Social and Emotional Intelligence

For those who have read the works of WingMakers and Lyricus, you know a distinction is drawn between the mind’s knowledge of social intelligence, and the heart’s insight of emotional intelligence. They are unique environments from which you can operate and express.

The mind receives impressions about how the world works. This is sometimes called social programming or conditioning. The mind collects its programming from various sources—some clear and explicit, like school and family, some less obvious, like genetic predispositions or media programming.

Heart insight is an intuitive faculty that uses the power of emotions to shift experience and situations to a deeper and wider perspective, which is to say, a more integrated and harmonious picture. It’s easy, as we all know, to lose our sense of harmony and stability amid stressful times and events. Heart insight supports our innate ability to reset and move through challenging situations with a sense of purpose and poise.

Thus, head knowledge helps us navigate the social order and be successful in it, while heart insight helps us navigate the emotional order and reset and rebalance unsettled situations and negative emotions. These are their respective roles.


Social Intelligence: Consensual Reality

Overarching the mind and heart realms is the infinite consciousness. In the WingMakers materials it is referred to as the Sovereign Integral consciousness—that which is simultaneously connected to earth and infinity (I AM), and all life (WE ARE). This state supersedes the mind and heart—encompassing them both.

The mind uses words, images and numbers to communicate. The heart uses feelings and empathy. Our consciousness uses behaviors. This is an important, if not key understanding, because our consciousness oversees our mental and emotional states. It is the larger sphere that encompasses the mind and heart. Thus, consciousness is that part of us that is infinite and boundless. It is not contained in brain matter, body tissue or even the emotional energy of the heart. Yet it is individualized as us.

The Sovereign Integral consciousness identifies with us as individuals and the collective us as all. As it pertains to us as individuals, it orchestrates us—the parts of us. It is the unification cord upon which our various “pieces” like the mind, emotions and body are strung. And while our minds speak words and our hearts express feelings, our consciousness expresses its presence through behaviors.

So the question is, if our higher self uses behaviors to express itself, why is there so much dysfunctional behavior in the world?

The mind, aligned to social intelligence, has appropriated the human body. The mind inhibits the body from receiving guidance from the higher self. Behavior is a physical thing (the body is required). We cannot transmit our higher self through our behavior if our body is ruled by the mind or ego. This is part of the social programming: keep the focus on social intelligence—the rewards of glamour, success, influence, power, independence, even sheer survival—and the consciousness of the infinite self can be sidelined as immaterial.

The eclipse of the higher self by the mind and ego is a well-kept secret of consensual reality. The infinite being, we’re told, is a myth, unprovable, an imaginative abstraction, merely wishful thinking in the minds and hearts of the naïve. Or, if it is allowed as an abstraction, it is cloaked in allegorical veneers like cherubs and angels.

Social intelligence dominates our world. Emotional intelligence is expanding. Behavioral wisdom, a mere infant in its reach upon earth, is quietly orchestrating the new human consciousness.


Wholeness of the Journey

The idea that the higher consciousness can direct our behaviors by synchronizing the body, heart and mind as a team of expression can seem irrelevant in a world that wants easy power, control, money and fame. However, this social program is in the process of destruction. Imagine a large building that is being demolished with explosives, and you were able to watch its implosion one frame per day. Every other part of your life was in normal time, but the social program from which you were nourished was being demolished in ultra-slow motion—almost to the point you didn’t notice.

That is what is happening. The social program must be destroyed in order to activate people to the real value of their infinite selves. This conductor within you can orchestrate the body, heart and mind as tools of expression. Like an artist who can create inspiring art, you can create inspiring behaviors of forgiveness, appreciation, humility, compassion, understanding and valor.

The interesting thing about behavioral wisdom is that it arises within and nowhere else. It is the creation of our infinite selves in the expression of oneness and equality. Our mind, heart and body must be part of this oneness and equality so our behaviors can be authentically expressed. This is the new “building” that will be built in the rubble of social intelligence.

Behavioral wisdom is our future home. The vanguard has begun. We anchor it here on earth in our bodies, hearts and minds. We embody this alignment without fanfare or title. We forgive shortcomings, understanding that they are part of the wholeness of the journey that supports our infinite selves. We hold firm to the commitment of our purpose.

Commitment is the engine.
The practice of behavioral wisdom is the fuel.
The vehicle is you.