bear little resemblance to either political, or social activism.

The source of spiritual activism is not of the mind. Therefore, it requires a new way of thinking about one’s identity. This is the first step in the method of spiritual activism: Living in the identity of the Sovereign Integral consciousness. The word-concept “Sovereign Integral” is encoded, unifying the two aspects of the One Being: Sovereign and individuated, and integral as One. We are both sovereign and unique expressions of the one, unified Being.

Words are simply words, but the concept of the One Being as the Sovereign Integral consciousness is the basis of spiritual activism because it is through the expression of this consciousness—this specific level of consciousness—that we gain a familiarity with the quantum level of our existence as a collective, potent entity that cannot be imprisoned, marginalized, or influenced by the mind.



In order to make the Sovereign Integral consciousness more concrete, think of your consciousness as a hub with many spokes diverging from it. The hub is your Spiritual Center, or Quantum Presence that lives beyond time and space. This Spiritual Center is connected to every other Spiritual Center through a quantum link that facilitates the Oneness of all living forms. This quantum link is what we refer to as the Sovereign Integral state because it is the source and facilitation of Oneness.

The level of individual perception and expression that is fully connected to Oneness is the Spiritual Center of your consciousness. You can think of this as the portal through which the individual can pass into Oneness and remain an individual. The Spiritual Center is the timeless presence of the individuated spirit-consciousness. The personality is like a “membrane” of this pure consciousness as it enters the worlds of space-time. The human instrument (body, emotions, and mind) serves both the Spiritual Center and the personality as they interact with their local universe.

“In the human spirit, as in the universe, nothing is higher or lower; everything has equal rights to a common center which manifests its hidden existence precisely through this harmonic relationship between every part and itself.”

– Goethe


The purpose of EVT 3 is to help shift the consciousness of personality, embodied within the human instrument, to the Spiritual Center regularly throughout the day and utilize our Spiritual Center to interact with our local universe. In doing this we gain a foothold on the quantum states that we dwell in, and through this deeper awareness, we unsheathe our authentic self, aligning to its vibratory fields and moving further into alignment with all others who are undergoing the same transformation.

There are always multiple levels of activism in the worlds of time-space. On one level there are those who are rising up in a common voice, calling for peace, justice, support, and equity, especially for those disadvantaged by social or economic circumstance. On another level, are those who are imagining the Oneness of Humanity by touching into their Spiritual Centers and allowing this vibration to flow outward from their hearts. One level facilitates the other; in a sense, they are conjoined in manifesting the new realities of a world in which Oneness supersedes separation and polarity.

How does one shift their consciousness from the personality that has dominated them since early childhood, to navigating life from their Spiritual Center? There is no master key to this realization. No incantation, mantra, or formula will evoke its state of being. However, there are four gateways that embody the viewpoint of the Spiritual Center, and if they are integrated into one’s life, and coupled to a consistent practice of breathing (Quantum Pause), the individual can access their Spiritual Center and “slip” into the Sovereign Integral consciousness within the time-space realm.

As the diagram above shows, the Spiritual Center, within the quantum domain, holds certain perspectives or states of being. You can think of these perspectives as “windows” into the time-space domain in which the human instrument operates, and through which the Spiritual Center of the individual influences the material realities. If each of the spokes radiating from the center is vibrant, then the individual is operating more from the consciousness and vibration of Oneness, and less from the indoctrinated mind that is pulled towards separation, analysis, polarity, and judgment.

These four states of the Spiritual Center are:

1. Facilitation

2. Observance

3. Guidance

4. Co-Creation

Accessing these states of being is a matter of consolidating your energies and being in the present. Experiencing these states helps to keep you in the present, and the more one’s life is lived in the moment, the easier it is to be in facilitation, guidance, observance, and co-creation, and therefore to express out of wholeness instead of separation; to live from coherence (inside-out emanation) rather than reflecting de-coherence (outside-in radiation).



Coherence is a key concept to understand, and not simply coherence as we think of it in physics or biology. Coherence is a state of being that is an outgrowth of alignment and synchronization with one’s Spiritual Center. It is the natural state of the Spiritual Center of the individual and it derives from the paradigm that you are part of an encompassing whole, and you are forever connected to ITS expression as explorers, communicators, and co-creators.

In the broadest sense, coherence enables the individual to experience, explore, and embrace their interactions with their universe at an energetic level through the four states of being—not simply to survive and identify with the transient desires of the human instrument.

We tend to identify coherence as joy, or ease, or vitality, but coherence is really about the Presence of Allowance. This Presence originates at our Spiritual Center, which requires that we consolidate and unify our energies into a stillness of being where there is no agenda, no effort to solve or resolve—simply allowance.

This allowance is offered to the Universe and Sovereign Integral consciousness as the corridor through which the Universe can bring in the learning, manifest the tools, or create the conditions to solve life’s difficulties when they occur. In a way, coherence is the ability to outsource problems to our Spiritual Center, knowing that in doing this, we are tapping into the four perspectives that emanate from the Spiritual Center.

Coherence is not simply alignment to happiness or a particular emotional state. It does not fixate on subjective states of being at a mental, emotional, or physical level. Coherence is innate empowerment derived from the natural act of allowance. It is the pause that refreshes and realigns the human instrument to its pilot—the Spiritual Center that is the portal to First Source, and the node on the network through which all beings are connected to the greater Plan.

Coherence, at a quantum level, is natural, flowing, nonlinear, dynamic, and connected with one’s Spiritual Center. As it flows into the human instrument it can transform into geometric, linear randomness, ricocheting within the human instrument like a pinball as it encounters densities of resistance, or energy obstructions. In order to re-synchronize with one’s Spiritual Center, it is important to access its four states of being—facilitation, observance, guidance, and co-creation, as these help to create more of a flow through the human instrument.



Thus, coherence positions the individual in alignment with their Spiritual Center where they can shift from the “fear of loss” mentality of transient desires, to the “creative flow” of inter-connectedness and Oneness. Does this happen overnight? No, not for the vast majority of people, but if you imagine how the Spiritual Center operates in your local universe, you can begin to utilize its four perspectives in the smallest details of your life. If you can then couple these perspectives or states of being with the expression of your heart’s virtues, then you are practicing spiritual activism at a profound level.

So many are waiting for someone to help our human family ascend to the lofty heights of spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, or the Golden Age of humanity, and yet, why would the Sovereign Integral consciousness require help? It is a vibratory field of consciousness so vast that it is impossible to even imagine it is deficient in some way. This realization is part of the process of spiritual activism because it informs the voice of the people that we are unified in the quantum bedrock of consciousness; that this collective force does not bend to the mind or its systems of creation. It is the sovereign and integral force that animates all life into the composite of First Source.

Spiritual activism is a commitment, and regardless of how much time you have remaining on this planet, in this lifetime, for those of you who are seeking a higher purpose, a more focused influence, and potency of expression, you will find it in this path. It is not the only path, nor would I say it is the best, because this is subjective and depends on the person, but if you can inhabit the Spiritual Center and view your local universe through the quantum lens of facilitation, guidance, observation, and co-creation, you will see differently, and your manifestations will reflect this difference in your world.


As stated earlier, coherence is an outgrowth of an increasingly conscious alignment with one’s Spiritual Center. Depicted above is the concept of alignment and its relationship to coherence. If you live in a “fear of loss” consciousness, you are more aligned to the self as a personality separate from others. This is the polarity consciousness, and its pilot, or driver is the desire for material things that are short-lived. This is the state of decoherence where your innate coherence is disassembled by your desire to achieve the things that bring you transient pleasures, a sense of achievement, material survival, and ego satisfaction. It is not that the desire to succeed at your work or play creates decoherence, rather, it is when it becomes the obsession, the focal point of your life, and when all inward movement to connect with one’s Spiritual Center is deferred or renounced.

Many people today are in the middle state where they enjoy moments of good coherence and then the next moment where they feel lost. It is as if they are transitioning from one state to the other and their sense of alignment is shifting many times throughout the day. Their anchor is cast into the mental realm of the left-brain where things are linear, structured, hierarchical, and polar. This is the dominant frequency on Earth at this time, where rules and structures are set forth and citizens are educated to conform to this structure, learning how to align to it in order to achieve success and contribute to the social order.

Alignment is a form of attunement. We attune ourselves to vibrational frequencies and energetic signatures all the time, though usually this is done subconsciously. This subconscious attunement, when it is focusing our attention on transient pleasures or mental structures, occurs because we have forgotten our Spiritual Centers and allowed ourselves to drift away from our innate sense of coherence and the empowerments it so effortlessly supplies.

This drift is less the responsibility of the individual as it is more the responsibility of society. Society must educate and inspire its citizens to attune to their Spiritual Centers and live from this level of coherence, but unfortunately the societal indoctrination is aimed at compliance to the mental construct of polarity and separation. This energetic patterning is precisely what the spiritual activist seeks to transform.

Spiritual activism is a conscious choice to align with one’s Spiritual Center and adopt the perspectives of this Quantum Presence. These perspectives are subtle but potent. Here are a few ways in which they can be used:

• Dissolve personalities and projections. Allow. Dwell in stability, inevitability and stillness. Let the universe that surrounds you refresh itself and transform. Observe the re-gridding, the re-formatting of your environment.

• Rebuild interactions, relationships, and communication. Understand where you come from as a Quantum Presence, as opposed to a personality or ego. Feel the Spiritual Center within you and re-create your personality forever fueled from within. Co-create with those with whom you have resonance.

• Educate people by co-creating new, flexible paradigms for higher consciousness to inhabit the material worlds. Guide people through an infrastructure of interconnectedness, synergy, and ease to find their resonance.

• Emanate led by your Spiritual Center. Facilitate the outward path from the Spiritual Center to bear on the behaviors of the human instrument. Make it easy, direct, and natural.

The applications mentioned above are fluid, open, and merely suggestive of the way in which these quantum perspectives can filter into our local universe and begin to re-grid our behaviors, which in turn influence our relationships, interactions, and objectives. They begin to restructure our behaviors because, through them, we can see the connections of our inner world and outer world—not in the sense of manifestation—but in the sense of clearing a pathway for higher frequencies and energetics to restore humanity’s spiritual roots and sense of equality and oneness.



This is why coherence is such a critical element of spiritual activism: It engenders new behaviors. The diagram below depicts the three behaviors of coherence that restore and protect coherence. This paradigm is called Source Sync, and it is a method to enhance the synchronization between one’s personality and Spiritual Center.

Source Sync is a “carry in your wallet” technique that you can use to maintain your focus on your Spiritual Center throughout the day, and consolidate your mental and emotional energies so they remain more open to the nudges and whispers of your Spiritual Center.


First Source cannot be communicated as an entity, an interaction, or a modality. Source cannot be communicated. Period. Source can be experienced. Source is Symphony in every moment of time. Source is not an entity—IT is a Symphony of intelligent vibration.

To experience Source, you have to tap into that Symphony. Those of you who are on a spiritual path always see a bigger picture. There is always a bigger picture waiting behind the one you are currently exploring. Where do these bigger pictures come from? They are a result of your effort to tap into this Symphony. In every effort you make to reach into the deeper structures and flows of your Spiritual Center, you move closer to the Living Presence of Source.

When the experience comes from your Spiritual Center it doesn’t need to cross any dimensional barriers. This is intimacy with Source; with ITS Symphony of expression.
This is the path everyone is on: Learning how to re-synchronize with Source while wearing a human instrument. Spiritual activists seek to accelerate this path, and Source Sync is an excellent method to do this.



Synchronize. Like anything that has burrowed its way into the planes of matter and time-space, spiritual activism is a process, but it is a quiet, deeply personal process. In the diagram below, notice that the first step is to heighten the synchronization between the personality-ego and the Spiritual Center. Source-Sync is a technique for this, but you may find there are others that suit you better, so experiment and see what helps you gain a better sense of synchronization. One way you will know when the synchronization is improving is that you will feel less suspicion of your local universe (external world) and more connected to your heart.

Remember, this path will have its ups and downs, so do not have the expectation that steady improvement is the measure of success. You will have set-backs and times when you feel you are becoming less synchronized. Have compassion for yourself and anyone else who is on this path, the human condition is challenging.

Resonate. Resonance is a form of communication. When you take the time to have conversations with the Universe (or Sovereign Integral if you prefer to conceptualize it this way), you will find a deepening resonance with the Universe, and this provides you with a better sense of trust and allowance. It creates a bond between you and the Universe, and it is this bond that helps you to allow the Universe to work through you in resonance.

Navigate. The four quantum perspectives spoken of earlier are the means of navigation. They are the signposts that help you externalize your Spiritual Center into your local universe. Thus, navigating to your Spiritual Center is really touching into its perspectives regularly and looking for ways to apply them in your daily life. You navigate by sensing your local universe, looking for resonances, and seeking ways to apply the quantum perspectives and the six heart virtues.

Emanate. When the Spiritual Center is found, however dim or vivid your connection might be, it will flow through your human instrument. You will emanate its frequencies only when you adopt its perspectives. If you try to bottle its energetic flow into human mind paradigms of greed, separation, polarity, or control, it will dissolve its connection. This dissolution can take minutes or months, it depends on a complex set of factors, but it will not be subject to the mind.

Emanation is the goal of the spiritual activist. It is the quiet, unobtrusive frequency of equality and oneness. It is the tone of equality that flows from this Spiritual Center and nothing else is required. There is no struggle or effort to amp it up, or send it this way or that. It is transmitted without effort and there is no time-switch or channel through which it flows. It permeates the human instrument as a vibratory frequency and is released into the local universe like a perfume’s scent that flows in every direction, taken up by the wind and circulated throughout the Universe.



Emanation is simply the flow outward of the energetic frequencies of the Spiritual Center forming the One Entity consciousness. The One Entity is described in the diagram below. It is another way to look at your Self in the mirror of vibrations.

This paradigm is a simple explanation of what spiritual activists aspire to hold as their identity, because if you can imagine yourself consisting of this composite picture, you are able to emanate with greater potency and influence. Again, it is simply a paradigm, which in itself, is simply a structured way to re-imagine who you are. It is not THE truth or even a representation of truth since the use of words and a two-dimensional diagram cannot possibly present the textures and dimensions of your identity. Just contemplate its meaning to you, and don’t dwell on it too much.

Awareness is openness. Move on, continue, and don’t let anything consume you.

In the new paradigm there is only One Entity, sensing, navigating and finding its resonance within its local universe, and using that resonance to become aware of their Spiritual Center. This Spiritual Center is a “note” (or node) of the Symphony (or network) of Source. The One Entity is therefore a fusion of the Individual, the local universe, the Spiritual Center, and Source.

Through our sensing and navigation we find our resonance with our local universe without, and the quantum environment within.

We use instinct, intuition, and intelligence to sense and navigate. Instinct consists of a field of programs embedded from nature. Intuition consists of a field of paradigms that issue from the collective consciousness, and are accessible at the quantum levels. Intelligence is the connection you feel to Source vibration (Symphony) and your ability to express this coherent vibration through their behaviors. This is behavioral intelligence.

If you visualize that you are completely One Entity, all you are doing is interacting with yourself with no agenda. It is synergy. You are embracing yourself. The four perspectives of the Spiritual Center are behaviors that treat every other being in your environment as yourself when you’re interacting with them. This is the vision of right relations.

As an obstruction arises, a new paradigm arises from Source to release it—from your Spiritual Center. This is precisely why in these times of rapid change and transformation the walls seem to be moving in on all of us. Time is compressing and we sense this compression in nearly every aspect of our lives. We can hold faith and confidence that as the walls move inward and compression is ever more palpable, we are also given the new paradigms and ideas to absorb these pressing conditions with grace and ease.

Spiritual activists are forerunners of these changes. We feel them before others, we have to deal with them before others, and we will be marked by them before others. But we will also learn the new paradigms before others and it will be our responsibility to pass these on; not necessarily as Truth Tellers, but we will carry these paradigms in our coherent behaviors, words, tone of voice, eyes, energetic expression, and heart. In these ways, are contained the most powerful methods we can use to transform our world.


EVT 3:

Temple of Spiritual Activism is about connecting with our Spiritual Centers and opening our human instrument to express the energetic frequencies therein. It is concerned with the Wholeness Paradigm expressed below, a two-dimensional view into an extremely complex set of interrelationships.

The Sovereign Integral consciousness can be envisioned as the connective “glue” that unifies each of us into wholeness. The Spiritual Center is the portal through which the Sovereign Integral consciousness can enter the human instrument and convey the feeling of Oneness at such a heightened level that the individual is forever held in its embrace. The human instrument, at its purest vibratory level, consists of the higher mind and energetic heart operating in coherent interchange. This communication is best described as an “intelligence of attunement.”

It is this attunement and coherence that empowers the human instrument to emanate and act in accord with the Spiritual Center and Sovereign Integral consciousness. In turn, this creates a more light-filled local multiverse that surrounds the individual expression and powers the spiritual activism of the individual. Behavioral intelligence is the grounded foundation, and the Sovereign Integral consciousness is the enraptured heights of the Wholeness Paradigm.

All living forms of consciousness are connected to the Sovereign Integral consciousness, enmeshed within the Grand Presence of the Universe. Yet, in the exterior, genetic confines of separation, these living forms seldom remember this Oneness. This paradigm, if you hold it within your heart, will help ground this feeling of Oneness and help displace judgment from your emotional center.



All of the diagrams in this paper provide mental models that can assist the human mind in re-imaging what has, in previous spiritual literature, been referred to as the soul and spirit. There is no judgment that this is the right way to picture it, or that these diagrams are better than other diagrams. The discernment is your own. This is all part of the sense, resonate, and navigate process.



EVT 3 is similar to EVT 2 in the sense that we continue to assemble in the Waiting Room before we move into a session, and the video is quite different in many ways because it is focused on specific energies. Before you enter the Third Temple, I would recommend considering how to prepare yourself.


Ways to enter EVT 3:

1. Extend consciousness from head to complete body

2. Ease things into the present moment

3. Take a deep breath and acknowledge entering the temple of spiritual activism

4. As you view one another entering the Waiting Room, heighten your sense of Oneness by breathing together and sensing this collective breath of all participants.

The video related to EVT 3 is entitled I Live Where You Live. It is a poem written from the perspective of the Wholeness Paradigm. It refers to the Sovereign Integral. If you watch and listen carefully you will feel that the beauty of our diversity is honored, and despite the “strange faces” we are all One. I’m aware that this is common knowledge among our community, and it is often written about, and often acknowledged from Coca-Cola commercials to political speeches, but this is a different angle on the sentiment of Oneness. I would ask you to touch into this difference because it is the key resonance point that will make these EVT 3 sessions potent transformational programs—both for you as individuals and collectively.

Thank you for your willingness to read this information and to participate in the Event Temples.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual Activism is not passive. There is no shortage of worthwhile, charitable programs that are helping people in very tangible ways with food, water, education, and simple human dignity. You will find that as you follow this path you will be drawn to the very real and pressing plight of millions of people and animals on this planet. The needs are immense from nearly every angle.

The notion that spiritual activism is purely a thought activity is misguided. This paper tries to articulate the underpinnings of spiritual activism and how it serves the most basic need of our human family to reconnect with its Spiritual Center without the polarization of religion, government, education, or social conditioning. But studying the issues that our planet is facing is a way to ground your practices into real-world activities.

The major challenges facing humanity today are global, and therefore affect all of us. They are typically expressed in words like climate change, lack of fresh water, ever-decreasing bio-diversity, war and terrorism, food shortages, poverty, fossil fuel dependence, and over-population. This paper suggests that these manifestations are a result of a deeper, more subtle issue, that we are disconnected and living in our old mental paradigms of polarity and separation.

If we are to shift to the authentic self that expresses through the six heart virtues, and views the universe through the four perspectives of the Spiritual Center, we are nudging the human species in this same direction—one person at a time. I realize this seems like a slow, tedious process, but think of it like an avalanche. An avalanche zone acquires snow over a period of months, and then as a critical mass is achieved, the tiniest vibration can cause a chain reaction that—in a matter of a single moment—releases the stored energy and transforms the landscape.

Each of you is that “tiniest vibration.” Each of you is part of the transformation that will occur. Our experiences, at the Spiritual Center, are concerned with completion, wholeness, unity, and the sense that the core is everywhere within everyone. The vibration of Source, flowing through the Spiritual Center, facilitated and guided through the human instrument adds a new dimension to communication and human expression.

This new dimension is the tiniest vibration.

Live this new dimension and imagine yourself to be the tiniest vibration. The transformation we all seek is coming, but the road is neither smooth nor straight, and this is why we must live in our heart’s expression and come together. The petty separations and dramas of the ego will be eclipsed by the reality of this transformation. Now is the time to make a clear path to your Spiritual Center and ground this understanding in your heart and in your actions.

The vibration of the quantum being is encompassing. Relative understanding is sequential; it slows you down in separate, cognitive steps of comprehension that build on one another. Vibrational cognition, or realization, is like an avalanche, it breaks you free from within. It is transcendent, unified, and therefore uncorrelated to separation or sequence.

For most within the enlightenment communities, the diagram below maps some of the issues that are confronting us, not all of which are real, but are nonetheless ricocheting around the web, books, television, and films. As issues of concern, they impinge on our personality and, to varying degrees, infect us with stress and anxiety. They are the “walls” that are perceived as moving in on us, adding the sense of time compression to our lives and a growing sense of an unavoidable “crash” or doom.

The result of this fear is the “reach-out” to a Savior—someone or some thing that will save humanity from itself. There is a savior emerging for humanity, it is the Collective Spiritual Center flowing into a sufficient number of human instruments that will reassign the trajectory of humanity to a new course plotted by the tone of equality, the regal sphere of our connectedness, and the surety of our collective heart.

Over time, these stressors accumulate and make their energetic “deposit” into the human instrument and begin to obstruct the flow of energy in the physical, emotional, and mental domains. If you follow the techniques in this paper, you will find simple methodologies to release these obstructions and open the bandwidth between your physical body and Spiritual Center, and everywhere in-between.


This is not a mental exercise or a pledge you salute and then go about your business as before, forgiving the hypocrisy of believing one thing and acting another. Authenticity and behavioral intelligence are the watchwords of this new era. They are the chisel in your hands, and without this chisel you are spectators in the stadium of the elite. Please take this to heart. Everything depends on it.

From my world to yours,




I Live Where You Live

I live where you live;
where rounded hills and flowered valleys
settle beneath the sky,
and skyscrapers claw against gravity.
It may seem
that I have left you with strange faces,
but I live where you live.

When you have left
the things you cherish in your mind
you will find what remains
inside you,
and it is not of gloom
nor toilsome handiwork
wrought of hand and brain.

I am not God, nor some lofty spirit unseen.
I am not the angel’s voice in the quickening night
nor the soft whisper of your awakened dreams.
I am present in the one place that is all places.
I live where you live.

When you have claimed the name of God
you have felt shadows of our union.
You have fathomed a mask
that glistens a feeble photon of light
wandering unfettered into
the night’s industry.

When you have taken this mask
from your heart
and held it to the calm night sky
let nothing stir within you.

Let the winds dance with forgiveness.

Breathe the essence of me
and let it be alive inside you
flowing to your heart’s command.

If you press the hand of God
upon you there
you can sense oneness in every eye.

I am the sovereign within all living forms
and I pass among you
in the oblivion of your breath,
and the beating of your hearts.

In the land of war and peace
I am the mystery of good and evil
amid the flowering of oneness.

I live in the corridors of a deeper unity
where identity is One
and personality is many.

Near-infinite voices
leap from the same heart
wandering to oneness
on the roads of time.

No heart is separate
from the one Heart.
No breath is ever alone.
Love given
is never lost.

I live where you live.



NOTES: Quantum Pause
There is a more detailed description of this process in the Appendix of the Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda.


The universal support system for each of us is our breath. It is the breath that connects us to our point of origin, the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness that is our pure state of being.

Breath is the way in which the human instrument connects to this origin point anywhere in space-time. Breath is the portal between the physical dimension and the quantum or interdimensional domains, but it is not the normal, autonomic breathing, rather it is a very specific breathing pattern called Quantum Pause.

Quantum Pause is a simple, four-stage process beginning with an in-breath of anywhere between three and six counts (depending on your lung capacity), posture, and degree of privacy. After you have gathered in your breath, breathing through your nose, you hold it (pause) for an equal count, and then exhale through your mouth, again, for the same count, and then hold (pause) for the same count.

The breath pattern is described below using an example of a four count. The key is to maintain symmetry in each of the four segments of the process. If you are using a three count, apply it equally in each segment. It is not essential that you monitor this with precision, instead, apply a casual monitoring of your time for each segment and keep a consistency to the flow.

One cycle is described above, and it is recommended to do three to four cycles in a row and then return to normal breathing. This “normal” breathing period is called the Consolidation period. Keep your eyes closed throughout the process and sit with your back straight in a comfortable position, both feet on the ground. When you begin your consolidation period, it is a time for you to bring focus and all of your attention to those things that bubble to the surface of your consciousness, knowing that these arise for a reason. This is an excellent time to apply the six heart virtues (appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, valor, and understanding) to any thought or feeling that manifests.

This consolidation period usually lasts about three to five minutes, but there are no set time limits. Use your intuition to guide this period of time. Generally, each repetition of the consolidation, and usually there are four or five, becomes less crowded with thoughts or feelings, and by the time you enter the final consolidation period you have emptied yourself of thoughts and feelings and entered the quantum domain.

The diagram below depicts a typical session of Quantum Pause. Notice there are three cycles of the breath and then a consolidation period in this particular example. This repeats four times. You can have as many as five cycles of breath interspersed with consolidation periods, again, symmetry is important.

There are many nuances to the Quantum Pause technique, and I would encourage you to discover them on your own, in your own way. This is but a basic technique that I have shared with you, but there are subtleties to this technique that are powerful enhancements and these will occur to you while you’re in the process of using the technique, so remain open while you practice it.

Some quick suggestions to get you started. The quantum pause immediately after the out-breath can provide a subtle sense of panic for some people. If this occurs, shorten your count so you have less time elapse for each segment. For example, if you were using a four count cycle, shorten it to three. This feeling of panic will go away as you practice the technique. These “hitches” or quantum pauses have a purpose that you will come to understand.

I would also suggest that you focus your attention on your breath—its sound, its texture, how it feels inside your lungs, how your lips form in the out-breath, how it flows through your system, etc. This focus aligns you with First Point or the origin point of your Sovereign Integral because it is the breath that is the Portal of the infinite and eternal being that you truly are, and it is through this portal that it is manifesting in physicality.

When using Quantum Pause, there is a natural tendency to look for the experience of Light or to see new dimensions, speak with Beings or even God, or have a “wow” experience that confirms you are on the right path. The practice of Quantum Pause will bring you new experiences and awareness, but leave your expectations behind. Again, we all love visual stimuli. We love to see higher dimensions as if seeing is believing. But all that is in the quantum space-time does not conform to the Human Mind System. Quantum is origin. It is meta-physical, which precedes visual, acoustic, and sensory data. It precedes feelings and thoughts. It exists before these stimuli and is indeed hidden behind them to some extent.

You can use Quantum Pause before entering EVT 3, even if only one consolidation period is used. Experiment and see if you can use it to contemplate the paradigms in this paper. Quantum Pause is an excellent method to sense, resonate, and navigate problems or opportunities. It will help you place a context for energies that are compressing on you or hindering you in some ways. Remember, you are One Entity with the Universe as your playground.



Ishdeep Sahni and Mark Hempel were instrumental in the content development related to the diagrams for Quantum Perspective and Source Sync. Mark worked diligently with me to create the graphics for the diagrams. Mark and Ernest were also critical in the technical production and design of the EVT 3 site. And finally, John Berges helped in the editing of this paper. To all of these people I extend my heartfelt appreciation for their contributions.

Music, video, poetry, cover art (front and back), and text of EVT 3 created by James expressly for the Temple of Spiritual Activism.


The end.