WingMakers Tools

Tools to Support Growth

Tools are typically thought of as a device or implement—especially one held in the hand—that’s used to carry out a particular function. However, WingMakers tools are held in the heart and mind, not the hand. They are invisible because they are powered by a value, a belief, and a feeling.

An example of a tool is Quantum Pause. It is a simple breathing exercise. However, it has many nuances to it and the individual is encouraged to experiment with the tool to see if they can customize it. Tools are like templates, they’re baselines or starting points, and individuals are encouraged to adapt them to their preference.  

Another tool, the Six Heart Virtues, is a central practice of WingMakers because it provides a way to interact with life from a wider perspective and integrate events, relationships, geographies, and situations, rather than separating them into buckets of good, bad or indifferent, and playing the judgment or apathy card.

The WingMakers tools help an individual explore life from a more meaningful perspective. Not only to better understand the cosmology of the world and human nature, but also to be a point of reception and transmission of the higher energetics, helping to bring the perspective of the Sovereign Integral to our collective world.

Below are a wide variety of free, downloadable PDFs writtten by James Mahu to provide you with activational tools that support your spiritual growth and intuitive understanding. These are written works, and therefore composed of words, which invariably conjure mental images. James has said many times that the WingMakers art and music are equally, if not more, catalytic as personal tools of growth. 

WingMakers Glossary

Words can be complicated. They can carry abstract meaning that makes comprehension difficult. Words like god, soul, spirit, consciousness, mind, and ego mean different things to different people. This glossary helps to define the key word-concepts that define the WingMakers philosophy.   

Philosophy Chamber 1

This first paper introduces the key concept of the Sovereign Integral and how it interacts both in the real world and with the individual. The philosophy papers are four in number and there is fifth one that deals with excerpts from later chambers in the Ancient Arrow series. 

Philosophy Chamber 2

The Shifting Models of Existence is the subtitle of this paper and it delves into what is Source Reality and how this primal reality impacts on everyday life. It also explains how the models of existence that issue from Source Reality are causing shifts in our broader world.

Philosophy Chamber 3

The Blueprint of Exploration is the title of this third philosophical paper and its focus is on the cosmological journey that the entity or individual undertakes as it incarnates into the three-dimensional world. It lays out a vast, immortal journey.

Philosophy Chamber 4

While the third paper was focused on the jouney of the individual, the fourth paper (Beliefs and Their Energy Systems) is focused on the collective aspirations of humanity at large. This ultimate aspiration is introduced in this paper as the Grand Portal.   

Philosophy Excerpts

This paper is a collection of excerpts from unreleased philosophical papers. They broaden the understanding and expand the cosmological sphere that surrounds us in both our personal and cosmic interactions. This is a must read for any student of the esoteric path. 

Neruda Interviews 1-5

There are a total of five known interviews between Dr. Jamisson Neruda and the journalist Sarah. This PDF includes all five of them bound together in one volume. These constitute key information about the world controllers and their institutions and goals.

Lyricus Discourses 1-6

These are the first six dscourses that are released from the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO). The LTO are a teaching fraternity within the Central Race that help to reset the spiritual teaching of a species and prepare it for the responsibility of the Grand Portal.

Living from the Heart

A core precept of the WingMakers Materials is that the heart is the intuitive center that defines our behavioral intelligence, and it is behaviors that matter. This paper introduces the Six Heart Virtues and helps the reader understand how to live a heart-centered life.

The Energetic Heart

This paper introduces the reason it is challenging to remain in balance amid a world of dysfunction and turmoil. It suggests specific methods for remaining heart-centered and coherent, and it explains how to apply the heart’s intellect to one’s life. 

The Rising Heart

In this paper, James, for the first time, releases excerpts from a core philosophical treatise entitled Liminal Cosmogony. It would be the equivalent of the Bible to the Lyricus Teaching Order. While it is esoteric, it remains focused on the heart and its role as liberator.   

Spiritual Activism

James writes at length that the spiritual path, for it to have meaning, must also be imbued with activism, and not in the sense of convincing others to think like you, but rather to have the widest view into what is happening and why so you can change yourself.

2013 James Mahu Interview

This is a 90-minute interview transcript that was conducted by Mark Hempel in April of 2013. It was a phone interview that covers a wide range of subjects, but it really drills deeply into behavioral intelligence in a very lucid way. Highly recommended.   

2008 James Mahu Interview

This transcript covers three sessions of a lengthy interview, and like the 2013 interview, it explains, in James’ conversational manner, how we are more than simple human beings bound to an 80-year lifespan. James describes the Big Picture in full technicolor. 

Project Camelot Interview

This interview describes in very direct and explicit language how we, as human beings, trying to express the Sovereign Integral, are deliberately held back by technologies and cultural programming that limit us. James suggests ways to deal with it.     

Conscious Media Interview

This interview is preceded by an indepth introduction by John Berges, editor of the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. I and II. Questions by the interviewer related to secret government agendas and suppression of equality, elicted interesting answers from James. 

WingMakers Forum Q & A

Early on, after James stepped forward as the creator of the WIngMakers Materials, he offered to answer questions put forward by students of the work. This is a compliation of those questions and answers. 

Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

A non-exhaustive list of the charateristics of the Sovereign Integral consciousness that provides insight into how this consciousness operates differently than human consciousness. The Sovereign Integral is a fractal consciousness that “rolls up” to First Source.